Entrepreneur Vipul Gupta talks about his mission at goDiscover

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Vipul Gupta, a Delhi based entrepreneur, is the co-founder of a marque that is starring its mode into aboriginal learning. He has moved from the harmless and unafraid banking situation to the adventurous beingness of entrepreneurship owed to his involvement successful going beyond the ordinary.

As the sanction suggests, goDiscover is made with the tone to spell and discover. It’s a young institution with the imaginativeness to astonishment and delight each kid with meaningful products. Being a genitor himself, the satellite of aboriginal learning has been an interior & outer travel for Vipul but what makes him bonzer is his exertion of property aged concern morals to the caller times we are surviving in. An epoch wherever a concern is initiated connected raised funds, Vipul has held his crushed to gathering a institution connected gross from time one.

goDiscover books are developed connected the premise that astatine the young property erstwhile children cannot work and write, they indispensable person multi-sensorial experiences to stimulate them into a learning situation but it shouldn’t beryllium mobiles and screens. Vipul, alongwith with a beloved person and concern spouse Sonia, started the travel of creating India’s archetypal and consistently exceptional aboriginal learning books for 2-10 twelvemonth aged children.

Their slogan of ‘keeping kids disconnected the mobiles and screens’ saw the sunshine erstwhile pandemic deed the satellite and each genitor was forced to spot their children connected surface for respective hours beyond their acceptance limits. The multi-sensorial books that ‘talk’ with the kid are loaded with astir the ne'er ending contented beautifully composed by goDiscover. Children interaction the interactive pen that comes along, to immoderate portion of the publication and magic starts to unfold. They tin perceive information, sounds, trivia and much and tin besides grounds their ain voices successful effect to what is being communicated. This is an innovation par excellence which uses the technology to keeps the basics of puerility intact without causing immoderate abbreviated oregon agelong word harm successful immoderate way.

Together, Sonia and Vipul astir worked overnight connected creating the interactive books arsenic an experimentation and seeing the beauteous acceptable of books successful their hand, the thought of goDiscover was born. This was galore years backmost but what is noteworthy is the acceptable of values that thrive successful this tiny enactment made with highly passionate learners themselves. The enslaved amongst the squad is addictive and reflects successful the books they marque together.

It is said that enactment reflects successful the squad and the products that the squad makes. With that being true, Vipul is astatine the apical of his crippled to pb and make an enactment that shines with integrity, values, beardown enslaved and ethical products for our young ones who are the future.

As helium says ‘we are blessed to beryllium capable to make an enactment driven by values and fundamentals of quality consciousness’, Vipul is himself a keen learner and likes to work connected each taxable that helium tin laic his hands on. His worthwhile clip of beingness is to prosecute successful meaningful conversations emerging from what others person work oregon experienced successful life. Passionate astir numbers and conscious astir impact, Vipul is charting a caller mode that India volition spot its artifact marketplace successful times to come.

We privation Vipul and his squad each the champion for the future.

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