Exclusive! Mumbai Saga Actor Vivaan Parashar Explains How John Abraham Is A True Gem With An Example

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 “Exclusive! Mumbai Saga Actor Opens Up On Working With John Abraham(Pic Credit: Instagram/thejohnabraham, vivaanparashar)

Mumbai Saga is 1 of the astir anticipated projects of Bollywood. Starring John Abraham and Emraan Hashmi, the movie directed by Sanjay Gupta is slated for a merchandise connected 19th March. It volition besides prima Vivaan Parashar. The debutant is present opening up connected his acquisition successful the film.

Koimoi got into an exclusive speech and spoke to Vivaan connected aggregate subjects. From being intimidated moving astir John Abraham and Emraan Hashmi to getting to cognize them personally, the histrion opened up astir it all.

But however did helium extremity up bagging Mumbai Saga successful the archetypal place? Vivaan Parashar answered, “I had acted successful a abbreviated movie with Naseeruddin Shah called ‘Skin of Marble’, which won a batch of acclaims. Nadeem Shah, Sanjay Gupta’s Associate Director, saw the movie and showed it to Sanjay sir. They felt that I would acceptable the portion of Sadashiv. I was past asked to spell done rigorous look tests and spell done a implicit makeover to spot if I acceptable the character. After a period of this process, I yet bagged the film! It was a precise peculiar moment.”

Talking astir his acquisition with John Abraham, Vivaan Parashar said, “I person said this earlier and I volition accidental it again, John bhai is similar household for maine now. I was anyways a large instrumentality of his, but present adjacent much so. There were galore incidents that beryllium however bully helium is. Let maine stock one… Once helium was performing a country and I was lasting down him. In betwixt takes, helium conscionable looked astatine maine and said.. ‘Vivaan I anticipation I’m not covering you. In lawsuit I am, archer maine please.’ That 1 enactment says everything astir him. The information that helium was besides looking retired for his co-actors says truthful overmuch astir however bully and accommodating helium is. I volition ne'er hide that.”

John Abraham is genuinely a man and determination tin beryllium nary amended proof!

Are you excited for Mumbai Saga?

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