9 Best Places to Get a Custom Logo for Your WordPress Website

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Are you wondering wherever to get a customized logo for your WordPress website? A customized logo helps found your marque and makes your website basal out.

However, creating a logo by yourself tin beryllium difficult, time-consuming, and the last representation whitethorn not look professional. A elemental workaround is to usage a logo shaper oregon prosecute a nonrecreational to make a customized logo for your business.

In this article, we volition amusement you immoderate of the champion places to get a customized logo for your WordPress website wrong a tiny budget.

best spot  to get   a customized  logo for your wordpress website

Why You Should Get a Custom Logo?

Logos are the typical images utilized by businesses and organizations. They picture a ocular practice of an organization’s business, values, and mission.

They besides play an important relation successful however customers spot a brand. Look astatine the top large sanction brands, chances are that you tin admit astir of their logos rather easily. Brand designation helps you triumph lawsuit spot and loyalty implicit time.

Most WordPress themes travel with the enactment to upload customized logo. This logo tin besides beryllium utilized arsenic site icon oregon favicon.

Now the occupation is that not each of america are graphic designers. You tin effort to make a customized logo by utilizing an representation editing program, but it whitethorn not look professional.

If you privation a nonrecreational representation for your brand, past it helps to prosecute idiosyncratic to make your customized logo for your website.

That being said, let’s instrumentality a look astatine immoderate of the champion places to get a customized WordPress logo wrong budget.

1. Tailor Brands

tailor brands customized  logo for wordpress

Tailor Brands is an AI-powered logo plan and branding level that makes it precise casual to make nonrecreational logos.

Using its logo maker, you tin make astonishing logos wrong minutes without needing immoderate plan experience. You tin simply commencement by entering your marque sanction and a tag enactment and the logo maker guides you each measurement of the way.

It lets you take from antithetic logo types specified arsenic icons, shapes, wordmark, oregon lettermark. It besides offers a workplace exertion wherever you tin customize your logo and alteration the font style, size, color, layout, and more.

Tailor Brands gives you large looking logo ideas for inspiration. Just prime an manufacture specified arsenic existent estate, restaurant, oregon fittingness and presumption antithetic logos.

Do enactment that Tailor Brands fto you download your logo for escaped for definite platforms, similar Pinterest.

However, if you privation to download the logo successful high-resolution and for different platforms, past you’ll request a paid plan, which starts from $12.99 per month.

2. Looka

looka logo maker

Looka, formerly known arsenic LogoJoy, is casual to use, DIY, logo shaper for non-designers. Just similar Tailor Brands, Looka besides uses artificial quality and precocious learning algorithms to make logos conscionable similar a decorator would do.

Its elemental wizard helps you prime your industry, antithetic logos for inspiration, colors, and symbols. After that, it generates designs that look good crafted and professional.

You tin past prime from immoderate 1 of the designs and customize its logo size, font, and more. To download the logo, Looka offers a marque kit successful which you get 28+ versions of your logo. Its pricing plans commencement from $4.99 per month.

3. 99designs

99designs customized  logo for wordpress

99designs is simply a plan contention marketplace with a ample assemblage of designers. It acts arsenic a middleman betwixt you and designers.

When you spot an order, 99designs outsources it to designers who past taxable their designs.

You tin prime the plan you similar the astir and lone that decorator gets paid. This gives you the vantage of getting antithetic customized logo ideas from designers of antithetic backgrounds and accomplishment levels.

In summation to starting a contest, you tin besides enactment straight by hiring a designer. 99designs volition assistance you find the close nonrecreational with the close accomplishment acceptable and past you tin collaborate with them one-on-one connected a project.

Prices for starting a contention for logo plan commencement from $299 and you get astir 30 plan concepts.

4. Constant Contact Logo Maker

constant interaction  logo maker

Constant Contact Logo Maker is the adjacent customized logo instrumentality connected our list. It’s a almighty instrumentality that lets you make logos without the request to prosecute a nonrecreational and offers different features similar email marketing, website builder, and more.

Like galore different tools connected our list, Constant Contact besides uses artificial quality to make logos for your business. You tin commencement by entering your marque sanction and slogan, and the instrumentality volition instrumentality attraction of the rest.

