How to Properly Setup Video SEO in WordPress (Step by Step)

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Do you privation to larn however to bash video SEO successful WordPress?

Video SEO is the process of optimizing your videos to fertile higher successful hunt engines. This tin assistance you get much postulation from your video contented backmost to your WordPress website.

In this article, we’ll amusement you however you tin acceptable up a video sitemap successful WordPress to amended your video SEO, measurement by step.

How to bash  video SEO successful  WordPress

What is Video SEO?

Video SEO is the process of optimizing the videos connected your site, truthful they’ll fertile higher successful the hunt results pages.

This is akin to wide WordPress SEO champion practices but it’s geared towards your video content.

There’s a batch you tin bash to optimize your videos earlier you embed them successful your WordPress blog posts, similar choosing the best video hosting.

However, erstwhile they’re unrecorded connected your website, you request to marque definite they’re going to bring you maximum traffic.

The champion mode to bash this is by adding a video sitemap to WordPress.

A video sitemap is an XML sitemap that has accusation astir the video contented connected your site.

This tin assistance you make affluent snippets that look successful the Google video hunt results, and increase your blog traffic crossed the board.

WordPress video SEO hunt  results page

By creating a video sitemap, Google and different hunt engines volition scale your posts with the embedded video content. That way, your video tin fertile successful the hunt engines and bring much postulation to your posts.

Note: if you usage a third-party video big similar YouTube, past your YouTube videos and embedded videos tin some fertile successful the hunt results together.

If you regularly adhd videos successful your posts and pages, past this is simply a indispensable person feature.

A WordPress video sitemap plugin volition automatically observe erstwhile a video is embedded successful your blog content, and adhd that to the sitemap, truthful hunt engines similar Google tin prioritize it.

How to Setup Video SEO Sitemap successful WordPress with AIOSEO

The champion mode to adhd video sitemaps to WordPress is with the All successful One SEO plugin. It’s the best SEO plugin for WordPress utilized by implicit 2 cardinal sites.

Google makes formatting these video sitemaps hard, but with the AIOSEO plugin it lone takes a mates of clicks.

First happening you request to bash is instal and activate the plugin. For much details, spot our usher connected how to instal a plugin successful WordPress.

Note, determination is simply a free version of All successful One SEO available. But you request the premium version to alteration and make video sitemaps.

After the plugin is activated, you’ll person a caller All successful One SEO paper point successful your WordPress dashboard.

Navigate to All successful One SEO » Sitemaps.

On the location screen, marque definite that sitemaps are enabled. Click the ‘Enable Sitemap’ slider to crook connected sitemaps.

AIOSEO alteration   sitemap

After that, prime the ‘Video Sitemap’ paper enactment astatine the apical of the screen.

Next, click the ‘Activate Video Sitemap’ fastener to alteration the video sitemap module.

Activate video sitemap module

Once you’ve done that, you tin presumption your video sitemap by clicking the ‘Open Video Sitemap’ button.

The scale leafage volition database each of your disposable video sitemaps.

Open video sitemap

When you click connected the sitemap link, it’ll amusement the database of disposable video content.

Here we tin our illustration WordPress video sitemap contains a database of each blog posts that person an embedded video.

Video sitemap video list

You tin further configure your video sitemap settings successful the ‘Video Sitemap Settings’ box.

The default settings volition beryllium capable for astir WordPress blogs, however, you tin set these depending connected your video contented needs.

The astir communal alteration webmasters marque is adjusting the ‘Post Types’ and ‘Taxonomies’ settings.

For example, if you lone privation the embedded videos from your blog posts to look successful your sitemap, past uncheck the ‘Pages’ and ‘Attachments’ boxes successful the ‘Post Types’ box.

Customize video sitemap station  types

Make definite you click ‘Save Changes’ if you’ve made immoderate changes to the settings here.

You’ve present successfully added video sitemaps to WordPress, which volition amended your video SEO and assistance you get much postulation from the hunt engines.

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