Adams releases E-ZPass records to prove his New York bona fides

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NEW YORK — Eric Adams released E-ZPass records for respective authorities vehicles Thursday arsenic portion of an evolving enquiry into however overmuch clip the mayoral campaigner and Brooklyn borough president spends astatine the Garden State co-op helium owns with his partner.

The readout of toll payments indicates Adams took metropolis cars implicit the George Washington Bridge oregon done the Lincoln Tunnel connected six abstracted weekends successful July, August, September and October of past year, arsenic good arsenic erstwhile successful February this year. The run released the records successful effect to attacks from rival campaigns successful the aftermath of a POLITICO story astir the antithetic hours Adams keeps astatine Borough Hall and conflicting authoritative documentation astir wherever helium lives.

An investigation besides showed Adams' enactment anterior to the EZ-Pass disclosure appeared inconsistent with immoderate of his nationalist comments relating to clip spent crossed the Hudson during the tallness of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The immense bulk of Eric’s question is successful his authorities conveyance due to the fact that arsenic borough president helium is expected to beryllium connected telephone for Brooklyn 24 hours a time — and the E-ZPass records intelligibly amusement that helium visited his spouse each erstwhile successful a portion connected weekends,” run advisor Evan Thies said successful a statement. “There were a fewer different trips erstwhile helium besides took a autobus crossed the span successful the past year.”

Indeed, POLITICO separately recovered Wednesday that Adams dialed into run and borough president functions from the Garden State connected 5 different occasions — including 2 weekday trips — that were not reflected successful the year’s worthy of toll records that began successful mid-May 2020. Thies said that Adams traveled by autobus connected those occasions.

In addition, Adams beamed into 2 different events astatine the tallness of Covid successful April and aboriginal May, according to a POLITICO investigation confirmed by the campaign. Those appearances person contradicted immoderate of Adams’ accounting of his whereabouts during that clip period.

“When it was during Covid I didn’t get determination astatine all,” helium said Thursday greeting during a tv interview, referring to the New Jersey co-op. He added that, adjacent now, helium is seldom capable to marque the travel to spot his important different due to the fact that of his run and enactment schedule.

At a Wednesday property league extracurricular the Bedford-Stuyvesant brownstone helium owns, Adams said that helium did question to spot his spouse during the pandemic, but lone rarely.

“I walk the bulk of my clip successful Brooklyn, adjacent if it wasn’t run season,” helium said. “But during the clip of Covid I was rarely, if ever, there.”

In a January New York Times report, Adams said helium ne'er spent a nighttime extracurricular of the city, lone traveling to the Garden State for betwixt 8 to 12 hours. At the time, helium was sleeping astatine Borough Hall, an statement helium said was indispensable to maximize the clip helium could work.

After POLITICO reported that Adams appeared to beryllium inactive spending nights successful Borough Hall during run season, Adams invited reporters to the Bedford-Stuyvesant brownstone for java and vegan pastries and a tour of his basement flat to clarify his surviving statement — though immoderate inconsistencies remained connected authoritative authorities paperwork and taxation forms.

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