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ICON is simply a endowment bureau that has been astatine the forefront of bringing the champion endowment to the table. It is simply a Toronto-based bureau that has earned worldwide fame and appreciation and represents models who person appeared successful prestigious manner magazines, tv and movie screens, euphony videos, fashionable selling campaigns, and ultra-chic catwalks each astir the country, each with looks that bespeak the astir caller trends. ICON has enactment itself astatine the forefront of exemplary instauration and endowment development, acknowledgment to its quality to admit and classify endowment from each implicit the world. It has a wealthiness of expertise and penetration successful the modeling and amusement industries, allowing it to masterfully negociate the futures of a divers scope of models and talents successful a transparent, competent, and dynamic manner.

ICON is ever connected the lookout for emerging faces, whether it’s models oregon actors. Its models are known for much than simply having the appearance – they are besides recognized for their thrust and ambition, arsenic good arsenic being driven professionals who excel successful the dynamic modeling and amusement industries. Staying existent to their promises, ICON scouted a caller look – X Angel Natalia.

Correctly Natalia Garand.  From a humble shy miss lurking successful the shadows to a fittingness fanatic – a courageous feminist, and a militant carnal lover, determination is nary denying the glorious and angelic Polish beauty. There is thing much breathtaking than a milk-pale, platinum blonde with superb bluish eyes and slender, aristocratic features, with a slayer assemblage to boot. Being a exemplary demands much than conscionable stunning quality and a commanding walk. A model’s willingness to explicit a photographer’s imaginativeness is what separates them from all, and that’s precisely what goes for Natalia. Being known for her ocean-like eyes, Natalia dropped retired of precocious school, and tally distant to France to unrecorded an escapade and larn astir a caller civilization .

Her caller location successful Montreal, Canada emerges erstwhile young Natalia wished much from her beingness by boarding a level to the onshore of maple leaf, close aft her 18th day – a life-changing determination that made her consciousness much seen, much appreciated by the far-away gatekeepers of beauty. Natalia is an anxious psyche to embark connected a caller travel aft fitting successful a caller continent and continuing her emotion for modeling and her passions. She fascinates adventures and traveling, divers lifestyles and antithetic cultures, portion she had besides adopted a vegan diet. But contempt each of the caller changes successful her life, she ne'er forgets astir her hometown, to which she returned often and wherever she enjoyed engaging with talented photographers. Natalia admires the quality of Canada, particularly lakes – her harmless eden which she genuinely adores. She has besides discovered a assortment of interests, including camping, a emotion for wildlife, cooking, the creation of massage and music. Natalia has a satellite of acquisition to amusement disconnected her beauteous entreaty and astonishing versatility. She highlights the value of euphony successful her life, stating that euphony has ever been captious to her and has surrounded her passim her life. It inspires her to consciousness empowered, helps her to person religion successful herself, and teaches her ne'er to springiness up connected her dreams.

Natalia diligently focuses connected a bid of different projects during the pandemic that she wishes to travel with dedication – having the extremity of becoming a multi-entrepreneur. We invited Natalia to Canada and congratulate connected signing the declaration with Icon Models . We privation you agleam occurrence and bully luck successful the industry.

Instagram :@xangelnatalia

Contact : booking@xangelnatalia.com

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