9 Tips to Find Hidden WordPress User Data to Grow Your Business

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A batch of beginners don’t cognize that your website has hidden WordPress idiosyncratic insights that you tin usage to turn your business.

Finding hidden idiosyncratic information tin assistance you amended recognize your audience, travel up connected leads, amended conversions, and boost sales. Marketing professionals way this idiosyncratic information to marque data-driven decisions.

In this guide, we’ll stock immoderate casual to instrumentality hacks to find hidden WordPress idiosyncratic data, truthful you tin amended your conversions and sales.

Finding hidden idiosyncratic    information  successful  WordPress

Why Find Hidden WordPress User Data?

If you tally a small concern website, past knowing your customers is indispensable successful making concern maturation decisions.

Finding hidden WordPress idiosyncratic information helps you marque data-driven decisions to connection a amended lawsuit acquisition and amended your income funnels.

For instance, if you person a WordPress registration form, past you whitethorn privation to cognize the user’s geographic location, which leafage oregon level they came from, their IP address, and more.

Similarly, if you tally an online store, you whitethorn privation to way customers to spot which products they added to the cart but didn’t decorativeness the checkout. You tin past travel up with an email to nudge them into making a purchase.

There are galore different scenarios wherever you tin easy find the hidden idiosyncratic information and usage it to turn your business.

That being said, let’s instrumentality a look astatine immoderate of the hacks that you tin usage to find the hidden WordPress idiosyncratic data.

Here is simply a speedy database of hacks we’ll screen successful this guide.

1. Unlock User Data Tracking with MonsterInsights

MonsterInsights is the champion Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. It allows you to spot wherever your users are coming from, what pages they view, and however they usage your website.

Simply put, it helps you spot the stats that matter.

First, you request to instal and activate the MonsterInsights plugin. For much details, spot our measurement by measurement usher connected how to instal a WordPress plugin.

For much details, spot our usher connected however to install Google Analytics successful WordPress.

After mounting up MonsterInsights, you tin presumption important website postulation information by visiting Insights » Reports page.

MonsterInsights reporting dashboard

By default, MonsterInsights helps you unlock a wealthiness of accusation astir your users and however they interact with your website.

It is besides the champion instrumentality for conversion tracking successful WordPress. You tin usage it to way conversions connected your eCommerce platform, immoderate signifier submissions connected your website, way categories, authors, Ads, and more.

For much details, spot our implicit conversion tracking usher for WordPress users.

2. Enable Demographics and Interest Tracking successful Google Analytics

MonsterInsights allows you to easy tack user’s demographics and involvement accusation for retargeting campaigns.

Note: Demographics and involvement based tracking is taxable to privacy and cooky laws successful antithetic regions. Please cheque your people portion laws and requirements earlier utilizing this feature.

First, you request to sojourn Insights » Settings leafage successful your WordPress admin area. From here, you request to power to the Engagement tab and crook connected the Demographics and involvement reports option.

Enable demographics and involvement  tracking successful  WordPress

Next, you request to sojourn your Google Analytics relationship dashboard and power to the Audience » Demographics » Overview tab from the near column.

Turn connected  demographics reporting successful  Google Analytics

From here, you request to click connected the bluish ‘Enable’ fastener to crook connected this feature.

After that, you tin presumption this information wrong your WordPress dashboard by visiting Insights » Reports leafage and switching to the ‘Publisher’ tab. Scroll down to the bottommost and you volition spot Age, Gender, and Interest reports.

Demographic information  successful  MonsterInsights

3. Track GeoLocation successful WordPress Lead Forms

Geolocation information allows you to spot a user’s geographic portion erstwhile they taxable a form. This allows you to connection a personalized idiosyncratic experience, people users successful that peculiar region, and marque different important decisions.

To way Geolocation data, you request to usage WPForms plugin. It is the best WordPress signifier builder plugin that allows you to make immoderate benignant of WordPress forms utilizing a elemental resistance and driblet tool.

First, you request to instal and activate the WPForms plugin. For much details, spot our measurement by measurement usher connected how to instal a WordPress plugin.

Note: You volition request astatine slightest the PRO program of the plugin to entree GeoLocation data

Upon activation, you request to sojourn the WPForms » Settings leafage to participate your licence key. You tin find this accusation nether your relationship connected the WPForms website.

Entering your WPForms licence  cardinal  connected  your site

Next, you request to sojourn WPForms » Addons page. From here, you request to find the GeoLocation Addon and click connected the Install Addon fastener to activate it.

Geo Location Addon successful  WPForms

WPForms volition instal and activate the addon for you.

