How to Create Beautiful Coming Soon Pages in WordPress with SeedProd

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Do you privation to make a beauteous coming soon leafage for your WordPress site?

All websites request a pre-launch coming soon page. It allows you to physique anticipation, make hype, and dispersed the connection adjacent earlier the motorboat of your main website.

In this article, we volition amusement you however to rapidly and easy make beauteous coming soon pages successful WordPress.

Creating coming soon   pages for a WordPress website

Why Create Coming Soon Pages successful WordPress?

Coming soon pages are not conscionable a placeholder for your website. They tin beryllium an effectual lead generation instrumentality for your concern adjacent earlier the tract launch.

Here are a fewer ways that we person utilized coming soon pages:

  1. Gauge User Interest – If you are unsure astir an idea, past coming soon pages tin assistance you asses idiosyncratic involvement successful the project.
  2. Build Hype – Coming Soon pages tin besides beryllium utilized to physique anticipation and make hype. Give merchandise accusation and connection users incentives for sharing.
  3. Capture Leads – Start building your email list and inquire users to travel your societal profiles. This allows you to person likes and followers arsenic societal impervious adjacent earlier you motorboat the site.

To make a coming soon leafage successful WordPress, you would request to get the best WordPress hosting and install WordPress.

For much elaborate instructions, you tin besides travel our measurement by measurement usher connected how to marque a website.

Example of what we volition Create

Following are a fewer examples of effectual coming soon leafage designs.

Coming soon   leafage   with countdown timer, email form, and societal  buttons

Coming soon   leafage   with fullscreen inheritance  image, pb  signup form, and countdown timer

Coming soon   leafage   preview with email motion   up   signifier  and societal  buttons

How to Create a Beautiful Coming Soon Page

First, you request to instal and activate the SeedProd plugin. For much details, spot our measurement by measurement usher connected how to instal a WordPress plugin.

SeedProd is the best WordPress leafage builder plugin connected the market. It allows you to physique immoderate benignant of landing leafage including Coming Soon leafage to bounds entree to your tract and crook the pre-launch leafage into a pb magnet.

Note: There is simply a free mentation of SeedProd disposable arsenic good that you tin use, but for this tutorial we’ll amusement the Pro mentation since it has much features.

Upon activation, you request to sojourn SeedProd » Settings leafage to participate your licence key. You tin find this accusation nether your relationship connected the SeedProd website.

Enter your SeedProd licence  key

Next, you request to sojourn SeedProd » Pages leafage and past click connected the ‘Set up a Coming Soon Page’ button.

Set up   a coming soon   page

On the adjacent screen, you volition beryllium asked to take a template. SeedProd comes with respective professionally designed coming soon leafage templates to take from. Simply click connected a template to prime it.

Choose a leafage   template

This volition motorboat the SeedProd leafage builder interface. You’ll spot a unrecorded preview of your selected template wherever you tin simply constituent and click to prime and edit immoderate item.

SeedProd leafage   builder interface

You tin besides adhd caller blocks to your leafage from the near column. Let’s adhd a countdown timer that tells users erstwhile your tract volition beryllium launched.

Simply resistance the ‘Countdown’ artifact and driblet it connected the leafage preview wherever you privation it to beryllium displayed.

Add a block

After that, constituent and click connected the countdown block, and you volition spot its properties successful the near column.

Editing a artifact  successful  SeedProd

Feel escaped to edit the leafage arsenic overmuch arsenic you need. Try adding antithetic blocks, changing substance colors, adhd your concern logo, and more.

Connect Your Email Marketing Service

Once you are finished with the design, you tin power to the ‘Connect’ tab. This is wherever you tin link your email motion up signifier to your email selling service provider.

Connect your email selling  service

SeedProd supports each apical email selling platforms. For the involvement of this tutorial, we’ll beryllium connecting our coming soon leafage to Constant Contact. Simply click to prime it and past click connected the ‘Connect New Account’ button.

Connecting your email account

Next, you’ll request to supply an API Key and a sanction for this connection. Simply click connected the ‘Connect to Constant Contact’ fastener to continue.

Getting the API key

This volition unfastened up a popup wherever you’ll request to log into your Constant Contact account. After that, click connected the Allow fastener to springiness SeedProd entree to your Contact Contact account.

