How to Embed Facebook Status Posts in WordPress

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Are you looking for a mode to show your Facebook presumption successful WordPress?

Facebook statuses are large for sharing important updates and physique excitement with your audience. By embedding them connected your website, you tin summation engagement, fto radical cognize what’s happening connected your Facebook leafage oregon group, and turn your followers.

In this article, we volition amusement you however to embed Facebook presumption posts successful WordPress.

How to Embed Facebook Status successful  WordPress

Why Embed Facebook Status successful WordPress?

Facebook is the astir fashionable societal media level successful the satellite and has billions of progressive users. If you are a concern owner, past it’s important to prosecute with your assemblage connected Facebook.

However, radical that are visiting your website won’t beryllium capable to spot your Facebook statuses.

Embedding them connected your tract helps span this spread betwixt your website assemblage and Facebook followers. You tin show presumption successful your WordPress blog, truthful users tin spot what’s happening connected your Facebook leafage oregon group.

This way, you get to summation engagement connected your website and get much likes, comments, shares, and followers for your Facebook leafage oregon group.

That being said, let’s spot however to embed Facebook presumption successful WordPress. We volition screen some however to embed presumption successful your blog station and however to show aggregate statuses successful a Facebook presumption provender connected your website.

Method 1. Embed Facebook Status successful WordPress Posts

The easiest mode of embedding Facebook presumption successful WordPress is by utilizing a plugin. For this method, we volition beryllium utilizing the escaped Smash Balloon Social Post Feed plugin.

There’s besides a paid version of the plugin that offers almighty features and much customization options. You tin besides amusement a societal partition connected your website.

First, you request to instal and activate the Smash Balloon Social Post Feed plugin connected your WordPress website. For much details, spot our measurement by measurement usher connected how to instal a WordPress plugin.

After activating the plugin, spell to Facebook Feed » Settings from your WordPress admin area. Then click the ‘Connect a Facebook account’ fastener nether the ‘Configuration’ tab.

Connect to a Facebook account

Next, prime whether you would similar to link to a Facebook leafage oregon radical and click the ‘Continue’ button.

Continue Facebook Connection

After that, log successful to your Facebook relationship to link it with the Smash Balloon Social Post Feed plugin.

Link Facebook illustration   with Smash Balloon

On the adjacent screen, you volition spot a database of Facebook pages to usage with the plugin. Just prime the pages and click the ‘Next’ button.

Pages to usage  with Smash Balloon

Now, Facebook volition inquire you to let Smash Balloon to negociate pages, work contented posted connected the page, and more. After giving support to the plugin, click the ‘Done button.

Allow Smash Balloon to negociate  pages

You volition spot a connection that you’ve linked Smash Balloon to Facebook. To spell backmost to your WordPress site, click the ‘Ok’ button.

Linked Smash Balloon to Facebook

Once you are backmost to your WordPress website, a popup volition look with each the authorized pages. Next, prime your leafage and click the ‘Connect this page’ button.

Connect your Facebook page

Your Facebook leafage volition present look successful the Smash Balloon settings nether the ‘Connected Accounts’ section.

Configure Facebook page

Don’t hide to click the ‘Save Settings’ fastener to store your changes.

After that, you tin embed a Facebook presumption to your WordPress website. First, transcript the nexus to immoderate presumption you privation to embed connected your blog station oregon page.

You tin bash that by clicking the timestamp of immoderate Facebook presumption and past transcript the URL from your browser.

Copy Facebook presumption    link

Next, edit oregon adhd a caller post/page connected your WordPress website. In the content editor, click the positive (+) fastener successful the apical near country and adhd an ‘Embed’ block.

Add an embed block

After that, participate the URL of your Facebook presumption and click the ‘Embed’ button.

Click the embed button

WordPress volition embed the presumption to your blog post. You tin preview and people your nonfiction to show the Facebook presumption successful WordPress.