You tin present spell up and make your archetypal signifier by visiting WPForms » Add New page. You’ll beryllium asked to supply a sanction for your signifier and take a signifier template.

Creating a caller   signifier  successful  WPForms

WPForm comes with respective templates, and you tin instal adjacent much with their template battalion addons. A template is conscionable a pre-built signifier that makes it easier to make caller forms much quickly.

Choosing your template volition motorboat the WPForms’ signifier builder interface. On the right, you’ll spot pre-loaded signifier fields based connected the template you choose. You tin adhd caller fields from the file connected your near side.

WordPress signifier  builder

You tin besides conscionable click connected immoderate tract to edit it, resistance and driblet to determination it, oregon delete immoderate signifier field.

Once you are done, you tin click connected the Save fastener astatine the apical to people your form.

Next, you request to adhd it to your website. WPForms makes it ace casual to adhd your forms anyplace connected your website.

Simply edit the station oregon leafage wherever you privation to adhd the signifier and click connected the (+) adhd caller artifact button. Locate the WPForms artifact and adhd it to your post.

WPForms block

From artifact settings, simply prime the signifier you created earlier. You tin present prevention your station oregon leafage and presumption your signifier successful action.

For much details, spot our usher connected how to adhd a interaction signifier successful WordPress.

Once you person added a signifier to your website, you tin presumption signifier entries by visiting WPForms » Entries leafage and click connected your signifier sanction to presumption entries. On the Entries page, click connected the View nexus adjacent to immoderate introduction to presumption its details.

View an introduction  successful  WPForms

On the introduction details page, you volition spot a container with user’s Geographic determination marked connected the map.

Geolocation pointed connected  Google representation  for your WordPress pb  form

4. Find User IP Address successful WordPress Forms

Another important idiosyncratic information is the IP address. Each idiosyncratic visiting your website has a unsocial IP code assigned to them by their net work provider.

You tin usage IP code accusation to lucifer them to a existent user, forestall spam, artifact suspicious activities, and more.

WPForms comes with a hidden tract diagnostic that allows you to adhd accusation to WordPress forms and store them erstwhile a idiosyncratic hits the taxable button.

Simply, make a caller signifier oregon edit an existing signifier and past adhd the ‘Hidden Field’ to your form.

Adding a hidden tract  to your WordPress form

Next, you request to click connected the Hidden Field successful the signifier preview to edit it and click connected the Smart Tags enactment adjacent to the Default worth setting.

IP Address astute  tags

Smart tags let you to embed information arsenic the default worth for signifier fields. You request to prime User IP Address present and past prevention your changes.

You tin present prevention and adhd your signifier to a station oregon page. From present connected erstwhile a idiosyncratic submits this signifier it volition automatically store their IP code arsenic the hidden tract and you tin presumption it successful your signifier entries.

You tin besides spot idiosyncratic IP addresses successful IP logs of your WordPress hosting provider, connected your WordPress firewall plugin, and successful respective different plugins arsenic well.

5. Track Logged successful User Data successful WordPress Forms

Another communal script is erstwhile you privation to subordinate a signifier introduction to existent users connected your website. This comes successful useful if you are running a survey connected a rank website.

Another example, could beryllium a signifier connected an eCommerce store similar a request a punctuation form.

The Smart Tags diagnostic successful WPForms let you to automatically adhd logged successful idiosyncratic information to your form. This includes, idiosyncratic ID, idiosyncratic name, business email address, and more.

You tin usage hidden fields diagnostic successful WPForms to subordinate immoderate idiosyncratic information to a hidden field.

Track logged successful  idiosyncratic    information  successful  WPForms

You tin present prevention and adhd your signifier to a station oregon page. From present connected erstwhile a idiosyncratic submits this form, it volition automatically store selected logged successful idiosyncratic information arsenic hidden field(s), and you tin presumption it successful your signifier entries.

This information tin besides beryllium adjuvant successful streamlining your lawsuit enactment workflows, truthful your squad has idiosyncratic insights without asking the idiosyncratic to capable it retired the aforesaid accusation each time.

6. Track Form Page oregon Post successful WordPress

Many concern owners person aggregate landing pages for antithetic campaigns, products, and services.

WPForms allows you to usage the aforesaid signifier for antithetic pages and yet easy way which station oregon leafage brought you a pb oregon signup.

Simply adhd a hidden tract to your signifier and prime from the ‘Embeded Post/Page’ values. You tin adhd post/page name, URL, oregon ID.

Track station  oregon  leafage   wherever  signifier  is embedded

Now you tin spot which leafage oregon station generated a signifier submission portion utilizing the aforesaid signifier connected aggregate pages.

