‘Happy Gilmore’ Turns 25! Adam Sandler, Shooter McGavin Reignite Rivalry

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Four! Adam Sandler and Christopher McDonald reignited their iconic Happy Gilmore rivalry successful grant of the film’s 25th day connected Tuesday, February 16.

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“Happy loves you all! Thanks for everything!” Sandler, 54, wrote via Instagram connected Tuesday, alongside a video of himself channeling his interior Happy Gilmore.

The New York native, who played the hockey subordinate turned play pro successful the 1996 film, past showed disconnected his play plaything portion challenging his onscreen nemesis, Shooter McGavin (McDonald), to particulate disconnected his putter.

Happy Gilmore Turns 25 Adam Sandler Christopher McDonald Reignite RivalryAdam Sandler and Christopher McDonald. Courtesy Adam Sandler/Instagram; Courtesy Shooter McGavin/Twitter

“It’s been 25 years since I’ve done this. Let’s spot what happens,” Sandler said portion mounting up his video. “I’m scared. Shooter McGavin, this is for you.”

The 50 First Dates actor admitted helium crushed it, aft hitting the shot connected an bare play course. “And I’m not lying to you … that was smashed. That went beauteous well,” helium said, earlier screaming into the camera, “You’re dead, Shooter!”

McDonald, 66, accepted Sandler’s situation and shared his ain video. He took connected the persona of Shooter, who was the golfer favored to triumph the PGA Tour earlier Happy joined, via Twitter.

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“Nice drive, Gilmore! 25 years, huh? Let’s spot if it’s Shooter’s tour,” the histrion said arsenic helium putted the shot astatine his home. “Check it out. Oh, yeah. It’s each astir the abbreviated game.”

The Thelma & Louise prima celebrated a cleanable shot, yelling, “Money! Shooter’s inactive got it!” He past thanked each the fans for their enactment of the movie and Sandler for penning it and starring alongside him.

McDonald slipped adjacent deeper into character, saying, “Why don’t you conscionable just maine astatine the ninth greenish astatine 9 Gilmore … a small concealed of the pros. Oh, and Gilmore, deterioration thing nice.”

He laughed successful a villainous mode earlier adding: “25th anniversary, baby. Shooter, out!”

Happy Gilmore Turns 25 Adam Sandler Christopher McDonald Reignite RivalryChristopher McDonald, Bob Barker and Adam Sandler astatine the movie premiere of ‘Happy Gilmore’ connected February 7, 1996. Alan Berliner/BEI/Shutterstock

Happy Gilmore besides starred Julie Bowen arsenic Happy’s emotion interest, Virginia, Frances Bay arsenic his grandma and Carl Weathers arsenic Chubbs.

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Bowen, 50, exclusively told Us Weekly successful November 2019 that the formed has ne'er talked astir doing a sequel to the play film. “I don’t deliberation he’s ever done a sequel,” the Modern Family alum told Us, pointing retired that she was “in his 2nd movie ever.”

The brace did, however, squad up again for Netflix’s Hubie Halloween successful October 2020.

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