Ethan Joins 100 Thieves - Can They Regain The Number One Spot?

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In what came arsenic a daze announcement to many, Ethan “Ethan” Arnold has officially joined the progressive roster for the 100 Thieves VALORANT roster replacing Quan “Dicey” Tran, who volition beryllium near to find different roster pursuing the decision.

Why Ethan?

For radical that don’t travel competitory Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), it whitethorn travel arsenic a astonishment that a subordinate from a large winning squad successful VALORANT would beryllium being replaced by a newcomer to the crippled from a rival FPS crippled successful CS:GO.

However, erstwhile it comes to North American Counter-Strike, Ethan has been playing astatine the precise apical of the country for a fig of years, and arsenic a subordinate known for his precocious mechanical accomplishment level and wide acquisition astatine the highest level of competition, it tin travel arsenic nary astonishment arsenic to wherefore 100 Thieves decided helium was the close antheral for the job.

Ethan truly burst into the CS:GO country successful 2016 erstwhile helium was fixed the accidental to articulation prestigious North American organisation, Counter Logic Gaming. Whilst connected CLG, Ethan rapidly made a sanction for himself arsenic a precise beardown rifler and his earthy aiming quality for idiosyncratic truthful caller to the highest level of contention was wide for each to see, with Ethan averaging a 1.12 hltv standing during his clip connected the roster.

Although, Ethan didn’t commencement to spot tier 1 occurrence until helium joined NRG Esports. On the NRG roster Ethan erstwhile again stepped up his level of contention and managed to beryllium a driving unit successful starring NRG to their archetypal planetary rubric astatine IEM Shanghai 2018 followed by different triumph to extremity 2018 astatine CS_Summit 3, beating OpTic successful the finals.

After the roster was sold to Evil Geniuses, Ethan yet reached some his squad and idiosyncratic highest success, winning ESL One New York 2019, by acold the biggest tourney of his vocation truthful far. Following this, EG won the StarSeries i-League Season 8 tournament, different tier 1 tourney successful which they bushed Fnatic successful the expansive finals, with Ethan being named MVP of the tournament, his highest idiosyncratic show truthful far. To extremity the year, Ethan was named the fig 20 subordinate successful the satellite - according to HLTV.

By the extremity of his clip successful CS:GO, Ethan had won 7 tournaments, aggregate idiosyncratic accomplishments and had firmly established himself arsenic 1 of NA’s champion players, making it nary astonishment that erstwhile helium became disposable 100 Thieves jumped astatine the accidental to motion up the rifling star.

Was a alteration needed?

After ending 2020 arsenic arguably the champion squad successful NA VALORANT, it whitethorn person travel arsenic a daze that 100 Thieves decided to marque a roster alteration soon aft this success. However, from the assemblage effect aft caller matches for 100 Thieves, it appears that galore radical consciousness similar Dicey is excessively overmuch of an inconsistent OPer playing the Jett relation to pb the squad to accordant success. Although, was Dicey needfully the antheral that needed to beryllium changed? As a young mechanically talented subordinate lone conscionable making his mode into the highest level of competitory gaming successful VALORANT, galore fans judge that Dicey should person been fixed a accidental to amended his consistency and yet beryllium the prima subordinate that could duo arguably the champion subordinate successful the crippled successful Peter “Asuna” Mazuryk. 

With the instrumentality of LAN coming to VALORANT sooner than immoderate anticipated though, it appears that 100 Thieves didn’t privation to hazard not qualifying for the archetypal LAN, oregon underperforming connected LAN with Dicey possibly feeling the nerves from being a rookie successful the scene. 

If it wasn’t for the availability of an each prima North American endowment successful Ethan, idiosyncratic with proven LAN acquisition astatine the highest level and evident mechanical endowment to match, it is improbable that 100 Thieves would’ve decided to marque a change. 

The caller look 100 Thieves

Since Dicey was the dedicated OPer and Jett subordinate connected the team, and it is improbable that Ethan volition beryllium taking implicit the role, fixed his prowess successful the rifling relation connected CS:GO, it is apt idiosyncratic other volition person to instrumentality implicit the important relation successful the game. Currently, it would look similar either Nicholas “Nitr0” Cannella oregon Joshua “Steel” Nissan volition go the caller main OP connected the team.

This could beryllium a large hazard for the squad arsenic whilst Steel and Nitr0 person some played the sniper firearm relation successful CS:GO, the alteration successful question and wide crippled play differences betwixt Counter-Strike and VALORANT whitethorn marque it a hard relation for either of them to larn speedy capable to beryllium astatine an capable level to vie astatine the highest level successful specified small time.

Overall, whether this determination volition marque 100 Thieves a amended squad and assistance them suffice for the archetypal authoritative LAN events is chartless and fans volition person to tune successful to the VCT qualifiers astatine the play to ticker Ethan’s archetypal authoritative games connected the 100 Thieves lineup.


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