2021 Skoda Fabia Officially Revealed

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Skoda unveiled the fourth-generation Fabia which is built connected the Group’s modular MQB-A0 architecture connected which caller polo is besides based upon. The Polo has conscionable received a facelift, but its Skoda member is fractional a decennary behind, truthful the Fabia is present catching up and joining the family. The Fabia Mk4 is simply a important betterment implicit its predecessor successful immoderate way. It is larger than its platform-sharing predecessors, arsenic expected for a Skoda, allowing for a comfy interior and best-in-class practicality.

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With Slim headlights, modern foglights, and a reshaped bumper, the existent Fabia looks peculiarly dynamic and promising. The astir noticeable improvements are the sculptural lines and sharply drawn headlights and taillights that usage each LED technology.

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The new-look rear besides takes inspiration from the existent Skodas, with the brand’s sanction written retired implicit the footwear lid, optional LED brake lights, and a larger spoiler. By reducing ocular bulk astatine the rear end, the caller bumper reshaped doorway mirrors, and ‘side finlets’ adhd to accrued performance. For accrued airflow, determination are besides recently built integrative instrumentality trims and added underbody panels.

2021 Skoda Fabia Officially Revealed 3

The interior has been wholly redesigned and it excessively has a beardown Kamiq inspiration. Its 3 acquainted trim tiers (S, SE, and SE L) each person a antithetic benignant for the dashboard trim strips, whereas higher-end models person a fabric-covered dashboard with colour matching stitching. Skoda’s distinctive modern circular aerial vents and multifunction steering instrumentality are modular connected each models, and ambient LED lighting and dual-zone clime power are disposable arsenic options for the archetypal time.

2021 Skoda Fabia Officially Revealed 6

The updated dashboard features an infotainment display, Internet radio, real-time postulation alerts, and a Wi-Fi hotspot for passengers’ smartphones, arsenic good arsenic wireless mobile access, question control, and the motorboat of Skoda’s voice-control assistant, Laura. In the caller Fabia, Skoda offers 3 infotainment systems: Swing, with a 6.2in touchscreen, a DAB radio, and 4 beforehand speakers; Bolero, with an 8.2in screen, Bluetooth, and situation dependable audio; and Amundsen, with a 9.0in surface and the bulk of the caller features, including Skoda’s eCall exigency alert strategy and distant conveyance control. Optional features see a 10.25in the integer instrumentality cluster, arsenic good arsenic “other options making their Fabia debut,” specified arsenic a heated windscreen and steering wheel.

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It besides has a radar fixed connected the grille for the extortion and assistance systems, arsenic good arsenic sensors for Park Assist, which runs astatine up to 40 km/h and handles the steering. Since the existent level allows for some progressive and passive systems, it is safer. On top-spec models, determination are 9 airbags including much features specified as Travel Assist and Manoeuvre Assist, arsenic good arsenic a stiffer assemblage than the erstwhile generation. With a “robust assemblage construction” and a “high grade of torsional stiffness,” the existent Fabia is claimed to beryllium much rigid than the outgoing model.

2021 Skoda Fabia Officially Revealed 4

The motor lineup contains the accustomed suspects, opening with a people aspirated 1.0-liter three-cylinder gasoline engine. There volition beryllium 5 motor choices disposable globally, each of which volition beryllium members of the VW Group’s caller EVO generation. That translates to 2 1.0-liter, three-cylinder multi-point injection petrol engines producing 64 bhp and 79 bhp, respectively, arsenic good arsenic 2 direct-injection 1.0 TSI engines producing 94 bhp and 109 bhp.

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The apical specification includes a 1.5-liter four-cylinder motor with 148bhp, a 7-speed DSG transmission, and ‘active cylinder technology,’ which shuts down 2 cylinders erstwhile motor load is minimal. Skoda has announced that a sportier Monte Carlo mentation volition beryllium disposable shortly. This baseline Fabia takes its clip reaching 62 mph (100 km/h), taking 15.5 seconds with the little almighty MPI motor earlier reaching 107 mph (172 km/h) and 15.1 seconds with the somewhat much almighty motor earlier reaching 111 mph (179 km/h). The diesel motor was removed from the Fabia with the facelift for the 3rd procreation exemplary and volition not beryllium returned with the Mk4. There is inactive nary electrification, but those looking for a mean hybrid, implicit hybrid, oregon plug-in hybrid configuration indispensable look elsewhere.

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