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As filming gets underway connected Eli Roth's Borderlands, the live-action adaptation of Gearbox Software's franchise has added different precocious summation to the already A-list cast. Joining a who's who of celebrated faces, Borderlands is already made up of Cate Blanchett, Jack Black, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Kevin Hart. New to the fold is magician and showman Penn Jillette. While magicians are usually bully astatine keeping secrets, Jillette is blessed to driblet the spoilers.

Jillette is nary alien to stepping extracurricular the magic ellipse for a spot of acting. As good arsenic appearing successful the likes of Sharknado 3 and a recurring relation arsenic Drell on Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Jillette already has ties to the Borderlands games and voiced 1 fractional of Pain & Terror (as a motion to his enactment arsenic Penn & Teller) in Borderlands 3. Although helium isn't reprising this relation for Roth's Borderlands, helium has revealed who he's playing. 


What is the Borderlands movie spoiler?

Borderlands movie adhd Penn Jillette

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Speaking during Penn’s Sunday School podcast (via Slash Film), Jillette explained however his tiny relation sees him interact with the halfway formed of Black, Blanchett, Curtis, and Hart. Moving into spoiler territory, Jillette confirmed astir of his scenes(s) impact Hart. "I volition beryllium with Cate Blanchett, Jack Black, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Kevin Hart, and astir of my scenes are with Kevin Hart", said Jillette. "I person a very, very, precise tiny part, I'm successful similar 4 scenes and I person similar 4 lines". 

Expanding connected what his relation involves, it sounds similar Jillette volition beryllium leaning into his drama credentials: "I'm a justness of the peace, I'm a preacher trying to execute a wedding ceremonial and there's a combat scene. So I americium successful the full combat country conscionable lasting there. Then I travel in, and I bash the fastener connected the scene. Then I'm successful a abstraction paddywagon with Kevin Hart". Although fans might've hoped for Penn to instrumentality arsenic Pain, it doesn't dependable like Borderlands will beryllium pursuing the games rather arsenic closely.


What other bash we cognize astir Borderlands movie spoilers?

I deliberation 1 of my favourite things astir Borderlands having an A-list cast, is that successful a fewer years, my ma is going to beryllium scrolling done On Demand movies, spot the cast, and unknowingly ticker a video crippled movie.

It worked with Prince of Persia.

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Aiming to motion the shackles of maligned video crippled adaptations similar the Dwayne Johnson-led DOOM and Angelina Jolie's Tomb RaiderBorderlands is hoping its postulation of stars volition marque it much similar the Jumanji reboot - speech from conscionable having Black and Hart successful the cast. The main communicative of the Borderlands games person revolved astir a radical of vault hunters connected the past satellite of Pandora, and portion that's inactive there, expect thing precise antithetic to the games.

In Roth's movie, Blanchett plays vault hunter Lilith, who clashes with the sinister Atlas Corporation portion tracking down its CEO's missing daughter. Her rag-tag pack of rogues includes immoderate caller faces and familiar foes from her past. Along for the thrust are stoic worker Roland, chattering robot Claptrap, and erratic researcher Patricia Tannis. The publication is being written by Chernobyl's Craig Mazin and filming is presently underway successful Budapest. With Jillette presumably being 1 of the past formed members to beryllium added, we uncertainty there's country for anyone other successful this sci-fi shooter.


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