Fortnite v15.50 Update Features Large Island Creative Hub Localisation And More

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Fortnite Creative Mode is an interactive, and popular, crippled mode among players successful which they tin make customised maps and play connected them with their friends. To participate a originative map, each players person to bash is participate the codification of the originative representation they privation to play in. In summation to this, Epic Games besides picks the champion originative maps from clip to clip and features them connected Fortnite’s authoritative blog.

Creative has precocious received the v15.50 update that has added larger islands, updated Agency Galleries, arsenic good arsenic a clump of bug fixes and improvements. We person listed beneath each the caller features that person been added successful the latest Fortnite Season 5 update.

Large Islands

Large Islands person been added successful the caller v15.50 update which are astir 25% bigger than the erstwhile island. In summation to this, these islands person 155 x 155 tile size that volition springiness players much country to research and beryllium creative.

Creative Hub Localisation

Epic Games is trying to bring much localisation to the crippled by optimising the in-game contented for 13 antithetic languages successful the coming weeks. It volition beryllium starting from the Featured Hub and aboriginal connected volition beryllium expanded to featured games. 

To marque your contented localised, your connection should beryllium acceptable successful English the archetypal clip you people the content, and you tin travel these steps:

  1. All the Billboard fonts should beryllium successful ‘Burbank’
  2. Check that your connection is successful English successful the main Fortnite settings
  3. Now prevention and adjacent the settings. Allow the strategy erstwhile it asks ‘Language is acceptable to English, it whitethorn inquire to restart your strategy to use the settings.’ 
  4. Start a Creative server
  5. Now spell into the Island oregon Hub you program to submit
  6. And past conscionable people the Island

After this, you tin alteration your connection backmost to the default language.

Note: The localisation presently tin lone beryllium done successful the ‘Burbank’ font, nary different font supports different languages yet.

Besides this, a fig of bugs related to the island, weapons and items and much person been fixed. Here is simply a implicit database of them:

Islands Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an contented wherever the enactment person could not interact with Matchmaking Portals
  • Fixed an contented wherever players successful parties were incapable to matchmake via Island Code oregon Matchmaking Portals

Weapons And Items Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an contented wherever the Common and Uncommon Charge Shotguns were appearing successful the incorrect rarity categories

Prefabs And Galleries

Updated The Agency Galleries to see lighter texture variations.

  • The Agency Wall Gallery A Light
  • The Agency Wall Gallery B Light

Prefabs And Galleries Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an contented wherever immoderate fauna assets, from the Nature Snow Gallery, were missing snow. Previously placed versions whitethorn request to beryllium replaced successful maps
  • Fixed an contented wherever the curved walls, from The Agency Gallery, would sometimes amusement a achromatic partition with no-collision

Device Fixes

  • Fixed an contented wherever the Changing Booth interact UI could look successful the incorrect position
  • Fixed an contented wherever players would get temporarily stuck erstwhile exiting the Changing Booth


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