How Kuran Malhotra Became An Expert In Fusing Finance And Technology

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With a passion for technology and finance and the way that they work together, Kuran Malhotra has already achieved plenty despite his recent graduation from Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business. Here, we share some of the steps he has taken so far that have found him success in helping small businesses to fuse their finance and technology to create great things.

Kuran Malhotra’s education and hobbies

Born in West Orange in New Jersey, Kuran Malhotra started his education at Livingston public school before moving onto Georgetown University. With a keen interest in both finance and business, Malhotra also has a great passion for sports and was even the captain of the varsity swim during his time at Georgetown. In addition to swimming, which resulted in a short period as a lifeguard, Kuran Malhotra also enjoys horse racing, which he got into due to his father owning a horse, and soccer, especially his favourite team – Real Madrid.

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Alongside partaking in a whole range of hobbies, Malhotra appeared on the Dean’s list for his majors in Finance & Operations and Information Management, plus a minor in Economics. Graduating with a BS in Business Administration, Kuran Malhotra is always the first person that his friends ask for financial advice thanks to his interest in financial literacy, and his vast knowledge of business operations often comes in handy too, especially when developing his career so far.

How Kuran Malhotra fuses business and finance

Thanks to his skills in both finance and business, it is unsurprising that Kuran Malhotra has been able to fuse these two aspects to develop his skills throughout his working life. Malhotra boasts years of experience in helping small businesses to grow by introducing them to financial management processes and customization. He also spent time assisting small businesses in building websites, including SEO implementation, and creating business cards and fliers, plus he self-taught himself photography, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, and C++, giving him a whole range of skills that he could use to gain business with different companies depending on their needs.

Perhaps a turning point in Kuran Malhotra’s financial career was his time at Compass Coffee. Starting as a barista, Malhotra soon moved onto becoming a bookkeeper and then assistant to the accountant on staff thanks to his passion for finance. Within time, he wanted to rebuild the accounting system, which is why he taught himself how to code, and began to build out the company through securing investments and putting this into the business’ infrastructure. Another great financial step in Malhotra’s career was his time at the Intersect Fund, which he joined as an underwriter. Here, he wrote a number of algorithms, met KPIs, and discovered an important correlation between processes, mapping, and successfully paying off loans.

Kuran Malhotra’s 2019 Credit Union Rockstar Award

A highlight for Kuran Malhotra was being awarded the 2019 Credit Union Rockstar Award by the Credit Union National Association’s Credit Union Magazine in August 2019. This came about through his work at the Georgetown University Alumni and Student Federal Credit Union (GUASFCU). Malhotra started at the entirely student-run credit union during his first year at university and was given the position of Chief Technology Officer (CTO), before being promoted to CEO by the board of directors, which was also made up of students. His excellent track record during his time as CTO made him the obvious choice for the CEO position, and from here he worked to make the credit union work in a more efficient, budget-friendly, automated, and secure way.

The biggest achievement that Kuran Malhotra implemented was leading the efforts to move the credit union’s file and web servers to the cloud. This replaced the front-end computing structure and allowed him to rework vendor contracts – resulting in savings of around 30%. Malhotra is more than happy to share his financial knowledge with others, as he knows that the more he shares, the better off everyone will be overall. Plus, his time at the GUASFCU taught him the importance of credit unions and how vital it is to help them to become successful organizations.

If you would like to take advantage of Kuran Malhotra’s finance and technology skills, you can contact him for assistance through Specializing in website development, graphic design, basic financial management, marketing strategy, and process automation, Malhotra can bring some very useful assets to your business, helping you to develop and grow positively.

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