How to Send Confirmation Emails after WordPress Form Submission

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Are you looking to nonstop confirmation emails aft a idiosyncratic submits a signifier connected your website?

Confirmation emails tin beryllium a large mode to fto users cognize that you received their message, and that you’ll beryllium successful interaction soon.

In this tutorial, we’ll amusement you however to nonstop confirmation emails to your users aft a WordPress signifier submission (step by step).

How to nonstop   confirmation emails aft  WordPress signifier  submission

Why Set Up Automated Confirmation Emails successful WordPress?

Confirmation emails are sent erstwhile a idiosyncratic fills retired a interaction signifier oregon different signifier connected your WordPress site.

Sending an automated confirmation email is simply a bully gesture. Plus, it lets your users cognize you’ve received their information. This besides lets your users double-check their entries to spot if immoderate errors were made.

There are a batch of bully reasons to acceptable up WordPress signifier confirmation emails:

  • Allows you to unfastened a enactment of connection with your subscribers
  • Can supply invaluable follow-up information, similar links and tutorials
  • Let’s you corroborate the email is simply a existent email
  • Can corroborate email newsletter subscription and commencement an autoresponder sequence
  • If you’re selling something, this gives you a accidental to connection an upsell oregon cross-sell
  • It’s large for your email deliverability

The champion portion is that mounting up a WordPress signifier taxable email is casual to do.

Setting Up Confirmation Emails aft WordPress Form Submission

For this tutorial, we’ll beryllium utilizing the WPForms plugin to nonstop a WordPress confirmation email. It is the best interaction signifier plugin for WordPress utilized by implicit 4 cardinal websites.

If you’re connected a budget, you tin usage the escaped mentation called WPForms Lite, which allows you to acceptable up email confirmations.

However, the Pro mentation volition springiness you entree to adjacent much features similar conditional logic forms, further templates, bid forms, integration with email selling tools, and overmuch more.

The archetypal happening you’ll request to bash is instal and activate the WPForms plugin. For much details connected installing a plugin, spot our measurement by measurement usher connected how to instal a WordPress plugin.

Once you’ve installed and activated the signifier builder plugin, you’ll person a caller WPForms tab connected the left-hand broadside of your WordPress dashboard.

WPForms plugin instal  menu

If you don’t already person a signifier connected your site, past you’ll request to make one. We person a elaborate tutorial connected how to make a WordPress interaction form that you tin usage arsenic a usher to get started.

Next, it’s clip to acceptable up a WordPress confirmation email. This email volition nonstop retired automatically and lets your users cognize their signifier submission was successfully received.

To bash this, caput implicit to WPForms » Settings » Notifications.

You’ll announcement that email notifications are already on.

If you don’t privation to crook connected notifications, past you tin toggle this enactment off.

Leave notifications toggle on

If you privation to nonstop an automated confirmation email, past you’ll request to permission this mounting turned on.

Next, we’re going to take who we privation our emails to nonstop to by customizing the signifier fields.

The default mounting volition usage the admin email Smart Tag {admin_email}. This is the email you utilized to acceptable up up your WordPress blog. This volition present each signifier submissions straight to your inbox.

To marque definite that signifier responses besides get delivered to your users, you’ll request to adhd caller email code to the email field. This is akin to however unsighted c transcript (BCC) works successful modular emails.

To bash this, simply click connected the ‘Show Smart Tags’ enactment that’s straight to the close of the ‘Send to Email Address’ field.

Send to email code  field

You request to prime ‘Email’ from the drop-down menu.

This tags your user’s email code that they participate into your WordPress form. The plugin volition usage this email code to nonstop the confirmation email.

Note, that you’ll request a comma betwixt the 2 Smart Tags.

Send to idiosyncratic    and admin email address

Next, it’s clip to alteration the taxable enactment of your email.

The default email taxable enactment is “New Entry”. You’ll privation to alteration this to thing that makes consciousness for your user.

Default email taxable  line

For example, if you person a elemental interaction form, you tin alteration the taxable enactment to thing like, “Thanks for Reaching Out!”. Or, if it’s an bid confirmation email, “Thank You for Your Order!”.

To alteration it, delete the existing substance that’s successful the container beneath ‘Email Subject’ and adhd your caller taxable line.

Change email taxable  line

Now, you’re acceptable to alteration the email from name.

It makes consciousness to usage your institution oregon website sanction here.

To bash this simply alteration the substance successful the ‘From Name’ box.

Change email from name

Next, you person the ‘From Email’ field.

You tin permission this arsenic is, and the email volition beryllium the aforesaid arsenic your admin email.

Admin from email

After that, you’ll privation to alteration the ‘Reply-To’ field, truthful your users tin respond to your automated email.

If you permission this blank, past the email volition beryllium the aforesaid arsenic the default admin email.

Reply to email

It’s not indispensable to alteration it, but determination are immoderate situations wherever you’ll privation the Reply-To email to beryllium antithetic than your modular email address.

For example, if you person a photography website, and you person a signifier for caller clients to request a quote, past you whitethorn privation these emails to spell to a antithetic email address.

The last measurement is customizing your email message.

In the ‘Message’ container you tin constitute retired the email that volition nonstop to everyone who submits the form. You tin besides alteration the quality of your plain substance emails by adding HTML.

Custom email message

You tin besides see the {all_fields} Smart Tag which volition adhd connected the user-submitted accusation to the email.

Custom email connection   with each  fields

Congratulations, you’ve successfully installed and acceptable up WPForms, added a signifier to your site, and acceptable up an automated email confirmation message.

Troubleshooting WordPress not Sending Email Issue

One large contented that a batch of WordPress users acquisition is wherever your website will halt sending your WordPress emails.

WordPress uses PHP to nonstop emails, which tin beryllium falsely flagged arsenic spam. If this happens to your emails, past they volition ne'er scope your user’s inbox, oregon they’ll extremity up successful the spam folder.

This is wherefore we urge everyone usage SMTP for sending emails successful WordPress. An SMTP plugin adds different level of verification and sends emails via an authoritative message server.

We urge utilizing WP Mail SMTP. It perfectly integrates with WPForms and is the champion SMTP WordPress plugin.

We hoped this nonfiction helped you larn however to nonstop confirmation emails aft a WordPress signifier submission. You whitethorn besides privation to spot our usher connected creating a interaction signifier with aggregate recipients, and our adept prime connected 24 must-have WordPress plugins for concern websites.

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