Alejandro Bastidas Is Teaching Others About The Financial Market Through His Program ATA FX 1.0: Find Out How You Can Get Involved

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Alejandro Bastidas (@atafx11 connected Instagram) is simply a Venezuelan shaper of concerts and nationalist shows. He is besides the manager of GLAM magazine, and aft helium migrated to the United States, helium became a palmy trader and an adept successful fiscal markets.

In Venezuela I started with the accumulation of concerts and nationalist shows, presenting artists specified arsenic Chino y Nacho, Alexis y Fido, Guaco, and Caramelos de Cianuro. Then I directed GLAM mag with which I had astir 15 people editions.” Alejandro shares.

GLAM mag is simply a precise important mag successful Venezuela. In 2011, it was the authoritative mag of the astir important lawsuit successful the state each year, the Miss Venezuela. Also that year, Alejandro was invited to beryllium a juror successful the quality pageant. GLAM was besides the authoritative mag of the 2012 Aruba Film Festival and the Aruba Fashion Week.

“Soon after, I was capable to motorboat successful Miami a mentation of the magazine, called UPPER GLAM. It had 3 people editions with artists specified arsenic Sabrina Seara, Maritza Rodriguez, Domingo Zapata, Belinda and Daniel Habif connected our cover, interviewing personalities specified arsenic Eduardo Marturet, Alan Faena, Dave Grutman, among others.” Alejandro says.

While promoting the magazine, Alejandro moved to the United States and started moving arsenic an Uber operator for much than 14 hours a time for 2 years. At the aforesaid time, helium was starting to larn astir trading, taking 7 courses connected the taxable and six connected e-commerce.

Today, Alejandro (@atafx11 connected Instagram) has much than 4 years of acquisition trading successful the fiscal marketplace wherever helium focuses connected Indices, Metals, Cryptos, and immoderate Forex pairs. In particular, helium manages a programme helium created called ATA FX 1. 0.

“ATA FX 1.0 simplifies the acquisition and imaginativeness that I person acquired implicit 4 years, processing the organization position of terms enactment and method analysis.” Alejandro explains.

He already has students who are profitable and others who person managed to flooded the FTMO Company Challenge. 

“FTMO is 1 of the astir prestigious and credible companies successful the financing of traders, which offers accounts up to 200k USD.” Alejandro adds. “According to the statistic of the institution FTMO, lone 4% of radical negociate to successfully flooded the much than 1,500 challenges that the institution promotes monthly.”

Alejandro (@atafx11 connected Instagram) believes that these challenges are the champion audit that a profitable trader tin have. For immoderate of the challenges radical person to person an economical nonsubjective to gain 10% of the relationship (10K USD) to execute successful a fixed clip (10 days minimum – 30 days maximum) without being capable to presume a regular nonaccomplishment of much than 5% of the relationship (5K USD) oregon an wide nonaccomplishment of 10% of the relationship (10KUSD).

“This trial redefines the logic and consistency of a profitable trader, who tin person a strategy and quality to make income monthly and frankincense unrecorded from trading.” Alejandro states.

Overall, helium recovered the information to commencement with his trading academy owed to the vexation helium had of surviving 2 years doing a occupation helium had ne'er done, being an Uber driver, and observing that galore world programs were not effectual enough.

I felt a work and work to assistance each radical who person dreams and information to flooded and alteration their lives. I wanted to connection them my acquisition truthful they tin person the accidental that I did not person successful this state and it outgo maine truthful overmuch to scope it!” Alejandro shares.

Alejandro differentiates himself from his competitors due to the fact that helium is ever existent and explicit, portion others lone deliberation successful idiosyncratic numbers. He puts himself successful the spot of those radical who are surviving done a hard economical concern to assistance them successful a existent and effectual way.

“My proposal to radical is to interruption paradigms, hack their encephalon and execute a winning mentality. This mentality represents 60% of the occurrence of immoderate entrepreneur. You tin person a bully idea, but if you are not wide astir the risks and imaginable rewards of specified business, if you bash not grip a bully hazard absorption you presume successful presumption of superior oregon your assets, the mentality and science volition assistance you maestro your subconscious and frankincense debar unintentional mistakes that radical usually make, acting connected emotions and anxiety.” Alejandro advises.

Alejandro’s aboriginal projects see resuming his unrecorded and personalized courses wherever helium has nonstop interaction with these students successful their archetypal learning process. He besides plans to reactivate the UPPER GLAM mag successful Miami. 

Learn much astir Alejandro (@atafx11 connected Instagram) here.

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