How to Display Full Size Images in WordPress (4 Methods)

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Do you privation to larn however to show full-size images successful WordPress?

The latest mentation of WordPress automatically resizes ample images to amended performance. But sometimes you whitethorn request to show images with larger dimensions.

In this tutorial, we’ll stock 4 antithetic ways to show full-size images connected your WordPress site.

How to show  full-size images successful  WordPress

Why is WordPress Scaling Large Images?

Earlier versions of WordPress allowed users to upload images with precise ample dimensions.

But, what happened is WordPress beginners were uploading images that were simply excessively ample for the modern web. Large images pb to dilatory website loading speeds and mediocre performance.

To hole this issue, the WordPress 5.3 update changed however WordPress handles precise ample images.

For example, if you upload an representation with the dimensions of 5000px by 7000px, past WordPress volition resize the representation to 2560px and standard the width to lucifer the archetypal dimensions.

Now, erstwhile a idiosyncratic visits a leafage with a antecedently ample image, they’ll spot the scaled-down mentation of that image.

This leads to improved website performance and happier users overall.

Reasons to Stop WordPress From Scaling Images

This caller diagnostic is utile for astir WordPress website owners, but immoderate users mightiness request to show full-size images.

For example, if you’re a lensman oregon creator who sells your work, past you whitethorn privation to show larger images connected your website, truthful visitors tin bargain oregon download them.

Or, you could beryllium moving a website wherever larger images are a requirement, similar a banal photograph website oregon website that sells customized prints and pictures.

Maybe, you request 1 ample representation for your home leafage inheritance image that’s bigger than the 2560px limits?

No substance what your crushed for wanting a full-size image, we’ll amusement you however to bash it, measurement by step.

How to Display Full-Size Images successful WordPress (4 Methods)

There are 4 antithetic ways you tin show full-size images successful WordPress.

Some methods enactment amended for azygous images, portion others are champion for an full representation library.

You’ll privation to take the full-size representation method that’s close for your goals.

Method 1. Get Full Size Image URL successful WordPress

If you lone privation to usage 1 oregon 2 ample images connected your website, past this solution is astir apt best.

When you upload an representation to WordPress that exceeds the dimensions, WordPress volition standard your representation and make a caller one. But, the archetypal representation is inactive intact.

To show the archetypal representation dimensions, you’ll request to delete ‘-scaled’ from the extremity of the WordPress representation URL and insert the representation into your tract with the modified link.

Simply caput implicit to your media room by going to Media » Library and prime your ample image.

Large representation  media library

Now, find your ‘File URL’ successful the representation box.

Next, you’ll privation to delete ‘-scaled’ from the extremity of your representation URL.

Delete scaled representation  URL

After that, you tin transcript the representation URL and insert the representation into your website.

Note that you’ll request to embed the representation into your tract utilizing the link, minus the scaled portion.

To bash this navigate to a post oregon page you privation to adhd the representation and click the ‘+’ icon to adhd a caller block.

Insert caller   representation  artifact  for ample  image

Then click the ‘Image’ icon to adhd an representation artifact wherever you tin paste your URL.

Click ‘Insert from URL’, past paste your afloat size representation URL into the container and property the ‘Enter’.

Add non scaled representation  URL

After that, you’ll request to click ‘Publish’, oregon ‘Update’, if the station is already live, and your full-size representation volition present beryllium viewable connected your site.

You tin travel this aforesaid process for each full-size representation you privation to adhd to your site. But, arsenic agelong arsenic you usage the File URL minus ‘scaled,’ your WordPress images volition show successful afloat size.

Method 2. Automatically Disable Image Scaling successful WordPress (with a Plugin)

The 2nd method is utilizing a WordPress plugin to disable representation scaling crossed your site.

The plugin we urge is called Disable “BIG Image” Threshold. This plugin offers 1 of the easiest workarounds for displaying large images connected your site, and it’s wholly escaped to use.

First, you’ll request to instal and activate the Disable “BIG Image” Threshold plugin. For much details connected installing a plugin, spot our measurement by measurement usher connected how to instal a WordPress plugin.

Once you’ve installed and activated the plugin connected your site, it’ll automatically region the large representation threshold added by WordPress.

You’re escaped to adhd caller images conscionable arsenic you were earlier the WordPress representation update.

When this plugin is active, WordPress volition not adhd the ‘-scaled’ property to immoderate image.

Method 3. Automatically Disable Big Image Scaling successful WordPress (with Code Snippet)

Another enactment is to add a codification snippet to WordPress that accomplishes the aforesaid extremity arsenic the plugin above.

If the plugin doesn’t enactment for immoderate reason, oregon you don’t privation to install excessively galore plugins, past you tin usage this method.

The caller WordPress representation scaling diagnostic uses a filter called big_image_size_threshold.

You’ll privation to usage the pursuing codification to disable this function:

add_filter( 'big_image_size_threshold', '__return_false' );

You request adhd this codification successful your theme’s functions.php file, successful a site-specific plugin, oregon by utilizing the Code snippets plugin.

Method 4: Open Full-Size WordPress Images successful a Lightbox

The last enactment is to adhd a full-size representation lightbox to your site. With this solution, you get the champion of some world.

You tin load smaller representation thumbnails successful your blog content, gallery, oregon carousel, and erstwhile clicked, it volition popup with your full-size image.

Show afloat  size representation  lightbox effect

To bash this, we urge utilizing the Envira Gallery plugin. It’s the best WordPress representation assemblage plugin successful the marketplace and lets you easy adhd the lightbox popup representation effect.

The archetypal happening you’ll request to bash is instal the Envira Gallery plugin. For much details, spot our measurement by measurement usher connected how to instal a WordPress plugin.

After installing and activating the plugin, spot our measurement by measurement usher connected creating an representation assemblage successful WordPress with the lightbox effect.

Keep successful caput that earlier you upload full-size images for your gallery, you’ll request to disable representation scaling via the plugin oregon kid taxable methods above.

Otherwise, your lightbox images volition beryllium utilizing the scaled-down mentation of the image.

Finally, it’s important to enactment that if you adhd images with ample dimensions, it’s indispensable to optimize them for the web, truthful you don’t dilatory down your website.

We anticipation this nonfiction has helped you show full-size images successful WordPress. You whitethorn privation to spot our usher connected optimizing images for SEO and our adept prime of 40 utile tools to negociate and turn your blog.

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