Exterior & Interior Images Of The Hyundai Bayon

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Hyundai Bayon was revealed not agelong ago, the all-new SUV based connected the carmaker’s i20 hatchback volition beryllium beneath the Creta and the Kona successful the brand’s planetary lineup. Now we person a overmuch amended look astatine the Bayon retired successful the unfastened world. The Bayon is Hyundai’s reply to a agelong database of crossover SUVs sold overseas, starting with the Volkswagen T-Cross, Nissan Juke, and the Ford Puma, to sanction a few. It shares its underpinnings with the latest i20 but gets unsocial exterior styling that is rather akin to the updated Kona.

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Hyundai Bayon 5

The all-new Bayon features a compact exterior, a roomy interior, and a agelong database of intelligent information and connectivity features that marque it basal retired successful its segment. It gets styling cues inspired by the latest Kona. These see the bladed DRLs and arrow-shaped headlamps. The arrow-shaped taxable besides continues astatine the back, which gets a akin design. The Bayon SUV gets beardown enarthrosis lines astatine the side, but the tapering roofline gives it much of a crossover-like look. Strong cladding each astir and faux skid plates astatine the beforehand and backmost springiness it a much rugged appearance.

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Hyundai Bayon 10

Bayon features a clean, roomy, well-lit interior. There is simply a beardown absorption connected maximizing beforehand and rear rider comfortableness and expanding footwear space. The interior is defined by a scope of connectivity equipment, including a 10.25-inch integer clump and a 10.25-inch AVN oregon 8-inch Display Audio. Occupants tin payment from LED ambient lighting exertion integrated into the beforehand rider ft areas, doorway wells, and beforehand doorway propulsion grip areas, arsenic good arsenic the retention country beneath the halfway console.

Hyundai Bayon 1

Hyundai says the Bayon is an Urban-focused conveyance and its interior has been designed keeping successful caput utility, space, and comfort. A 2,580mm wheelbase (identical to the i20’s) allows front-seat passengers 1,072mm of legroom, portion the rear seats connection 882mm, and the 411-liter footwear tin beryllium extended to 1,205 liters with the divided rear seat folded flat.

Hyundai Bayon 9

Two motor options are offered connected the Bayon globally. At the apical of the line-up is simply a 1.0-liter T-GDi motor with 48V and 120 oregon 100 PS. This tin beryllium coupled with the 6-speed intelligent Manual Transmission (6iMT) oregon a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission (7DCT). The 100 PS mentation of the 1.0-liter T-GDi is besides disposable without 48V and tin beryllium paired with a 6-speed manual transmission (6MT) oregon 7DCT. The 1.0-liter T-GDi motor with and without 48V besides comes with 3 thrust modes to optimize the motor effect and steering show based connected driving conditions. These are Eco, Normal, and Sport. A 1.2-liter MPi motor with 84 PS paired with 5MT is disposable arsenic well.

Hyundai Bayon 8

Bayon is the archetypal Hyundai SUV to travel equipped with Rev Matching, a diagnostic usually reserved for Hyundai’s high-performance models. Rev matching synchronizes the motor to the output shaft, allowing for smoother oregon sportier downshifts. It volition beryllium disposable for the 1.0-liter T-GDi motor erstwhile paired with the 7DCT for each thrust modes, and for the 1.0-liter T-GDi motor with 48V erstwhile paired with the 6iMT successful the Sport mode.

Hyundai Bayon 3

Bayon shares its harmless and robust DNA with the different members of the Hyundai SUV family, and it has the information features to match. A fig of semi-autonomous driving features acceptable BAYON isolated from its competitors. Lane Following Assist (LFA) works to support the conveyance centered successful its lane. Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA) archetypal sounds an alarm, then, if necessary, applies the brakes to forestall a collision from occurring.

Hyundai Bayon 2

This diagnostic includes car, pedestrian, and cyclist detection, arsenic good arsenic Junction Turning, which tin use the brakes to forestall a collision with an oncoming car erstwhile turning near astatine an intersection. Another precocious feature, Navigation-based Smart Cruise Control (NSCC), uses information from the vehicle’s navigation strategy to set velocity autonomously erstwhile driving connected a road oregon expressway.

Hyundai Bayon 7

Bayon besides includes respective features that mildly redirect the driver’s attraction erstwhile their absorption slips. Driver Attention Warning (DAW) analyses driving patterns to assistance observe drowsy oregon distracted driving. This strategy works successful tandem with Leading Vehicle Departure Alert (LVDA), which alerts the operator erstwhile the conveyance up of them starts moving guardant and they bash not respond rapidly enough.

Hyundai Bayon 6

In addition, Rear Occupant Alert (ROA) notifies the operator earlier leaving the conveyance if sensors observe question successful the backmost seat. This makes Bayon adjacent safer for rear passengers, including children oregon pets, making it a large prime for families.

Hyundai Bayon 4

Still, different features guarantee information erstwhile driving astatine debased speeds, oregon erstwhile parking. Parking Collision-Avoidance Assist-Reverse (PCA-R) provides a informing and, if necessary, applies the brakes erstwhile a rear obstacle is detected erstwhile the car is reversing slowly. Rear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance Assist (RCCA) assists drivers successful a akin mode erstwhile they are backing retired of a parking abstraction and different car passes by.

Hyundai Bayon Featured Image

And Parking Assist (PA) allows for semi-autonomous parking, with a scope of sensors and bundle moving unneurotic to assistance drivers get into choky spaces. In lawsuit of an accident, eCall volition automatically alert exigency services if the vehicle’s airbags are deployed. Alternatively, occupants tin besides activate this diagnostic with the property of a button.

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