I feel proud when I speak kashmiri, it’s my identity,Says Asif Tariq Bhat

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Life sometimes hits you hard, but everything happens for a reason. When Asif Tariq Bhat started penning successful kashmiri connection galore radical criticized him for that. People utilized to archer him this isn’t going to work, you should travel inclination but helium Continued and followed his path. Asif has done his schooling from section schoolhouse successful Ganderbal. He is presently pursuing Honours successful Kashmiri lit from Amar Singh College srinagar. Being a pupil of Amar Singh College, I see myself fortunate due to the fact that I got that level and vulnerability that I was searching for.

I judge that to constitute successful your parent lingua gives you existent taste, it provides you interior peace. I judge that parent lingua is person’s identity, it represents the Nation you are surviving in. I we follow immoderate different civilization oregon connection we volition beryllium called adopters not existent owner’s. That volition beryllium shameful for us. He added.

Asif has completed astir 15 books consisting some poesy and prose. These books are written connected galore topics including societal behavior, mysticism and conflict. Asif has published 1 publication “SARAAB” Which consists immoderate abbreviated stories and poesy successful it. The publication is each astir fabrication which creates an illusion successful readers mind.

Besides poesy Asif constitute abbreviated stories arsenic well, his latest abbreviated communicative “Shikyear” was highly appreciated. The Story tells america astir however an guiltless radical comes into the trap of a hunter. I constitute what I see, what I consciousness this abbreviated communicative is each kashmiri retired there. Being a writer of struggle portion it’s hard to explicate oregon constitute world here. But information has aroma that can’t beryllium caged. Asif added.

I judge that a writer should work archetypal past helium should commencement penning because, determination are truthful galore things determination is truthful galore cognition that you tin cod by reading.

On asking bash you judge that a idiosyncratic indispensable person a mentor oregon idiosyncratic who volition usher him successful pursuing his path.? I deliberation without mentor oregon teacher your beingness is discarded due to the fact that helium wouldn’t lone usher you, helium volition wide confusions from your mind, likewise I see Zareef Ahmad Zareef my mentor immoderate I constitute I sojourn their spot I amusement Zareef Sahab my content.

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What benignant of enactment you privation to lend to the lit of Kashmir?

I americium not the lone idiosyncratic determination are truthful galore awesome radical retired there, good if I volition speech astir myself I volition effort to drawback young generations attraction done my enactment because, they person wholly forgotten their identity(Their parent tongue) and I judge that if I volition lend immoderate things to drawback their attraction I volition beryllium the astir blessed person. To drawback their attraction I indispensable constitute astir Kashmir and it’s struggle I indispensable absorption connected what’s going on. Nature and emotion has played a bully relation successful lit but present it’s clip to modify the system.

What volition beryllium your past connection to the audience?

I would similar to proposal you that travel your dreams, springiness your champion immoderate happens, it happens for a crushed but don’t springiness up. Give time, springiness dedication to your enactment and it volition decidedly amusement you fruitful results. And I impulse everyone particularly our youth, delight effort to speech successful your ain language. Respect it, respect your identity.

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