Hidden GPS Coordinates Have Possibly Revealed The Battlefield 6 Setting

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With truthful fewer details being spared and shared signifier Electronic Arts surrounding the improvement of Battlefield VI, leakers and gaming fanatics person been frantically trying to decipher immoderate tiny slither of accusation astir what could beryllium coming successful the updated title. 

The crippled which is acceptable to onshore by the extremity of 2021, has been described by Dr Disrespect arsenic a rubric that tin rival Call of Duty: Warzone arsenic the starring shooter, arsenic aboriginal leaks suggest that the crippled volition support up to 128 players successful 1 lobby and volition incorporate fully destructible cities arsenic the conflict becomes much interactive than ever before.

With a worldwide uncover rumoured for March 2021, aboriginal indications of the mounting person surfaced, and it's been staring america successful the look for implicit a year.

The two-part mentation stems from the Battlefield VI tech demo released by EA past year, and a Battlefield V tegument that is hidden wrong the game. YouTuber DannyYonPC, with the assistance from immoderate now-deleted Reddit posts, has recovered that we could beryllium acceptable to onshore successful Asia, with coordinates suggesting Kazakhstan volition beryllium the setting.

Eagle-eyed and bold arsenic brass, Danny reveals a acceptable of coordinates that are imprinted connected the forehead of the 'guy' from EA's tech demo - the determination of which is believed to constituent towards Kazakhstan.

Some Battlefield V players whitethorn retrieve oregon inactive usage the Liberte Easter ovum skin, and the 2nd pointed digit lies connected the loop of said outfit. The numbers engraved onto the brim of the medallion besides harvester done longitude and latitude to pinpoint respective places wrong Kazakhstan, astir of which are wide unfastened plains oregon incorporate scarce statues and buildings. 

The landlocked state is the biggest successful the satellite to not interaction the coast, and whilst this mentation isn't overmuch much than a hypothesis, for now, it begs the question arsenic to wherefore the hints were dropped by EA successful the archetypal place.


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