Former Pro Skier Jamie MoCrazy Talks Life Triumphs and Getting Engaged on The Anniversary of Her Accident

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Jamie MoCrazy spent her teen years connected the skis slopes. By the property of 18, she had already achieved the award of being Junior World Champion and past began to determination to Utah to further her grooming arsenic a nonrecreational slopestyle and halfpipe skier. During the rise of her career, Jamie had an incidental that would impact her for the remainder of her life. In April of 2015, Jamie crashed astatine the World Tour Finals, starring her to beryllium successful a coma, becoming paralyzed, and successful an instant, she went from being 1 of the world’s champion slopestyle skiers to having to relearn basal centrifugal skills. Basic skills she has to relearn included walking upstairs and riding a bike. However, Jamie was not going to fto the results of her horrific mishap support her down. Rather, she worked hard to retrieve and relied connected the enactment of her friends and family, being capable to support optimistic for her future. Eight months aft her accident, Jamie did the unthinkable, she was capable to commencement skiing again. Not agelong after, she began assemblage and started her travel of motivational speaking to animate others to win successful the look of trauma.

After her betterment from her accident, Jamie has made a sanction for herself. Speaking successful beforehand of audiences ranging from 20 to 1,000 radical and presenting astatine nonprofit galas, concern conventions, and aesculapian schools crossed the world. The MoCrazy family has worked to enactment Jamie during the hard times successful her beingness and were capable to go caregivers for her during this time. Jamie strives to enactment others who spell done akin accidents and her household works to assistance caregivers instrumentality attraction of the responsibilities that are placed connected them usually without warning. Jamie and the MoCrazy household person utilized her travel arsenic thing productive successful bid to assistance others undergoing akin situations.

Jamie and the communicative of however she not lone overcame an accident that should’ve ended her skiing vocation but however her household and present fiancé Reggie person supported her are inspirational. Jamie was dealt a hard manus but her relationships person aided her successful getting her beingness backmost to normalcy. We were fortunate to talk with Jamie and she gave america exclusive details astir her engagement and cardinal penetration into her beingness journey. The squad astatine Disrupt Magazine applauds Jamie and her communicative and wishes her each the happiness successful the satellite aft her engagement.

We heard you precocious got engaged, tin you archer america astir however helium proposed?
Well, my spouse and I had already bought and reconstructed a house, had a doggy, been dating for years, and were acceptable to instrumentality the adjacent step. April 11th is the time my TBI mishap happened which changed my life. I telephone it my live to thrive day! It is besides Reggie’s (partner’s) birthday! I thought that was specified a monumental, cute, corny coincidence that for years since I decided I wanted to wed Reggie I wanted to commencement my section with Reggie connected that day. Since it’s already specified an important time it was casual to spell skis touring for the time up a large upland successful the Wasatch backcountry. It was an casual idea, yet really precise difficult! It was outpouring truthful it was melty and icy, positive we had to beryllium precise cautious of avalanche danger! Anyways, erstwhile we got to the apical we went to get our representation taken by the lensman taking Alive to Thrive pictures. We were lasting determination posed, and past Reggie knelt down, pulled retired an astonishing MoCrazy benignant ring, and said helium wanted to walk the remainder of his beingness with me! Would I wed him? I was truthful excited I started crying and rambling astir however large this was, helium past asked if that meant yes? I laughed and said YES!

What was it similar getting engaged connected the day of your accident?
When Reggie and I started dating 3 years agone I told him I was done with escapade and play movies astir my life. I was acceptable for a romanticist comedy! Since past our narration has been afloat of romanticist drama scenes. I consciousness it is simply a cleanable country successful our romanticist drama to get engaged to commencement a caller section of beingness with my emotion connected the aforesaid time my nonrecreational skis vocation section ended 6 years prior.

How did you conscionable him/ commencement dating?
Reggie and I met done a communal person astatine a bar. That nighttime we decided to marque plans to spell camping with different friend. After that camping trip, Mama MoCrazy was 100% convinced we were successful emotion with each other. We were some definite we were not successful love, successful fact, Reggie thought I was cute yet I decidedly friend-zoned him. He wanted to beryllium my person truthful we would upland bike, spell skis touring, adjacent spot an eclipse unneurotic successful different authorities each earlier we were dating! On the closing time of the upland we were extracurricular sitting connected a snowboard seat astatine the location Reggie was surviving at. Of course, we were going to the closing time festivities together-just arsenic friends. That greeting I leaned implicit and randomly asked Reggie if helium ever thought astir kissing me. Reggie with his rima afloat of cereal responded with a kiss! We went to closing time and past the adjacent play each of our friends backed retired of a travel to Moab, but we inactive wanted to go- conscionable arsenic friends. On that trip, I spent the full play asking him hypothetical questions astir america dating. I conjecture the answers were bully origin helium started spending nights astatine my flat and six months aboriginal we were surviving together!

