How to Create Flipbox Overlays and Hovers in WordPress

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Want to adhd flipbox overlays and representation hover effects to your WordPress site?

Even if you’re utilizing a high-quality WordPress theme, you mightiness consciousness constricted by customization options. Flipboxes and representation hovers adhd eye-catching animated effects to your site.

In this article, we’ll amusement you however to adhd flip container overlays and representation hovers to your WordPress site.

How to make  flipbox overlays and hovers successful  WordPress

What is simply a Flipbox?

A flip container is simply a container that flips implicit erstwhile you bring your rodent implicit it. You tin adhd this hover animation effect to circumstantial sections of your website including substance boxes and images.

Flipbox Demo Animation

The word comes from the unsocial “flip” diagnostic that happens erstwhile the rodent hovers implicit the image. You tin power however the representation flips, on with the accusation and plan of some sides of the image.

If your website is comparatively static, past you tin usage a flipbox effect to marque it consciousness much interactive.

For example, you tin adhd an representation hover flipbox to a merchandise pricing page. That mode erstwhile users hover implicit your pricing tiers, the terms volition amusement up.

Or, if you’re a freelancer, you tin adhd logos of company’s you’ve worked with that flip and nexus to each project.

While these animated effects tin heighten your website’s idiosyncratic experience, it’s important not to spell overboard.

Think of the flipbox effect similar adding seasoning to a meal. It’s determination to heighten the existing flavors and ingredients, but excessively overmuch and it’ll ruin the dish.

That being said, let’s instrumentality a look astatine however you tin adhd flipbox overlays and representation hover effects to your WordPress blog oregon website.

How to Create Flipbox Overlays and Hover Effects successful WordPress

You tin adhd flipboxes and hover effects to your WordPress tract utilizing galore methods specified arsenic the Elementor leafage builder, oregon adding customized CSS.

However, the attack we urge is utilizing the Flipbox – Awesomes Flip Boxes Image Overlay plugin. This plugin is flexible and casual to use. It’s the champion flipbox and representation hover WordPress plugin.

The escaped mentation of the plugin offers you velocity and simplicity. Once the plugin is installed, you tin rapidly adhd good-looking flip boxes to your site.

If you request much customization options, past you whitethorn privation to upgrade to the premium mentation of the plugin. This lets you to power the colors of your flipboxes and adhd customized CSS.

You whitethorn find that existing templates already look large erstwhile added to your site, successful this case, there’s nary request to upgrade.

The archetypal happening you’ll request to bash is instal and activate the Flipbox – Awesomes Flip Boxes Image Overlay plugin. For much details, spot our step-by-step usher connected how to instal a WordPress plugin.

Once the plugin is installed and activated, you tin make your archetypal flipbox by going to Flip Box » Create New.

Create a caller   flipbox

This brings up the full enactment of templates.

If those aren’t enough, past you tin click the ‘Import Templates’ paper enactment for adjacent much templates you tin use.

Import a flipbox template

With the escaped mentation of the plugin, determination are 5 antithetic templates to take from, positive different 10 templates that you tin import.

To import a caller customizable template, click the ‘Import’ fastener adjacent to the Style number.

Flipbox click import button

Now, it’s clip to prime and commencement customizing your template.

You request to click connected ‘Create Style’ to load your archetypal flipbox design.

This volition bring up a pop-up paper wherever you tin sanction your flipbox, and take which layout privation to customize.

Choose what flipbox to customize

The 1st, 2nd, 3rd ‘Layouts’ options lucifer the idiosyncratic flipboxes successful the layout. Click ‘Save’ erstwhile you’ve made your choices.

It’s important to notation that your last plan volition intimately lucifer the flipbox template, truthful it’s champion to prime a template that resembles however you privation it to look connected your website.

There are 3 main tabs you volition usage to alteration the look of your flipbox, ‘General’, ‘Front’, and ‘Backend’.

Flipbox wide   settings menu

On each of these tabs, you tin alteration the fonts, padding, and margins. But, we deliberation the default options already look great.

Next, we’ll alteration the substance connected some sides of the flipbox.

Hover implicit the flipbox astatine the bottommost of the surface and click ‘Edit’.

Flipbox preview edit text

This volition bring up a pop-up model that lets you alteration the beforehand text, backmost text, and inheritance image.

To alteration the title, edit the ‘Front Title’ substance container and the ‘Font Icon:’ container if you privation a antithetic icon to display.

Change flipbox beforehand   rubric  and icon

If you privation to adhd a inheritance image, past click ‘Upload Image’ to the close of the ‘Front Image’ option.

Next, upload a caller representation oregon prime an representation from your existing Media library.

Upload beforehand   inheritance  representation  for flipbox

After that, you’ll travel the aforesaid bid of steps for the backmost of the flipbox nether the ‘Backend Settings’.

Here you tin alteration the rubric and substance that displays erstwhile the paper flips.

Change backend flipbox text

You tin besides alteration the ‘Backend Button text’ and ‘Link’ fields.

These alteration the fastener substance and wherever your users volition spell erstwhile it’s clicked.

Add backend flipbox fastener  and link

Finally, click ‘Upload Now’ to alteration the inheritance representation connected the backmost of the flipbox.

Same arsenic above, you tin either upload an image, oregon prime 1 from your Media library.

Upload backend inheritance  image

Once you’re done editing, marque definite to click the ‘Submit’ fastener to prevention your changes.

You’ll announcement that your caller changes volition amusement up successful the ‘Preview’ model close away.

If you privation to make an full enactment of flipboxes, past click the ‘+’ icon successful the ‘Add New Flip Boxes’ meta box.

Add a enactment      of flipboxes

This volition bring up a pop-up container akin to the 1 supra that lets you customize your 2nd flipbox.

By present you’ve created and customized your flipboxes, truthful it’s clip to adhd them to your WordPress site.

The easiest mode to bash this is utilizing the included shortcode. On the right-hand broadside of your screen, there’s a meta container labeled ‘Shortcode’, transcript the shortcode that resembles the representation below.

Copy flipbox shortcode

Next, navigate to a page oregon post wherever you’d similar to adhd the flipbox and paste your shortcode.

Then, click ‘Publish’ oregon ‘Update’ if your station is already live.

Paste flipbox shortcode

Your caller flipboxes volition present beryllium unrecorded connected your site.

Notice that arsenic you resize your browser window, the flipboxes set since they are 100% responsive.

Flipbox unrecorded  WordPress display

This plugin besides includes a flipbox widget that you tin adhd to immoderate widget country supported by your theme.

To bash this navigate to Appearance » Widgets and find the widget titled ‘Flipbox – Awesomes Flip Boxes Image Overlay’.

Add flipbox widget

Then you tin resistance and driblet the widget to your preferred location.

Finally, input the benignant id, which tin beryllium recovered successful the main Flipbox plugin menu, and click ‘Save’.

Flipbox widget id

We hoped this nonfiction helped you larn however to adhd flipbox overlays and hovers to your WordPress site. You whitethorn besides privation to spot our usher connected optimizing images for SEO, and our troubleshooting usher connected fixing communal WordPress representation issues.

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