Naira Khaliq; Persistence That Shone

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” We are not funny successful the possibilities of defeat, They bash not exist.”

– Queen Victoria


Naira Khaliq Chaudhry is an 18-year-old pupil who lives successful the superior of Pakistan, Islamabad. Now you whitethorn wonderment what’s truthful peculiar astir being a student, much importantly, what’s truthful peculiar astir Naira. Keep speechmaking to find retired that Naira is the cleanable illustration of the punctuation written above.

Life is simply a changeless conflict for everyone, everywhere. But we cannot neglect the information that for women the conflict is dangerously real.

The communicative of Naira mightiness conscionable animate you oregon assistance you to look your hard times head-on, arsenic a person, arsenic a student, and astir importantly arsenic a pistillate successful an highly antheral ascendant society.

Being a teen and being a miss are 2 antithetic levels of conflict successful Pakistan. Although the state is present trying its champion to thin towards a much feministic epoch owed to globalization, modernity, and the protests for women’s rights. However, determination are nary large changes successful societal and home issues towards women from society’s constituent of view. A bulk of this nine inactive sees women arsenic incapable and weak, condemning them for raising their voices and warring for their rights, criticizing them for being successful, criticizing them for not being successful. There is nary extremity to their slanders.

Naira has achieved the highest grades successful her SSC examinations, a straight-A student. Her accomplishment was driven by her pain. This symptom came from a fewer things she experienced. First and foremost is the nonaccomplishment of her older brother, who successful 2015 passed distant successful a horrible accident. Losing her member affected her and her household profoundly and changed their lives forever. The nonaccomplishment has affected her mother’s wellness profoundly which has led to her inactive being unwell aft each these years. We each recognize that for a parent to suffer her kid is highly painful. But the kid that is near down experiences a antithetic benignant of symptom that nary 1 talks about.

After her brother’s death, Naira went done a signifier wherever she was present seeing the realities of the world. People judged and criticized her and alternatively of consoling her, galore began to provender her young caput with insecurities. In this society, young girls are often pressurized oregon groomed towards getting joined astatine a young age, careless of however hard they person studied oregon what they privation to do. Their dreams and ambitions are near unheard.

However luckily for Naira, her parents particularly her begetter did each they could to enactment her successful her acquisition and her ambitions. Naira groomed herself arsenic a beardown idiosyncratic some mentally and physically. There isn’t a batch for girls to bash successful her society, the civilization mostly sees women’s hobbies similar cooking oregon cleaning, but Naira broke the norms. To escaped herself of each the unwanted thoughts and troubles she worked retired and physically made herself stronger, which helped her intelligence wellness arsenic well. Prayers and her friends were besides a large enactment for her, arsenic she often resorts to them to calm her caput and soul. Her favourite taxable is physics. Now I don’t cognize astir you but I can’t ideate idiosyncratic being truthful astute their favourite taxable is physics, though this isn’t a astonishment arsenic Naira is an Aquarius, she is arsenic astute and autarkic arsenic 1 tin beryllium successful this nine being a woman.

Naira has achieved her A’s suffering done loss, being judged and criticized perpetually portion seeing her parent suffer. She had schoolhouse from 8 americium to 2 pm, and tuitions for 5-6 hours each day, forgetting to devour portion studying, sleepless nights, nary weekends, nary days off. Naira astatine a young property made truthful galore sacrifices to built herself up to beryllium the idiosyncratic she is. While different radical her property were disconnected partying and enjoying their youth, Naira was moving hard, surrounded by each her demons, but ne'er backing down.

As her person says;

”Naira is hardworking, consistent, dedicated and strong, capable to combat each obstacles, focused, creative. A lioness. A idiosyncratic who defeats each problems ne'er backs down is kind, sweet, and compassionate.”

We mightiness deliberation it is rather mean for a idiosyncratic to endure the nonaccomplishment of a loved one, oregon beryllium judged by society, oregon execute get bully grades. But perpetually suffering from symptom and channeling it into a affirmative result is nary mean feat. It is indeed, rather extraordinary. Pain makes america privation to interruption down, it makes america suffer focus, it envelops america into an clasp that is hard to interruption from. But those, similar Naira who are resilient and persistent and effort each time to interruption distant from their fears, are rewarded successful abundance. And successful the extremity the astir important this is that we bask our days, arsenic Naira says;

”Life happens lone once, truthful bask each and each azygous infinitesimal of it”

I applaud Naira for not backing down, and not conscionable moving hard but being persistent and hardworking portion warring head-on each day.

I anticipation you proceed to radiance similar the stars and roar similar a lioness you are.

Good luck with your upcoming exams! Ganbare!(Japanese for bully luck) 🙂

By Kathrine Alexander

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