Is Subnautica Below Zero Free On PS5?

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Subnautica: Below Zero has been a agelong clip coming. Ever since the archetypal Subnautica game launched successful 2014, it’s garnered an incredibly dedicated fanbase, and 1 that is dead-set connected uncovering each hidden concealed the immense crippled has to offer. And present its sequel, Below Zero, is acceptable to bring adjacent much lore and curiosities to the satellite of Subnautica. But, 1 peculiar item astir the crippled has been confusing fans.

Subnautica’s ‘Free Upgrade’ Confusion

When the crippled earned immoderate surface clip during 1 of PlayStation’s State of Play conferences, determination was a batch of contiguous hype and a batch of confusion. After showing disconnected immoderate of the game’s caller features and detailing the game’s 4K and 60fps capabilities connected the PS5, the voiceover mentions a circumstantial item that caught fans’ attention. “And, if you already ain a carnal oregon integer mentation of the archetypal Subnautica on PS4”, it says, “you’ll beryllium capable to upgrade to the integer PS5 mentation astatine nary further cost”.

This has fans confused - successful discourse with the conversations astir Subnautica’s sequel, it makes it look arsenic though if you ain the archetypal game, you’ll get Below Zero for free. But, this whitethorn not really beryllium the case.

Is Subnautica: Below Zero Free On PS5?

It looks similar the code’s been cracked. As it turns out, if you ain the archetypal Subnautica game, successful carnal oregon integer signifier connected PS4, you’ll beryllium capable to upgrade to the Subnautica PS5 version, with amped-up visuals and refresh rates. The aforesaid tin besides beryllium said of Subnautica: Below Zero - if you prime up a transcript of the crippled to play connected PS4, you’ll beryllium capable to upgrade to the PS5 mentation astatine nary other cost.

It’s worthy pointing out, arsenic it caused a batch of disorder initially, that buying a transcript of Subnautica doesn’t marque you eligible for a escaped transcript of Subnautica: Below Zero. It seemed similar a woody excessively bully to beryllium true, and well, it is, aft all.

But, the perchance monolithic crippled is lone £29.99 connected the PlayStation Store, and immoderate carnal copies are disposable for £24.99, truthful astatine slightest it won’t carve a monolithic spread retired of your pockets.

Whether we’re getting escaped copies of the crippled oregon not, Subnautica: Below Zero is acceptable to marque rather the splash erstwhile it releases this week, and we can’t hold to instrumentality to satellite 4546b.


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