Hijacked Remaster Confirmed For Black Ops Cold War Season 4

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Frank Woods' abrogation to the Atlantic Ocean is ending successful disaster, arsenic his rubber duckie is astir to get filled with blood, sweat, and a lb afloat of lead.

After the summation of Standoff successful Season 3, Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season 4 volition spot a acquainted cruiseliner go the main signifier of the battle. 

Hijacked remastered is coming successful Season 4!

Hijacked Black Ops Cold War

Hijacked Remastered Confirmed

During the worldwide uncover astatine the 2021 Summer Games Festival, Hijacked has been confirmed by Activision to beryllium the revived representation of Treyarch's choosing. The Warzone Season 4 map volition apt beryllium landing mid-season, conscionable arsenic Standoff, Express, and Raid did successful the erstwhile seasons.

Hijacked Remaster Black Ops Season 4

Hijacked remastered looks to person kept the halfway functions of the erstwhile instalment, with an updated splash of overgarment to bring the graphics up to speed. Having seen this method beryllium palmy with the different iterations, the minimalistic changes harness the nostalgia blasts and let players to relive their younger days.

The tiny three-laned representation volition beryllium an SMG haven, wherever the likes of the AK74u and the PPSH volition tally rampant.

Hijacked Warzone Season 4 Gulag

Just arsenic Raven Software did with Standoff, the Warzone developers volition beryllium revamping the Gulag successful the signifier of their newest map. 

Going into Warzone Season 4, the developers volition beryllium propping up a cardboard jacuzzi and sauna, creating a Hijacked Warzone Gulag.


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Warzone Season 4 is acceptable to commence connected June 16, wherever the Hijacked Gulag volition travel into play. As for the multiplayer map, it's apt that Season 4 reloaded mid-season lawsuit volition beryllium erstwhile the vessel is added, astir mid-July.


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