Netflix will now automatically download recommended content for users

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Netflix launches Downloads For You Smart Android app

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After months of experimenting, Netflix has yet launched the “Downloads for You” diagnostic for Android users. The caller diagnostic automatically downloads contented that it thinks you volition similar erstwhile the telephone has entree to Wi-Fi. In this post, we volition beryllium taking a look astatine the caller diagnostic and however you tin marque usage of it.

Netflix “Downloads For You” Overview:

Evolution of Netflix Downloads

The caller “Downloads For You” is an hold of the Download diagnostic that was primitively launched 3 years ago. Originally, it allowed users to download their movies and bid of their prime for offline viewing. In 2019, the institution updated it to a astute diagnostic that deleted the episodes you person already watched and download the adjacent episodes. Since then, it has been calling the diagnostic Smart Downloads. The caller Downloads For You is conscionable an summation to the Smart Downloads. The Downloads For You nether the Netflix app volition automatically downloads recommended movies and shows.

Setting up Downloads For You

Users request to manually activate the feature. For this, caput to the Downloads tab and take the Downloads For You option. Then, you volition person to take the magnitude of contented that you privation to download (represented successful GB) and click connected the crook on. After this, Netflix volition download recommended contented whenever your telephone has entree to a Wi-Fi network. Once you person gone done the downloaded titles, you tin delete them to marque country for different titles.

Netflx Downloads For You

Use Case and Limitations

Users volition beryllium capable to download from thing from the catalog not conscionable Netflix Originals nether the Downloads For You. But arsenic TechCrunch has pointed retired successful its report, determination could beryllium download limitations owed to licensing connected immoderate titles.

The caller diagnostic volition beryllium adjuvant to radical who are ever connected the tally and sometimes find themselves successful places without reliable net access. You tin accidental that the diagnostic is targeted astatine emerging markets similar South Asia. As of now, the diagnostic is disposable for Android users only. iOS users volition person to hold longer to usage it.

So what bash you deliberation of the caller Downloads For You diagnostic from Netflix? Will you beryllium utilizing it? Let america cognize with your comments below.

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