Brian Jai Deserves It

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Brian Jai is simply a pro’s pro and precise overmuch a jack of each trades wrong the hypercompetitive euphony industry. A autochthonal of Southeastern Connecticut’s Montville, immoderate of Jai’s earliest memories coincide with a location immersed successful euphony arsenic some of his parents are vocalists, Aside from pursuing successful his parent’s footsteps and becoming a talented vocalist himself, Brian is besides a top-tier technologist and producer, bringing the creations of himself and others to beingness with regularity. Running workplace sessions alongside a accumulation institution and doing voiceover enactment successful summation to creating dope philharmonic projects of his ain from apical to bottommost is the benignant of “do it all” sensibility and enactment ethic that volition onshore Brian Jai wherever helium wants to go.

The Connecticut crooner describes his benignant arsenic having “nostalgic, R&B roots” and truthful featuring “intimate, authentic lyrics” but paired with a “hip hop and popular appeal.” Having listened thoroughly to Brian’s stellar 2020 full-length merchandise entitled “You Deserve It“, I tin co-sign his sentiment. Jai describes the task arsenic “a emotion missive to the listener”. Brian enlisted the assistance of penning and producing supergroup “The Formula” to respire caller beingness into the project, from uptempo creation numbers similar “Gimme Dat” to sultry chamber serenades similar “Act It Out”, Brian’s debut opus is definite to go a instrumentality favorite.

Jai isn’t a rookie successful the show section either, having shared stages with the likes of PnB Rock, Gucci Mane, the formed of “Love & Hip Hop” and galore others. Brian brings the aforesaid level of professionalism and polish to his signifier amusement that you’ve travel to expect from his music. Honestly, I find a batch of artists contiguous who are obscurity adjacent what the workplace makes them retired to be; fortunately, this couldn’t beryllium further from the information with regards to Brian Jai.

Currently, Brian is moving connected a caller task that helium says “differs from his erstwhile style” and delves into a caller sound. Having spoken with him extensively and kept tabs connected progress, I tin accidental with certainty that he’s approaching it with the aforesaid level of patience, care, and meticulousness that he’s done with each of his different releases to date. In today’s oversaturated market, rife with half-baked, hastily mixed concepts and records, I americium ever refreshed erstwhile gathering an up-and-comer who treats euphony with the benignant of respect and sincerity that it perfectly deserves. Now is the clip to leap connected board, and you tin bash truthful by giving Brian a like, follow, look, and perceive below:

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