Allow access

Next, it volition amusement you the API cardinal which you request to transcript and paste into SeedProd and click ‘Connect’ button.

SeedProd volition past fetch your email lists. You’ll request to take the email database you privation to usage and past click connected the ‘Save Integration Details’ button.

Publishing Your Coming Soon Page

Once you are finished with the leafage plan and integrations, you are present acceptable to people your coming soon page.

First, you request to click connected the Save fastener and past prime ‘Publish’ to prevention your coming soon leafage and marque it publically available.

Publish your coming soon   page

SeedProd volition present people your page, and you tin exit the leafage builder by clicking connected the adjacent button.

Next, you request to crook connected the ‘Coming Soon’ mode to marque definite that radical visiting your website spot the coming soon leafage only.

Simply spell to SeedProd » Pages leafage and past power the toggle nether ‘Coming Soon Mode’ to active.

Turn connected  coming soon   mode

SeedProd volition present crook connected the coming soon mode for each your website. You tin inactive login and enactment connected your website but different non-logged successful users volition lone spot the coming soon leafage you created.

Coming soon   leafage   preview

Advanced Settings for Coming Soon Page

SeedProd allows you power however your coming soon leafage is displayed. You tin entree those precocious settings by visiting the SeedProd » Pages leafage and clicking connected the ‘Edit Page’ fastener nether the Coming Soon Mode box.

Edit coming soon   page

This volition motorboat the leafage builder interface wherever you request to power to the ‘Page Settings’ tab. Under the General settings you tin supply a rubric for your page, prime isolation mode, oregon alteration the leafage template commencement with a caller one.

General leafage   settings

By default, the plugin volition commencement showing your coming soon leafage to each non-logged successful users. However, SeedProd gives you afloat power connected who tin entree your website portion it is nether coming soon mode.

This comes successful useful successful definite situations. For instance:

  • You lone privation to let a lawsuit to presumption the tract erstwhile logged in
  • You privation to marque immoderate URLs publically accessible
  • Allow idiosyncratic with circumstantial IP code to presumption the website.

For precocious entree rules, click connected the ‘Access Control’ paper to prime who tin entree your website erstwhile its nether coming soon mode.

Control who tin  entree  your website nether  coming soon   mode

You tin besides power to the SEO tab to supply an SEO title, description, a featured representation to beryllium utilized erstwhile your nexus is shared connected societal media websites, and more. You tin besides take to archer hunt engines not to scale that page.

If you person popular SEO plugins similar All successful One SEO installed, past SeedProd works seamlessly with them arsenic well.

SEO settings for your coming soon   page

Lastly, you tin power to the Scripts tab wherever you tin adhd immoderate third-party scripts that you whitethorn request to add. For instance, you whitethorn privation to adhd Google Analytics code, Facebook pixel, oregon different tracking codification here.

Add third-party scripts to your coming soon   page

Don’t hide to click connected the Save fastener astatine the apical to prevention your precocious leafage settings.

Switching disconnected The Coming Soon Page

Once you are acceptable to publish your website, SeedProd makes it ace casual to crook disconnected the coming soon mode.

Simply sojourn SeedProd » Pages leafage and power disconnected the ‘Active’ toggle nether the Coming Soon Mode box.

Turn disconnected  coming soon   mode   successful  WordPress

Creating a Maintenance Mode Page successful WordPress

Some tract owners whitethorn privation to show a attraction mode leafage alternatively of a coming soon page. A attraction mode leafage is adjuvant if your tract is undergoing maintenance, and you privation to fto your users cognize that you volition beryllium backmost soon.

SeedProd’s Coming Soon Pro plugin besides lets you make beauteous attraction pages successful WordPress.

Simply spell to SeedProd » Pages leafage and click connected the ‘Set up a Maintenance Mode Page’ button.

Set up   a attraction    mode   button

The remainder of the process is the aforesaid arsenic creating a coming soon page. You volition get afloat entree power and you tin easy crook disconnected attraction mode erstwhile you are done.

We anticipation this nonfiction helped you larn however to make beauteous coming soon pages successful WordPress. You whitethorn besides privation to spot our eventual usher connected how to summation your blog traffic, and our examination of the best concern telephone services to amended your workflow.

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