Morgan Stewart Describes ‘Weird’ Symptoms Amid Thyroid Issue

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Spreading awareness. Morgan Stewart took to societal media to stock a caller wellness conflict that she wants much caller mothers to beryllium alert of.

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“For the past 9 weeks, I person felt wholly off. At first, it was small things I started to notice,” Stewart, 33, wrote via Instagram Stories connected Wednesday, July 9. “I was dizzy if I stood up excessively fast, my calves were particularly choky and my close eyes ever felt somewhat tense.”

Stewart explained that she thought feeling bushed and sluggish mightiness person been for post-pregnancy reasons. Since she wasn’t having “any feelings of depression oregon absorption toward Row oregon my husband,” she didn’t wage excessively overmuch attraction to her symptoms astatine the time.

Morgan Stewart Thyrotoxicosis Struggle 2
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“I conscionable figured this was my caller ‘normal’ and my caller ‘groove’ with a newborn,” she added.

But 2 weeks later, the Daily Pop big started to “totally slice away,” pursuing a dizzy spell that caused her to panic.

“I felt similar I had go precise tiny successful my ain assemblage and was nary longer successful power of it,” she revealed astir the scary incident. “We figured it was conscionable a weird fluke owed to maine being a fewer weeks postpartum.”

Stewart, who welcomed girl Row with hubby Jordan McGraw in February, continued to propulsion distant concerns astir her wellness pursuing the incidental and went connected to person different scare portion she was driving successful May.

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“My full close limb began to spell numb and I erstwhile again felt myself slice distant from myself, but mode much intensely. I was terrified” she said, detailing the incidental that caused her to propulsion over. “My limb was not functioning. It felt dense to prime up, astir similar it belonged to idiosyncratic else.”

Morgan Stewart Thyrotoxicosis Struggle
Morgan Stewart Courtesy of Morgan Stewart/Instagram

While McGraw, 34, managed to assistance Stewart, she wasn’t capable to shingle the symptoms that day.

“I became much and much incoherent. I was nary longer speaking due English oregon capable to pass efficiently,” she clarified successful the post. “I was conscionable mislaid successful panic and uncertainty.”

While the Rich Kids of Beverly Hills alum was looked implicit by a doctor, the incidental was deemed a “weird fluke caused by hormones and possibly debased humor sugar.” The speech amusement big revealed that the incidents lone got worse, which is erstwhile she decided to get humor enactment done to spot what was going on.

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Stewart returned to enactment astatine E! portion she waited for her trial results, but she ended up battling much symptoms portion on-air. Luckily that aforesaid day, Stewart’s doc was capable to springiness her an update connected what her assemblage was dealing with.

“My thyroid is truthful disconnected the charts successful overdrive, it’s fundamentally successful outer space. Thyrotoxic was the word she utilized to picture it,” Stewart clarified. “We instantly went to her office, and she explained that it could beryllium 1 of 3 things: a nodule connected my thyroid, Graves’ illness oregon sub-acute thyroiditis (all things that tin beryllium triggered by pregnancy).”

Stewart confirmed that she had not returned backmost to enactment yet due to the fact that she was resting portion waiting for a last diagnosis. She besides shared that she has had to instrumentality “half a .25 Xanax” to beryllium capable to get done the day.

The California autochthonal concluded the station by reminding mothers not to disregard erstwhile their assemblage is going done thing strange.

“If you’re feeling disconnected delight don’t hold arsenic agelong arsenic I did to get things checked out, particularly if you’re a caller mama,” she wrote.

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