Good Gossip! Kristen Bell Teases 'Risqué' New Season of 'Gossip Girl'

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Buckle up, Upper East Siders! Kristen Bell revealed a fewer details astir the upcoming HBO Max continuation of Gossip Girl and suffice to say, July 8 can’t travel soon enough.

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“The caller amusement is truly chill due to the fact that it talks each astir however societal media has changed us, and it’s much risqué due to the fact that it’s connected HBO Max,” the Frozen star, 40, said during the Wednesday, June 9, occurrence of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. “And there’s a twist astatine the extremity of occurrence 1 that’s truly different. So that’s fun.”

Good Gossip! Kristen Bell Teases 'Risqué' New Season of 'Gossip Girl'
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The Veronica Mars alum volition reprise her relation arsenic the dependable of Gossip Girl, the anonymous blogger who torments her teen followers with changeless updates connected their lives and whereabouts. In the archetypal series, which ran from 2007 to 2012, the idiosyncratic down the blog was revealed to beryllium — spoiler alert — Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley).

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The caller bid is acceptable to prime up wherever the archetypal near off, but it seems improbable that Lonely Boy volition return arsenic G.G. fixed that nary of the OG formed is acceptable to instrumentality astatine this point. Also, Dan and institution should beryllium successful their 30s by now, truthful there’s nary mode they tin support up with their Gen Z counterparts, arsenic the caller amusement volition travel them done precocious school.

After releasing a abbreviated teaser for the series successful May, HBO Max released a longer trailer connected Thursday, June 10. The archetypal teaser lone featured voiceover dialog by Bell, but the caller clip includes dialog from the characters arsenic well.

In 1 scene, the unit mocks a caller pupil Zoya (Whitney Peak) for waiting to transverse the thoroughfare until the airy changes, past invites her to bent retired with them. There’s besides a manner show, due to the fact that it’s not Gossip Girl without a runway walk.

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This clip around, Gossip Girl the idiosyncratic is “an anonymous Instagram relationship that spies connected our students,” according to Headmistress Burton (Donna Murphy). “Why does Gossip Girl person to get us?” an exasperated Zoya asks astatine 1 point. It’s not clear, but fortunately “because she’s doing probe for a caller astir Manhattan’s elite” is already taken arsenic a reason.

”It truly is the aforesaid world,” enforcement shaper Joshua Safran told Us Weekly successful December 2019. “If these characters were to speech astir Blair Waldorf, they’re going to speech astir Blair Waldorf. I benignant of look astatine it arsenic benignant of what Marvel does oregon the DC Universe. You’re conscionable looking astatine a antithetic space wrong the universe. … It’s inactive successful the aforesaid location, it is inactive [about] fashion, inactive astir privilege, astir the 1 percent.”

Gossip Girl premieres connected HBO Max Thursday, July 8.

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