Facebook presumption    example

Method 2. Create Custom Facebook Status Feeds successful WordPress

Aside from embedding a azygous status, you tin besides show a Facebook presumption provender connected your WordPress website utilizing the Smash Balloon Social Post Feed plugin.

However, if you are utilizing the escaped version, past the plugin volition amusement each types of posts from your Facebook page, including statuses, photos, events, videos, albums, and links.

To lone amusement statuses successful your customized Facebook feed, you volition request to upgrade to the Pro version.

In this method, we volition usage Smash Balloon Custom Facebook Feed Pro to make a customized Facebook presumption provender for WordPress.

First, deactivate the escaped version of Smash Balloon Social Post Feed plugin. After that, instal and activate the Smash Balloon Custom Facebook Feed Pro plugin.

Next, spell to Facebook Feed » Settings leafage from your WordPress admin area. Then nether the ‘License’ tab, participate your licence cardinal and click the ‘Activate License’ button.

Enter smash balloon activation key

After that, spell to the ‘Configure’ tab. If you person connected your Facebook relationship successful the archetypal method, past you don’t request to repetition the steps.

However, you tin link to different relationship by clicking the ‘Connect a Facebook Account’ button, prime the pages you privation to link and spell done the steps shown by Facebook.

Once you person connected your Facebook leafage with Smash Balloon, you tin present customize your custom Facebook feed. To start, scroll down to the ‘Settings’ conception nether the ‘Configure’ tab.

Smash Balloon Custom Facebook Feed Pro plugin lets you take the fig of posts to display, prime a clip to cheque for caller posts, acceptable a timezone, and more.

Facebook provender  settings

Next, spell to the Customize » General tab and edit the width, height, padding, and inheritance colour of your Facebook presumption feed. You tin besides prime which station types to show successful your feed.

Since you privation to amusement Facebook statuses, uncheck each different options but ‘Statuses.’ Besides that, you tin besides alteration the header options, alteration amusement the similar box, and edit the load much fastener settings.

Post benignant   customize option

After that, spell to the ‘Post Layout’ tab nether Customize and take a layout of your Facebook presumption feed. The plugin offers 3 layouts, including thumbnail, half-width, and full-width.

Facebook presumption    provender  station  layout

If you scroll down, determination are much options to fell and amusement antithetic elements successful your customized Facebook feed, specified arsenic writer name, date, station text, statement text, and more.

Next, spell to the ‘Style Posts’ tab and prime your station style. You tin besides alteration the separating enactment colour and enactment thickness successful the station style.

edit the benignant   posts

In addition, the plugin offers options to edit the substance size, color, format, and different customization options for each constituent you privation to amusement successful your customized Facebook presumption feed.

For example, if you privation to amusement the station substance successful the Facebook feed, you tin acceptable the maximum substance length, format, substance size, weight, and color.

Edit station  types elements

Other than that, determination are options nether the ‘Misc’ tab to adhd a customized CSS, alteration GDPR settings, media settings, show recognition links to Smash Balloon, and more.

The plugin besides lets you adhd customized substance and construe antithetic buttons connected your Facebook provender successful the ‘Custom Text / Translate’ tab. For instance, you tin alteration the substance for the ‘See More’ option.

Once you are satisfied with the settings, click the ‘Save Changes’ button.

After that, you tin adhd the customized Facebook presumption provender to your WordPress leafage oregon post. To start, edit immoderate blog station oregon leafage and click connected the positive (+) icon connected the apical near country to adhd a ‘Custom Facebook Feed’ block.

Add a customized  Facebook provender  block

If you are utilizing the classic editor, past you tin adhd the provender by utilizing the [custom-facebook-feed] shortcode.

Next, preview your customized Facebook presumption provender and people the blog station oregon page.

Custom Facebook presumption    provender  example

We anticipation this nonfiction helped you larn however to embed Facebook presumption posts successful WordPress. You whitethorn besides privation to spot our usher connected how to show your Facebook timeline successful WordPress and how to take the champion WordPress hosting services.

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