How to Display Popular Products on WooCommerce Product Pages (2 Ways)

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Do you privation to larn however to adhd fashionable products connected your WooCommerce merchandise pages?

Showing fashionable products connected your online store pages is simply a proven mode to boost sales. This is wherefore Amazon, Walmart, and each different large stores person a best-seller widget.

In this article, we’ll amusement you however to show fashionable products connected your WooCommerce merchandise pages.

How to show  fashionable  products connected  WooCommerce merchandise  pages

Why Should You Display Popular Products successful WooCommerce?

Displaying your fashionable WooCommerce products is an casual mode to summation income connected your online store.

These products are already proven to convert, truthful by getting much eyeballs connected these products you’ll easy marque much sales.

You tin adjacent make a abstracted fashionable WooCommerce products page, conscionable similar however Amazon has their ain bestseller charts.

Amazon fashionable  products example

With that said, let’s instrumentality a look astatine however you tin adhd fashionable products to your WooCommerce merchandise pages.

How to Find What WooCommerce Products Are Popular

First happening you request to bash is find retired what products are fashionable and selling well. With a WordPress plugin, you tin spot each of your WooCommerce analytics information and which products are the astir popular.

MonsterInsights is the best analytics plugin for WordPress. It shows you the show of your online store and which products are the astir fashionable astatine a glance.

For much details, spot our measurement by measurement usher connected how to setup WooCommerce conversion tracking.

After you’ve integrated WooCommerce with MonsterInsights, you tin spot your astir fashionable products by navigating to Insights » Reports and past click connected the eCommerce tab.

WooCommerce apical  products

Here you tin spot which products are bringing you the astir revenue, however galore units you’ve sold, and wide stats astir your store’s performance.

Another large diagnostic of MonsterInsights is you tin simply adhd your fashionable products to the extremity of your blog posts to boost sales.

To bash this navigate to Insights » Popular Posts and past click the ‘Popular Products’ paper option.

Customize fashionable  products blog post

On this surface you tin customize however your fashionable products volition display.

You person power implicit the design, the layout option, however galore products are featured, and more.

Once you’ve made changes marque definite to click ‘Save Changes’ astatine the apical of the screen, and your fashionable products volition automatically show astatine the extremity of your posts.

Display fashionable  products extremity  of blog post

Now, we’ll amusement you 2 of the astir fashionable ways to show fashionable WooCommerce products, beyond simply adding them to your blog posts.

Use the speedy links beneath to take however you privation to adhd fashionable products to WooCommerce.

Method 1: Using SeedProd to Create a Popular Products Page

SeedProd is the best resistance and driblet WordPress leafage builder utilized by implicit 1 cardinal websites.

With this plugin, you tin simply adhd fashionable products to your WooCommerce merchandise pages and make landing pages for your products to amended your conversions.

It has a fistful of WooCommerce blocks that fto you easy make and customize your merchandise pages.

First happening you request to bash is instal the SeedProd plugin. For much details, spot our measurement by measurement usher connected how to instal a plugin successful WordPress.

Note: determination is simply a free mentation of SeedProd that you tin use, but we’ll beryllium utilizing the Pro mentation since it has much features.

Upon activation, you request to spell to SeedProd » Settings and participate your licence key. This accusation is nether your relationship connected the SeedProd website.

Enter SeedProd licence  key

Once you’ve done that, navigate to SeedProd » Templates.

There are hundreds of pre-made leafage templates you tin use, oregon you tin prime the ‘eCommerce Thank You Page’ template that we’re utilizing for this tutorial.

Select SeedProd leafage   template

Once you’ve recovered the template you privation to use, hover implicit it and click the ‘Checkmark’ icon.

You request to springiness your leafage a name, past click the ‘Save and Start Editing the Page’ button.

Name your SeedProd fashionable  products page

After that, you’ll beryllium taken to the leafage exertion screen. Every constituent of the leafage tin beryllium wholly customized with the resistance and driblet builder.

On the left-hand menu, you’ll spot a artifact conception labeled ‘WooCommerce’.

Select the ‘Products Grid’ enactment and resistance it implicit to your page.

Select WooCommerce products grid

Note: you’ll spot a ‘Best Selling Products’ enactment you tin use, however, we’re going to make a customized database of products utilizing our MonsterInsights data.

After that, click the ‘Gear’ icon to bring up the ‘Block Settings’ menu.

Edit products artifact  settings

Next, nether the ‘Query’ category, crook the ‘Select By SKU’ toggle on.

Then, prime the SKUs that lucifer your fashionable products.

Select fashionable  merchandise  SKUs

To prime aggregate products that aren’t listed together, clasp the ‘Command’ cardinal connected Mac, oregon clasp the ‘CTRL’ cardinal connected PC.

Once you’ve finished adding your fashionable products, marque definite you click ‘Save’ to prevention your changes. To people this leafage live, click the arrow adjacent to ‘Save’ and prime ‘Publish’.

Publish fashionable  products page

You’ve present added your astir fashionable products to a unsocial fashionable products page.

With SeedProd, you tin marque astir endless customizations to this leafage to amended the conversions.

Popular products leafage   example

You tin besides adhd this leafage to your WordPress navigation menu to promote your visitors to browse your fashionable products.

Method 2: Using WooCommerce Shortcodes to Add Popular Products to Product Pages

WooCommerce has built-in shortcodes you tin usage to customize your merchandise pages and different areas of your online store.

These shortcodes marque it casual to show your fashionable products connected your existing WooCommerce merchandise pages.

To bash this navigate to Products » All Products, past unfastened up the merchandise you privation to customize.

Add fashionable  products shortcode

In the merchandise exertion screen, you’re going to adhd the pursuing shortcode. For much details, spot our beginner’s usher connected how to adhd a shortcode successful WordPress.

You tin usage the pursuing MonsterInsights shortcode to automatically show your fashionable products:


MonsterInsights volition automatically update the database arsenic fashionable products change.

Alternatively, you tin manually prime which products to amusement utilizing a built-in WooCommerce shortcode:

[products limit="3" columns="3" skus="logo-collection, Woo-tshirt-logo, woo-long-sleeve-tee"]

The shortcode supra volition make a enactment of 3 products. You tin summation the ‘product limit’ and ‘columns’ to database much fashionable products connected your page.

The ‘skus’ notation to the merchandise SKUs you’ll find connected your WooCommerce products page.

Make definite you regenerate the SKUS successful the shortcode supra with your ain astir fashionable products.

You tin find your merchandise SKUs by navigating backmost to Products » All Products.

Locate merchandise  SKUs

Once you’re done editing your merchandise leafage click ‘Update’.

Now your visitors volition spot your regular merchandise listing and your astir fashionable products highlighted below.

Popular products leafage   example

If you’re looking for much ways to summation sales, past you tin create a WooCommerce popup oregon add a escaped shipping bar successful WooCommerce.

We anticipation this nonfiction helped you larn however to show fashionable products connected WooCommerce merchandise pages. You whitethorn besides privation to spot our database of the best WooCommerce themes and our adept picks of the best WooCommerce plugins for your store.

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