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Right now, the Call of Duty League’s Stage 1 Major is looking to beryllium 1 of the most-hyped tournaments successful caller memory. So galore storylines are coming into play this play - can the Atlanta FaZe rebound from their Champs nonaccomplishment and proceed their ascendant streak against teams they person not faced yet? Is OpTic Chicago susceptible of overcoming their rivals and proving they person what it takes to beryllium the best? Can the New York Subliners oregon different acheronian equine squad play spoiler successful the bracket? And, of course, tin the Dallas Empire clasp their grasp connected the throne arsenic the kings of Call of Duty?

A batch to absorption on, and a batch to speech astir erstwhile it comes to the Stage 1 Major. The radical matches were already chaotic enough, and the much you deliberation astir it, the spicier this large is looking to be. It’ll solidify a batch of things for the remainder of the season, the definitive apical dog, the champion teams successful the league, and the front-runners for the MVP conversation. 

Almost each squad has been playing it incredibly close. Maps are going the distance, bid are going the distance, things person ne'er been tighter. So far, it truly comes down to those cardinal differences and x-factors successful the players performing connected that time that volition springiness their respective teams the win. There are lone a fistful that truly person been standouts, lone a fewer players that person been playing astatine a calibre to truly accidental that these guys are immoderate of the astir invaluable successful the full league. Certainly, players similar Chris "Simp" Lehr for the Atlanta FaZe, Thomas "TJHaLy" Haly for the LA Thieves, Matthew "Skrapz" Marshall from the Paris Legion, oregon Brandon "Dashy" Otell of the Chicago OpTic, are each large candidates for the MVP conversation. All person had an unthinkable interaction connected their rosters, and each of them person truly been putting successful the enactment for their squads, but of each the large picks available, there’s 1 subordinate who’s truly separated himself from his peers. 

There’s 1 feline who has been tearing it up, 1 subordinate who has seemingly ne'er had a atrocious crippled this play adjacent during his team’s lone nonaccomplishment truthful far. All things considered, going into the major, it’s truly Dallas Empire’s Cuyler "Huke" Garland’s tourney to take. 

The champion successful the game, @Huke.

Full lucifer stats: https://t.co/P0nYkzv0Ep pic.twitter.com/3uE6fbbIe2

— CDL Intel (@INTELCallofDuty) March 1, 2021

Huke is 1 of the champion SMG players, if not the champion successful the game. If his counterpart Anthony "Shotzzy" Cuevas-Castro was recognized for his contributions to the Empire past year, Huke has to beryllium recognized arsenic the magician for them this year. His timing, his flanks, his quality to easy triumph challenges, Huke does it each with velocity and power. On immoderate map, he’s ever susceptible of putting successful respectable to unthinkable numbers, and it seems his representation question is ever susceptible of conscionable hampering teams down passim a series. In the Respawns oregon Search, Huke is putting successful the enactment successful each azygous series, and sometimes it’s his consistency that has fixed Dallas the borderline they needed to propulsion a bid backmost from the brink. 

Lockdown rotation kills from @Huke🔐 pic.twitter.com/2S97bLF4ej

— Dallas Empire (@DallasEmpire) February 28, 2021

For instance, against the LA Thieves, the fig 2 squad successful their group, a batch of the occurrence successful that 3-0 came from Huke’s jukes to support the Thieves from gaining a foothold successful the series. Top fragging connected Hardpoint and Control, Huke was a maniac successful the server, and a immense crushed arsenic to wherefore Dallas is susceptible of playing support distant successful truthful galore of their games. Without him performing astatine the level helium does each match, who’s to accidental they adjacent onshore an precocious bracket spot successful their group. Four representation fives successful 5 matches for the Empire, and successful each azygous crippled you tin spot Huke serving it to teams, hardly ever faltering. 

HUKE SKYWALKER!#DefendTheThrone | #CDL2021 pic.twitter.com/mibNQ0ERXx

— Call of Duty League (@CODLeague) February 14, 2021

Even successful their 1 nonaccomplishment against the Minnesota RØKKR, Huke was apical fragging and making the plays to support his squad alive. It wasn’t capable to prevention the bid that time, but the aggression, the smoothness of his movement, Huke is precise simply the biggest menace successful the league close now, and helium volition hide immoderate team’s chances if fixed the chance. He volition triumph you a game, helium volition marque the abstraction to enactment himself successful the champion presumption possible, and it’s the motion and people of a existent prima of Call of Duty.

🗓️Stage 1
📈Adjusted KD

1⃣🇺🇸@Clayster 1.30
2⃣🇳🇱@Huke 1.29
3⃣ 🇺🇸@SimpXO 1.28
4⃣🇨🇦@DashySZN 1.21
5⃣🇨🇦@Diamondcon_ 1.19
6⃣🇺🇸@Owakening 1.16
7⃣🇨🇦@GstaAsim 1.13
8⃣🇺🇸@AccuracyLA 1.12
9⃣🇺🇸@TJHaLy 1.10
🔟🇺🇸@aBeZy 1.09

— Breaking Point (@GGBreakingPoint) March 1, 2021

The fig 2 highest K/D of the stage, and the fig 1 subordinate to look retired for heading into the large and into the remainder of the season. If helium pulls disconnected a triumph here, it’ll beryllium precise hard for anyone else’s sanction to travel up and truly beryllium successful the treatment for overtaking Huke arsenic the 2021 MVP. Right now, determination is thing that tin halt this antheral from being a disgustingly bully unit of quality successful a match. Dread it, tally from it, Huke’s dominance arrives each the same, and if trends enactment the same, truthful does his MVP trophy. 

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