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Devan Reece Villaluz-Jones Innovating Upstate New York’s SEO Digital Marketing Era

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“I do not fear the man who has practiced one thousand kicks, but the one who has practiced one kick a thousand times.” I heard this quote in an exclusive interview with SEO Genius Devan Reece Villaluz-Jones, a successful young black entrepreneur leading digital marketing successes in upstate New York and digitizing his information on success in the digital age through career, multiple streams of income, and personal development. He involves others in his success by helping them make the same milestones that have made him entirely successful. 

Being an innovator in his field, Reece has digitally industrialized the upstate New York scene for SEO web development and digital marketing. Being an investor and a self-made digital marketer and software developer, who dropped out of a computer science bachelor’s degree in university, Reece, got into Marketing Technologies. Within the first few months into the deadly global novel coronavirus, Devan Reece got hired for his work.

He was hired as an SEO analyst and social media and email marketing contractor for various online businesses, increasing their search engine rankings by 400%. Some businesses saw a jump in sales conversions from clicks upwards of 300% after Reece took ahold of the marketing reins. His month to month SEO agency offers web design and development for upstate New York and potentially any client worldwide looking for local SEO

Silver lining

Looking at Reece, you might be obliged to think that life has been a smooth curve for him. However, when he opens up, you will definitely know that he has had his fair share of challenges. “I’ve often been classed as the underdog, whether it be in classes, sports, business, or social groups from the time of an early age. I grew up in a biracial household as a Black and Asian child, and grew to feel the all too familiar sting of racism in society – though this only added fuel to my fire.” Devan Reece Villaluz-Jones stated as he continued explaining how his early life was. “I have a history of being extraordinary in school; my teachers didn’t like it. One time a teacher wanted to put a duct tape box around my desk so that I couldn’t move freely. I think that’s an allegory for what schools can do to the creative mind.”

Devan Reece Villaluz-Jones has always had an innate entrepreneurial culture. Building multi-million dollar businesses and successfully growing companies’ digital footprints with SEO, Reece is innovating in a field that moves so fast that he has become a huge factor in SEO innovation during his time. Reece moved from New Jersey to Upstate New York, and all of a sudden, he had moved closer to his eureka moment. 

Investing in his personal brand

Devan Reece Villaluz-Jones has now embarked on investing much of his time while creating his brand. He is running his business in digital marketing, consulting, real estate, investing, and eCommerce. He believes that having several sources of income is vital and creates chances to employ many people. 

He is also working on a self-developed project to help anyone get a high-paying job in the digital field without necessarily having a degree; software development, digital marketing, and more. He is encouraging his fellow youths to enter the software and marketing fields

Having achieved success through striving to learn and being determined, Devan Reece Villaluz-Jones is a successful businessman. At this point, he is managing several companies’ multi-million dollar brands. This means that companies and brands have trusted him as the fastest growing innovator in his field.

Inspiring others

Devan Reece Villaluz-Jones has been at the forefront of SEO digital marketing innovation in upstate New York and helping others enter the software development and digital marketing field. Through his YouTube videos and course campaigns, he is doing this through his YouTube videos that have connected with more than five thousand people and continuously growing, and his incredibly successful digital marketing agency WeDoSEOInUpstateNewYork.

He wants to inspire everyone, and he is also focusing on people of color who are mostly underrated and confined by the manacles of segregation. He is working with black entrepreneur Google Ads Genius Van Dennis, based in Los Angeles (mentioned in disrupt) for the connected efforts to administer the growth of successful businesses online; Reece has many entrepreneurial friends who have seen him rise. 

As a leader, he believes that great leadership is the ability to bring positive change in life. He adds that a leader should have the ability to administer great values and confidence in people’s lives and help them realize that they, too, are destined for greatness. 

Reece has a series of ebooks successfully laying down the needed steps to start a career in software development, leverage social media advertising, use Local SEO, multiply income streams, and more. 

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