Famous Celebrities That Play Fortnite

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Fortnite isn’t conscionable a crippled for america mean folk. Tonnes of celebrated celebrities from each kinds of industries person hopped connected the Fortnite craze.

Fortnite is wide accessible and has grown a reputation arsenic 1 of the astir welcoming games successful the industry. People that person different ne'er touched controllers successful their beingness person played Fortnite due to its mainstream acceptance. Due to this, iconic personalities from each sorts of antithetic industries person travel retired of the woodwork arsenic Fortnite players. 

Each of these stars has a communicative down their national with the crippled of Fortnite. Let’s find retired which celebrated celebrities are Fortnite players connected the side.

Does Drake Play Fortnite?

By now, astir gamers astir apt cognize the communicative down Drake and Fortnite’s relationship. Back successful 2018, Drake teamed up with Tyler “Ninja” Blevins to interruption the grounds for astir concurrent viewers connected an individual’s watercourse with implicit 600,000.  

This lawsuit broke the internet. The Drake/Ninja collab brought Fortnite and gaming arsenic a full into the mainstream. Drake made Fortnite “cool”. 

This wasn’t conscionable a one-time happening for Drake either. Drake admitted connected watercourse that helium had been playing Fortnite for a fewer months and really watches Ninja’s streams regularly.

Drake’s a existent Fortnite fan, truthful it’s due that his signature opus and dance, Hotline Bling, was added to the crippled arsenic an emote.

Patrick Mahomes

National Football League (NFL) Reigning Super Bowl MVP, Patrick Mahomes, is known to play Fortnite from clip to time.

Fortnite partnered with the NFL to merchandise NFL-themed skins. Fortnite players tin correspond their favourite squad with the fig of their choice. Obviously, a batch of players take to cosplay arsenic the superstar quarterback.

Yesterday one played fortnite for the archetypal clip successful a portion and idiosyncratic killed maine with my jersey on.. don’t cognize however one consciousness astir it...

— Patrick Mahomes II (@PatrickMahomes) November 13, 2018

One time erstwhile Mahomes was playing Fortnite, a subordinate wearing his team’s azygous WITH his idiosyncratic fig connected the jersey eliminated him. Mahomes proceeded to tweet out, “yesterday I played Fortnite for the archetypal clip successful a while, and idiosyncratic killed maine with my jersey on.. don’t cognize however I consciousness astir it…”

Does Dele Alli Play Fortnite?

Rising shot prima Dele Alli’s colourful property shows some connected and disconnected the field. Dele Alli has gone viral connected much than 1 juncture with his ridiculous Fortnite-themed extremity celebrations.

In Alli’s spare time, helium streams Fortnite — and he’s not fractional bad! Dele Alli has built a pursuing connected Twitch of much than 125,000 followers.

Finn Wolfhard

Finn Wolfhard, prima of deed TV amusement Stranger Things and Stephen King’s IT, dabbles successful immoderate Fortnite each present and then. 

Wolfhard and his member created a Twitch transmission for streaming games. The 2 often spell unrecorded unneurotic with Fortnite arsenic their crippled of choice. The duo’s Twitch transmission has implicit 80,000 followers.

Jordyn Jones

Jordyn Jones is an actress, singer, model, and gamer. Jones is known for her appearances astatine the MTV Video Music Awards and connected Dancing With The Stars. Jones’s passionateness for Fortnite became known erstwhile it was announced that she would beryllium participating successful the Fortnite Pro-Am tourney astatine E3.

Jordyn Jones received backlash connected societal media by haters that assumed she wasn’t a existent Fortnite instrumentality and didn’t merit a spot successful the Pro-Am. In response, Jones tweeted that she has been playing Fortnite since Season 2.

i’ve been playing fortnite since play 2 haters

— Jordyn Jones (@JJJordynjones) May 19, 2018

Since then, Jones has gone much nationalist with her emotion for the game, streaming her gameplay connected Instagram and Twitch connected occasion.

Does Travis Scott Play Fortnite?

Famed Hip Hop creator Travis Scott — aka Cactus Jack — made his archetypal nationalist quality successful Fortnite arsenic a subordinate of the Drake and Ninja squad. Scott teamed up with the legendary duo arsenic they streamed successful beforehand of hundreds of thousands.

This jump-started Scott’s emotion for Fortnite as helium went connected to collaborate with the crippled successful a large way. Fortnite and Travis Scott enactment connected the Astronomical event, a unrecorded performance lawsuit held wrong the crippled of Fortnite. The performance was a superior success, receiving rave reviews for its insane visuals.

Fortnite x Travis Scott did not halt there. Travis Scott has his own Fortnite skin. Players tin formal up arsenic Travis Scott — topped disconnected with a slew of styles and different cosmetics.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Zlatan Ibrahimovic's talents connected the shot transportation are nary mystery. Ibrahimovic is 1 of the astir decorated footballers of each time.

Watch maine play unrecorded NOW with my member @KekGs connected https://t.co/rFYbcUAt8m Follow and Subscribe pic.twitter.com/QKB6wR6gSh

— Zlatan Ibrahimović (@Ibra_official) May 26, 2018

A lesser-known information astir Ibrahimovic is that he’s a gamer. Ibrahimovic picks up the controller whenever helium has a chance, often playing unrecorded with his member connected Twitch. Usually, Ibrahimovic’s crippled of prime is Fortnite.

Does Joe Jonas Play Fortnite?

Disney Channel histrion turned Pop singer, Joe Jonas’ hobbies besides see gaming. And Joe Jonas doesn’t fell his nerdy broadside — this Jonas Brother blasts his username to the masses. Joe Jonas has gone to Twitter to enlistee followers to his Fortnite team.

Playing Fortnite username: CrackedPig8153 travel articulation my team.

— J O E J O N A S (@joejonas) February 25, 2018

Joe Jonas isn’t a specified casual either. Joe has participated successful Twitch Rivals and played with Nick Eh 30 and Ninja. How helium manages to find clip to play Fortnite portion besides being a singer, songwriter, and histrion - we don’t know.

Like galore of these celebrities, Fortnite is simply a sanction known each implicit the world. People from each astir the satellite of each antithetic cultures, religions, and socioeconomic statuses play the genre-defying game.

Fortnite welcomes all, and that includes immoderate of your favourite celebrated celebrities.


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