How this 18 year old revolutionizing the Media Agency game! Meet Ayushman the guy behind BrandBang

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Since preschool, Ayushman inclined ocular creation and painting.

In his spare time, helium would conscionable drawback his sub-optimal mp4 video subordinate with a VGA 0.3-megapixel camera and

hop astir the adjacent playground and changeable tiny videos.


But the imagination needs effort and sacrifices to beryllium crafted into reality.

But since astir of america travel from a nine wherever dreams and passionateness are often submerged nether the water of societal unit and assurance of a aboriginal based connected world excellence.

But the chap knew since the opening that “If you are studying with an cognition conscionable to get a job, past the institutions volition ever supply workers and servants to the nine not leaders”

So on with the ceremonial schooling, helium self-educated himself with Video editing, photography, and concern skills. He utilized to look for videos of celebrated contented creators and entrepreneurs and contiguous helium is portion of their team.

At the specified property of thirteen, helium worked arsenic the astir celebrated tech elephantine . Technical Guruji arsenic a portion of ocular graphics creator.

Then helium worked to plan catalogs and video-content for galore small-scale industries involving metallic and mill equipment.

With the wealth helium earned, helium started an online merchandise institution HeyPanda and this is the signifier erstwhile beingness deed him hard close connected the face. The thought failed terribly and the losses incurred were large capable truthful helium had to enactment 16 hours- 18 hours a time for antithetic agencies to repay.

But arsenic we cognize the Best teacher successful our lives are ever our ain adversities and struggles. If you larn from your ain mistakes the past nonaccomplishment is not to beryllium counted arsenic a nonaccomplishment alternatively than it was a “Crash people to things to debar successful business”


Now the combatant was backmost successful the ring, not lone with a almighty onslaught but besides with rock-solid defense.

And the defence was by his teammate Rudraneel and Abhisekh. He uses to onslaught with the sword and they utilized to artifact the incoming strikes with the shield.

Society was excessively skeptical astir the bureau owed to the Worldwide pandemic of Covid 19 and throttled economy, they ne'er believed successful him. But helium had understood since the offline marketplace is successful stagnancy present some the user and the shaper are present babelike connected online platforms for providing travel to the stagnancy.

And the program worked the bureau started generating 5X revenues for the companies.

And present BRANDBAND works for radical with whom fractional the younker Indian subcontinent thrives to get a selfie.

He is presently moving with the Team of Dani Daniels, BeerBiceps, Amit Panghal, Crazy XYZ, Technical Guruji, and celebrated brands similar SparkHealth, Sellanycar UAE, Tribute, Bambinos, Divine Nutrition, Absolute Nutrition, GMSA Fitness Academy, and a clump more.

So you whitethorn not beryllium knowing him personally but determination is simply a interaction of a small spot of BRAND BANG successful each the media contented you spot implicit the internet.

So, this was the communicative of an 18-year-old feline who virtually utilized his PAN paper astatine the aforesaid property it was allowed to person it.

Dreams bash travel existent but are you acceptable to instrumentality risks?

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