Fortnite's New Island Teased As The Bat Cave

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Fighting transgression successful the streets of Gotham has go the bane of Batman's life. Having flat-footed Penguin, gave Mr Freeze the acold shoulder, caught the Riddler successful a web of lies, and muffled the Joker's quips, the dauntless dualist has cleansed the pesky streets of mercenary madness and proceeded to formed his awesome implicit an wholly caller island.

With his beaming yellowish airy illuminating the skies and reflecting disconnected a floating bus, Batman has landed successful Fortnite with a vengeance. 

Having been reintroduced to the conflict royale successful April, alongside mischievous madwoman Harley Quinn, Batman's armoured tegument was not the lone happening Epic and DC had cooking up. The 2 developers joined forces and created a comic book, existent to Batman's nature, depicting the shadowed assailant successful combat connected the island. 

In the comics, Batman's haven is simply a sly shack, littered with messiness - clearly, Robin was the tidy one. Dataminers person recovered the plan successful Fortnite's files, however, fans person yet to find the hero's hut in-game. 

Until now. We think...

bat lads shack

— Lucas7yoshi - Fortnite Leaks (@Lucas7yoshi) April 27, 2021

Where is the Bat Cave successful Fortnite?

Having archetypal appeared successful the past update, the 16.40 spot notes saw the land beneath Flush Factory grow, expanding retired of the ground. Also known arsenic Oroisle oregon Oro Island, the country has astir doubled successful size, making it a caller mysterious POI. 

This caller POI whitethorn incorporate the woody shed, acting arsenic a downsized Wayne Manor. As the films and comics suggest, the Bat Cave lies beneath the terrain and truthful whitethorn prevarication beneath the aboveground of Fortnite's rising retreat.

the land has grown chaotic

— Antre (@Antre___) May 11, 2021

Fortnite Patch 16.40 - Oro Island 

Despite the evident spot to fell specified a sanctuary, determination remains 1 problem. Oro land is named aft Orella, the pistillate Oro skin. The flourishing pistillate is tinted with gold, and the land really plays homage to her Golden Assault Rifle - which besides unlocks a concealed Lara Croft tegument variant erstwhile used.

The Bat Cave remains elusive, but it wouldn't beryllium similar Epic to support it hidden for overmuch longer. Maybe Oro Island tin go large capable for 2 bullish badasses?


Image via Epic Games

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