When are you readying connected having the wedding? 
Again with the romanticist drama scene, I privation to get joined astatine a lodge mid-mountain successful Whistler CA, close beneath the tally that had the contention I crashed astatine and went into a coma. It gives maine shivers to deliberation the aforesaid spot my fatality study was written I get to wed the emotion of my life! Since I americium truthful passionate astir the determination of the wedding and covid restrictions concerning question I americium not 100% acceptable connected the date. However, we are readying connected memorial time play 2022! That mode each our American friends person an other time disconnected work! Which they volition privation due to the fact that it volition beryllium the lawsuit of the year!

How does your narration enactment you?
Reggie and I enactment each different truthful overmuch arsenic partners. Finding a beingness spouse who genuinely supports you is 1 of the rarest and fantastic aspects of life. Support is not conscionable blindly agreeing with what you say, it is challenging you to execute astatine your idiosyncratic champion each time to plan your imagination life. Reggie supports each the enactment I americium doing creating the MoCrazy Strong brand. He genuinely believes successful maine and volition question actions truthful I lone prosecute ideas and plans that volition work. I enactment Reggie arsenic well. He has his ain dreams and vision. He hasn’t posted connected his Instagram relationship successful implicit a year, however, successful that clip helium has taken implicit Instagram accounts with maine (Woodward Park City, Solitude Mountain Resort) He performs his ain idiosyncratic champion astatine enactment each time and since the pandemic started has conscionable received raises and promotions! He went from Engineer to present Production Manager astatine the Salt Lake City bureau of Curtis Wright! I respect him for his skills and helium admires maine for mine. I cognize due to the fact that we are precise communicative and archer each different what we respect astir each different connected a regular basis.

I cognize you are highly adjacent with your family, is your fiancé adjacent with them arsenic well?
Reggie is not rather arsenic adjacent arsenic maine haha yet Mama MoCrazy and I were pulling him done the h2o successful Puerto Rico precocious and helium kept saying if determination were 2 radical successful the satellite helium trusted it was decidedly us. The narration has grown arsenic I deliberation immoderate existent narration does. It takes clip to physique a spot and relationship. He instantly liked my household and present thinks having Mama MoCrazy unrecorded astir 15 minutes distant to ticker our kids erstwhile we spell upland biking sounds similar a large plan!

You were capable to interrogation the laminitis of the High Fives Foundation, however did that instauration enactment you during your recovery?
High Fives is an AMAZING foundation! I emotion their statement connected the website: “in concern with healthcare we supply quality care.” That sums them up precise well. High Fives has disbursed 4.8 cardinal dollars to 392 athletes (grant recipients) since inception. For me, personally High Fives gave maine grants to financially screen chiropractic work, intelligence health, supplements, encephalon therapy bootcamps, and for the archetypal 3 months aft I returned location from the infirmary massage therapy each day!

Can you archer america astir your “Heal the Healer” series?
Heal the Healers is simply a run we are moving successful concern with the Brain Injury Alliance of Utah for caregivers! TBI Caregivers are thrust into that relation successful the blink of an eye. Some person small oregon nary cognition of however to beryllium a caregiver. The “Heal the Healers” bid is 10 videos connected the Brain Injury Alliance of Utah’s Youtube leafage to amended caregivers.

What inspired you to commencement this series?
Mama MoCrazy has been studying the encephalon for 40+ years and has the prerequisite similar idiosyncratic centered acquisition that allowed her to beryllium the astir informed caregiver I could have. And the changes she made to my betterment created the result I experience.

How bash you consciousness astir skiing now, aft recovery?
I inactive emotion it. However, it was challenging for maine to emotion the terrain parkland again aft recovery. Becoming a manager for the competitory girls astatine Team Park City has opened a caller section successful my beingness wherever I tin manager individuals and ticker them execute their dreams (yes I deliberation my beingness is simply a publication and a movie).

What bash you anticipation radical larn from your story?
The concealed to however resilience comes from performing astatine your idiosyncratic champion each day. When I did my archetypal flip connected snowfall I didn’t cognize I would go the archetypal pistillate successful the satellite to onshore a treble flip astatine X-Games, however, if I didn’t execute astatine my ain idiosyncratic champion each time with my attainable goals I ne'er would person reached my maturation goals. The aforesaid is existent with my narration with Reggie. If we didn’t enactment each different arsenic friends and ever beryllium the champion individuals we could beryllium earlier we started dating that narration would not person been built. I anticipation radical tin larn from my communicative erstwhile they descent down their archetypal beingness highest they tin take to ascent an alternate highest with the champion views!

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