All You Need to Know About This House Flipping Real Estate Investor

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House Flipping is simply a benignant of existent property concern wherever an capitalist buys a home, holds it, and aboriginal sells astatine a profit. The capitalist indispensable renovate the location to springiness it a glamorous look to suit the end-user earlier selling it. The concern is highly lucrative arsenic 1 buys aged homes astatine little prices and refurbishes them to adhd worth and frankincense allowing for profit.

Justin Colby is one, palmy existent property capitalist successful flipping existent estate, wholesaling houses, and existent property coaching. He is the co-founder of the Science of Flipping Podcast and the Science of Flipping Coaching program. He has flipped implicit 1700 homes and is present an icon to galore existent property investors with implicit fourteen years of experience.

Getting into His Profession

Justin underwent a unsmooth spot getting into existent estate, particularly with nary wealth nor resources. He besides went done a signifier wherever helium mislaid his car to a repo man, mislaid his home, and landed connected a friend’s sofa arsenic his bed. He recovered a mentor who helped him get a crippled program to bounce back. Getting a manager allowed him to flip houses and to marque a connection successful existent property rapidly.
He has besides gone done different downs, particularly erstwhile the marketplace is astatine its lowest, losing lumpsum amounts, but helium takes each situation arsenic a invaluable lesson. It is done these lessons that helium tin emergence backmost and accelerated and to a higher degree.

Success Factors

To travel retired beardown and iconic, Justin has maintained a coagulated enactment ethic and principles. He stands by the principles of hard work, patience, determination, consistency, and discipline. Colby affirms that for 1 to thrive, they request to privation the pursuit due to the fact that it tin make an unthinkable manner for them. He besides states that they besides person to withstand the challenges that travel on with it.
He besides insists connected beating procrastination and striving to beryllium accordant and disciplined. “Procrastination is the top obstacle towards success,” helium says. Patience is besides important arsenic you make your skills to adhd to your value.


Justin is an exemplar to thousands of existent property students and continues to animate galore consenting to instrumentality oregon travel his course. You tin get much insights from him connected his podcast, oregon you tin travel him connected Facebook.

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