25 Years! Candace Cameron Bure Reveals Anniversary Plans With Valeri Bure

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A meaningful celebration! Candace Cameron Bure opened up to Us Weekly astir celebrating 25 years of matrimony with hubby Valeri Bure — and the downside to their plans.

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“We are exchanging gifts, though I’m unspeakable astatine day gifts. I’m the worst,” Candace, 45, revealed portion promoting her caller Hallmark movie Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: Til Death Do Us Part, which premieres connected Sunday, June 13. “Val ever comes up with thing that’s fantastic and taxable related, meaning it’s 25 years. … It’s silver. So helium volition for definite get thing that has silver.

 Val and I ‘Pushed Through Things’ During Quarantine

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The actress’ attack to gift-giving this year, nevertheless is each astir being sentimental.

“I person thing that is truly tiny and not expensive, but I had thing customized made,” she told Us. “So that felt a small other connected my part, but it’s not extravagant.”

The couple, who wed successful June 1996, stock 3 children: Natasha, 22, Lev, 21, and Maksim, 19. The brace will support the day festivities going with a amusive travel together.

“We are going to spell distant to Northern California for a fewer days to conscionable walk a mates of days together. We person immoderate dinners astatine [our] favourite restaurants, and we’re conscionable going to bask the seashore and the formation and 1 another,” the erstwhile Full House prima teased.

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The Fuller House alum, whose upcoming Aurora Teagarden Mysteries movie has her quality readying to get married, besides reflected connected her ain wedding day.

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“I was not a bridezilla. I was besides 20 years old, and I consciousness similar 25 years ago, it was different,” Candace clarified. “I had the wedding of my dreams, but it was conscionable similar … tons of compromise on the way. I didn’t adjacent cognize what I wanted really. So it benignant of made it casual erstwhile radical would marque suggestions.

As for her quality Aurora Teagarden, the California autochthonal doesn’t deliberation the protagonist inherited the bridezilla gene, either.

“Her ma is really much of a bridezilla than Aurora. So Aurora was conscionable benignant of blessed to beryllium capable to get married,” the View alum explained. “Her champion person and her ma were mode much hands-on trying to organize. At 1 constituent successful the movie, Nick, her fiancé, really says, ‘Honey, what bash you want?’ There’s truthful galore different opinions.”

After truthful galore years of matrimony successful existent life, Candace antecedently shared how the pandemic helped fortify the bond betwixt her and the erstwhile crystal hockey player, 46.

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“When you’re each successful a location unneurotic for [over a year], you person to commencement talking astir the things you benignant of debar due to the fact that of enactment and question and each that stuff,” she told Us exclusively successful April. “We conscionable pushed done immoderate of the things that were eating distant astatine some of us.”

The Just the Way You Are prima added: “There’s wounded feelings for a minute. And past there’s pouting for a infinitesimal and there’s choler for a minute. And past you benignant of go, well, ‘How are we going to fig it out? And what decisions are we going to make? How bash we travel to a compromise successful a mode that you consciousness good?’ So, that’s conscionable what we did. And that’s what matrimony is truly each about, but it was benignant of thrown successful your look during quarantine.

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