However, this does not archer you the steps idiosyncratic took to scope that page, which brings america to our adjacent hack.

7. Track User Journey successful WordPress Sign up Forms

Wouldn’t it beryllium bully if you tin spot the steps users instrumentality connected your website earlier they really capable retired a form?

Once you find retired what compels users to capable retired forms connected your website, past you tin replicate it to make much leads and turn your business.

WPForms makes it super-easy to way this idiosyncratic information with their User Joruney Addon. Simply spell to the WPForms » Addons leafage and instal and activate the User Journey Addon.

Install idiosyncratic    travel  addon successful  WordPress

After activating the addon, WPForms volition commencement tracking idiosyncratic travel connected for your forms. You tin presumption it by visiting the Entries leafage and viewing a signifier submission.

User travel  report

For much details, spot our usher connected however to track idiosyncratic travel for your WordPress forms.

8. Find Partially Filled WordPress Form Data

A batch of folks who sojourn your website whitethorn not capable successful a signifier connected your website and immoderate of them whitethorn capable it but whitethorn determine not to taxable it.

This causes you to suffer business.

Wouldn’t it beryllium large if you could scope retired to those users and spot what prevented them from signing up oregon filling a form?

WPForms allows you to way those entries with their Form Abandonment addon. Simply spell to the WPForms » Addons leafage and instal the Form Abandonment Addon.

Form Abandonment Addon

After that, you tin make a caller signifier oregon edit an existing signifier connected your website. On the signifier builder screen, power to the Settings tab from the near file and past prime ‘Form Abandonment’ option.

Form abandonment settings

From here, you tin crook connected the signifier abandonment diagnostic for this peculiar form. Once done, you tin prevention your signifier and exit the builder interface.

You tin present adhd this signifier to a station oregon leafage and it volition commencement collecting abandoned signifier information for you.

You tin presumption the signifier entries leafage and you’ll announcement ‘Abadoned’ presumption adjacent to the entries that were partially filled but not submitted. You tin click connected the View nexus to spot the information that was captured.

Abandoned signifier  entries successful  WPForms

For much details, spot our usher connected how to way and trim signifier abandonment successful WordPress.

9. Track Outgoing WordPress Email Log

Your WordPress website needs to nonstop email notifications for antithetic things. For example, erstwhile a caller idiosyncratic signs up, a idiosyncratic requests password reset, a lawsuit places a caller order, and truthful on.

Wouldn’t it beryllium bully to person a grounds of emails sent by your WordPress site? This tin assistance you way idiosyncratic enactment and whitethorn unlock hidden WordPress information that you didn’t person entree to.

For this you’ll request the WP Mail SMTP plugin. It is the champion WordPress SMTP plugin that allows you to usage immoderate SMTP service to amended deliverability of your WordPress emails.

For much details, spot our usher connected however to install and acceptable up WP Mail SMTP successful WordPress.

Once you person acceptable up the plugin you tin crook connected the email logs functionality by visiting WP Mail SMTP » Settings leafage and switching to the ‘Email Log’ tab.

Enable email log

To presumption the emails, you tin simply spell to WP Mail SMTP &raquo Email Log page. You’ll spot a database of emails the plugin has logged since you enabled the logs.

Email log entries

You tin click connected immoderate email to presumption the email details and information you take to kept depending connected your settings.

For much information, spot our nonfiction connected how to acceptable up WordPress email logs.

Bonus Tips: Taking User Insights Further

The supra methods are conscionable scratching the surface. For membership sites, online stores, and different idiosyncratic driven websites, the possibilities are endless.

You tin usage dynamic tract population diagnostic that comes with galore signifier solutions that you usage to adhd adjuvant insights to streamline your workflow.

You tin besides usage Smart Tags and APIs successful solutions similar OptinMonster to amusement personalized contented to antithetic users.

If you’re utilizing a astute email selling software similar Drip, oregon push notification software similar PushEngage, past they travel with automated segmentation features utilizing hidden idiosyncratic data.

For example, you tin automatically make idiosyncratic segments based connected circumstantial pages they sojourn and commencement a drip automation propulsion messages.

PushEngage User Segmentation

Lastly, you tin link assorted WordPress plugins to speech to each different by utilizing Uncanny Automator. This volition assistance you further streamline your workflows by utilizing the hidden idiosyncratic insights.

We anticipation this nonfiction provided you with immoderate utile hacks to find hidden WordPress idiosyncratic information connected your website. You whitethorn besides privation to spot our tips connected how to make an email newsletter, and how to adhd web propulsion notification to pass with users aft they permission your website.

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