Select from antithetic logo designs and past customize each element. For example, you tin alteration the font size, capitalization, missive spacing, and line-height. The instrumentality besides gives you antithetic logo variations successful the editor.

You tin past download the logo for free, but if you privation aggregate high-resolution images successful antithetic record formats, past you’ll person to upgrade to the premium program (starting from $20 per month).

5. Dribble

dribble customized  logo wordpress

Dribble is an online assemblage of designers and artists. Think of it arsenic Pinterest for nonrecreational graphic designers, artists, and illustrators wherever they stock their works and different users tin like, favorite, and reshare them.

Dribble is not conscionable a root of inspiration. It besides acts arsenic a level to prosecute designers for freelance work. You tin browse designers, cheque retired their portfolios, and interaction them straight to prosecute them.

The outgo of a occupation volition really beryllium connected the freelancer you approach, their expertise, and accomplishment level. Dribble whitethorn not beryllium the spot to find the cheapest customized logo for your website, but it tin assistance you get overmuch amended quality.

6. Fiverr

fiverr customized  logo for wordpress

Fiverr is 1 of the largest online assemblage of freelancers from each implicit the world. Due to contention among freelancers, you tin prosecute a decorator to create a logo design for a batch little wealth than different places.

Fiverr’s assemblage is organized based connected lawsuit feedback. Freelancers with higher affirmative feedback thin to complaint much than caller freelancers who don’t person capable reviews yet.

While the logo whitethorn lone outgo a fewer bucks, it’s important to cognize that often these freelancers are utilizing logo templates with insignificant tweaks.

7. Upwork

upwork for creating customized  logos

Upwork is different online assemblage similar Fiverr wherever you tin find freelancers, entrepreneurs, and designers. It allows you to station a occupation and judge offers from freelancers.

You tin past reappraisal those freelancers, interrogation them, and prosecute the 1 you privation to enactment with. Upwork has a robust assemblage with screening tools for some freelancers and clients.

Freelancers tin enactment successful online tests to beryllium their proficiency and skills. Upwork besides offers assorted outgo methods, invoices, and allows clients to lone wage for the enactment they approve.

8. Freelancer

freelancer customized  logo designers

Freelancer is simply a ample planetary assemblage of freelancers. You tin find web designers, developers, graphic design, audio/video, online selling experts from each country of the satellite with varying accomplishment levels.

Like galore different freelancing websites, Freelancer allows you to station your customized logo task arsenic a occupation and commencement accepting offers from freelancers. You tin reappraisal freelancer profiles, past jobs, feedback, and ratings.

Once you find the close freelancer, you tin prosecute them. Upon completion of a project, you’ll beryllium capable to reappraisal and judge the enactment and merchandise the payment.

9. PeoplePerHour

peopleperhour logo designers

PeoplePerHour is simply a curated assemblage of freelancers and professionals. You tin browse hourlies (fixed terms jobs), station a job, oregon tally a contest. You tin besides browse freelancers by categories, presumption their profiles, and portfolios.

Once you station a job, you’ll get entree to your Workstream dashboard. This is wherever you’ll negociate and reappraisal the work, pass with freelancers, and get enactment from PeoplePerHour staff.

After you are satisfied with the logo design, you tin merchandise the outgo to the freelancer.

Which is the Best Place to Get a Custom Logo?

After going done our list, you mightiness beryllium wondering which is the champion spot to get a customized logo for your business?

We judge that Tailor Brands is the champion logo maker, arsenic it uses artificial quality to make nonrecreational logo plan ideas.

It is precise casual to usage adjacent for implicit beginners and gives you tons of choices to customize your logo.

However, if you’re funny successful hiring a nonrecreational decorator to make a customized logo, past we urge 99designs. It lets you tally a contest, which gives a ample excavation of designs to take from.

Plus, 99designs besides helps successful hiring a decorator that volition enactment one-on-one with you.

We anticipation this nonfiction helped you find the champion places to get a customized logo for your WordPress website. You whitethorn besides privation to spot our examination of the best website builders for creating a website, and best email selling services to turn your business.

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