How Jennifer Bradley is Disrupting The Multi Billion Dollar Beauty Industry

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Jennifer Bradley is simply a erstwhile tv actress, singer, and model. Her experiences successful beforehand of the camera, her enactment with celebrities arsenic a constitution artist, and her idiosyncratic struggles with tegument issues led her to make the only medically formulated Skincare enactment paired with a Professional Cosmetic enactment developed for delicate tegument that enactment for all.

Hello, I americium a constitution creator & cosmetic technologist that has worked with immoderate celebrated faces, including Michelle Obama, Pamela Anderson, and Sharon Osbourne. I person lone been utilizing the products that I began creating ages agone retired of necessity for myself erstwhile moving with celebrities, oregon doing editorials for magazines oregon spots for tv appearances. My products person been featured connected tv shows, successful nationalist magazines, specified arsenic People Magazine, Us Weekly, Latina Magazine, and galore others. My Best Custom Compacts  person been utilized by 40 starring artists from a large brand’s creator squad astatine Mercedes Benz manner week. I was besides a regular contributor connected the nationally syndicated Daytime TV Show, and was precocious written up successful Forbes arsenic 1 of the apical 10 companies to ticker successful 2021. ( I inactive cannot judge this one!) To spot immoderate of maine successful the press spell here

My tendency to make amended merchandise came from idiosyncratic issues with acne and sensitivities to perfumes. It each started erstwhile my tegument started to interruption retired with rashes and chronic cystic acne astatine the property of 18. It was truly embarrassing for me, and I was hopeless to find a solution to my issues. My parent worked for each the apical cosmetic lines, truthful I had entree to the astir costly products, and she would bring maine location thing that she thought could assistance me. I besides spent rather a spot of wealth astatine the dermatologist’s office, and that wasn’t precisely making it better, either. My tegument would wide up, past adust up, past crack, past crook red, and I was scarring connected some sides of my face. It was a nightmare.

What was worse, was erstwhile I started to get jobs successful Los Angeles moving connected commercials oregon TV shows, the constitution artists connected acceptable could ne'er lucifer my tegument tone. Also, the constitution that was utilized connected maine would screen OK, but past I would person a large breakout a fewer days later, and privation to not permission the location for a week.

This is simply a communal problem. I perceive from women each time that person a hard clip uncovering instauration colors that lucifer oregon products that volition not interruption them out. It seems astir impossible! That is wherefore I began making my ain products. By utilizing process of elimination, investigating ingredients, and sourcing lone the precise champion materials, I came up with immoderate solutions that helped wide up my acne, eliminated the changeless redness/irritation, and besides covered/concealed without looking arsenic though I was wearing immoderate constitution astatine all.

I don’t endure from acne anymore, present that I americium 46. Like everyone else, I privation to person smooth, flawless tegument that looks effortless. My absorption has ever been connected having large tegument and wearing LESS MAKEUP. I accidental this constantly: Your tegument should beryllium the prima of the show. When you locomotion into the country wearing a signature JB look, radical volition complement you connected however beauteous your tegument looks, not however large your constitution looks. This is each astir YOU looking your BEST.

Most radical find retired astir Jennifer Bradley Medically Formulated Skincare and Professional Cosmetics from watching my videos connected facebook oregon from taking 1 of my constitution classes I utilized to thatch years ago. I truly privation to thatch women astir skincare. My extremity is for women to person a strategy that works for them, not a drawer afloat of brushes that they person nary thought however to use.

Working arsenic a signifier histrion and besides arsenic an histrion successful beforehand of the camera has fixed maine a antithetic position connected constitution technique. My full extremity is to simplify those precocious constitution techniques and interruption them down, marque them accessible to everyone. I privation women to cognize however to bash constitution rapidly and effortlessly, and not usage 4 antithetic oculus shadows and 50 products to make a flawless face. This is makeup! It should beryllium done successful little than 15 minutes TOPS. With oregon without lashes!

Today, I americium astir arrogant that I americium processing skincare, cosmetic, and hairsbreadth attraction products with immoderate of the astir sought aft chemists and integrative surgeons successful the satellite that are making specified an interaction successful my clients lives successful specified a affirmative way. The biggest complement I get connected a regular ground is, “Jennifer, I privation I would I would person recovered you sooner. These products are genuinely life-changing! I archer everyone I cognize astir you!”

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