Jaw-Dropping CSGO Trades Across Europe Asia And North America

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Teams specified arsenic NAVI Junior, TIGER, Extra Salt, and the Lemondogs person made immoderate drastic changes to their lineups wrong the past fewer days. NAVI proceeded to beforehand a bulk of their Youth lineup portion a few Junior players were dropped from the team. 

With hopes to make aboriginal pros, NAVI is consenting to bash immoderate it takes to find the champion imaginable players successful the amateur scene. TIGER, connected the hand, has followed done with a implicit roster alteration which is presently successful transition. 

All 5 of their players, including their caput coach, were dropped from the squad for assorted reasons. The Chinese organisation made it precise wide connected their socials that they wanted to go the champion squad successful each of Asia. With dreams similar that, players are bound to beryllium dropped successful an instant owed to a deficiency of performance. 

Finally, the aged schoolhouse sprout em up squad known arsenic the Lemondogs followed done with their revamp by letting spell of 3 antithetic players. The all-Swedish org made their comeback past twelvemonth aft dropping retired of the contention successful 2016. 

They had a beardown play successful 2020, but it simply wasn’t bully capable for the squad name. Their caller roster looks truly beardown and decidedly shows a large magnitude of imaginable erstwhile it comes to dominating their aboriginal opponents. 


The caller NAVI Academy squad volition enactment arsenic a span betwixt NAVI Youth and NAVI Junior. They plan on creating 1 beardown squad by allowing different applicants to use successful the adjacent future. This could beryllium for either young prodigies oregon amateur players that are looking to beforehand their careers. 

It seems similar the lone regularisation is that anyone who joins has to person a interaction of earthy endowment and amusement a batch of imaginable wrong competitions. NAVI Academy presently consists of 7 antithetic players on with 2 caput coaches. 

One of the players that made the chopped was Ilya "m0NESY" Osipov, who’s made aggregate FACEIT highlights wrong the past 2 years. He’s been competing since 2019 and was lone 14 erstwhile helium began teaming up with different amateur players. Besides the affirmative broadside of this trade, a fewer players, successful particular, were near successful the shadows of NAVI aft being dropped.


NAVI precocious placed Kirill "Gospadarov" Gospadarov, Ivan "kapacho" Koplenko, and Oleksii "Topa" Topchiienko connected the escaped cause transportation list. The caput coaches astatine NAVI made it wide that they achieved a batch with the squad past year, but roster changes were bound to happen. 

Neither 1 of these players person made an authoritative announcement yet regarding their departure from NAVI Junior. Most of them person been playing since 2018 and person a agelong roadworthy up erstwhile it comes to competing with the best. 

They fell abbreviated a mates of times past twelvemonth but inactive managed to instrumentality clasp of $21,000 successful prize money. Now they’ll person to hold and spot what the aboriginal holds for them portion NAVI Academy prepares for their existent season. 


After making their debut past year, TIGER made definite to clasp their players to higher standards. They knew astir the cutthroat manufacture wrong esports and however hard it was to nutrient a successful Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) team. 

TIGER participated successful much than 20 events past twelvemonth and decidedly had a fig of opportunities to beryllium themselves. They won implicit $80,000 and won six antithetic events.

Roughly twenty-eight percent of their placements were wrong the apical three, which is simply a large woody for specified a tiny team. The lone issue is that they mostly competed successful B and C-Tier events and intelligibly invested a batch of wealth and clip into the org. 


Another squad that took a superior look into their roster was the Lemondogs. The Swedish org finalised their roster past twelvemonth with a accidental to enactment their sanction backmost into the competitory scene. 

They signed 5 promising players and went disconnected to vie crossed aggregate online events. The Lemondogs won 2 antithetic tournaments, including the Shark Gaming CS:GO Open and Fragleague Season 5. 

Despite their tourney net hitting nether $10,000, the Lemonddogs inactive managed to get a precise well-known player. Even though he’s not connected contract, Simon "twist" Eliasson agreed to play with the Lemondogs passim aggregate events. 


Lastly, there’s Extra Salt with their latest subordinate transportation that is raising questions. Entry fragger Ian "motm" Hardy was precocious replaced by an ex-Chaos EC rifler known arsenic Edgar "MarKE" Maldonado. 

Motm has been ace accordant wrong the past fewer months and adjacent helped his squad unafraid a first-place decorativeness astatine the 5th ESEA Cash Cup. He enactment up immoderate of the astir points and was decidedly a ascendant fig passim the full event. 

MarKE is besides a large player, and helium proved that by helping Chaos EC earlier their disband. He won 2 immense events past twelvemonth and decidedly has what it takes to crook Extra Salt into a legendary team.


Images via NAVI | TIGER 

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