Peugeot Reveals a New Brand Identity Including a New Logo

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26 Feb 2021

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Peugeot has launched a caller logo and marque individuality successful lone the 11th update to its iconic lion emblem since 1850. Created by the Peugeot Design Lab and featuring a roaring lion’s caput wrong a overgarment of arms, the caller plan is portion of Peugeot’s latest marque individuality developed astir the conception of ‘time’ and surviving successful the moment. Moreover, the caller ocular connection reflects Peugeot’s bold electrification strategy and its tendency to heighten the ownership acquisition done pioneering caller technologies, says the French carmaker.

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Peugeot New Logo Featured Image

The caller Peugeot logo features an all-new instrumentality connected the iconic Peugeot lion, with a roaring lion’s caput wrong a caller Peugeot overgarment of arms. The emblem has been created to admit Peugeot’s improvement arsenic a brand, its exemplary line-up, and its continuing modulation to electrification, having committed to offering an electrified variant crossed its full exemplary line-up by 2025.

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The new-look volition beryllium accompanied by an planetary run and new-look website, arsenic good arsenic a caller manner postulation of covering and accessories aboriginal this year. The caller logo besides showcases Peugeot arsenic a timeless brand, celebrating its much than 210-year history, portion besides looking to the future, towards caller technologies and innovations provided by the caller Stellantis partnership. The logo has been designed to past and volition diagnostic proudly crossed each caller models, starting with the all-new Peugeot 308, which volition marque its satellite premiere aboriginal this year.


The caller marque individuality celebrates the conception of ‘time’ and surviving successful the infinitesimal and Peugeot is looking to assistance radical marque the astir of each day, done caller technologies and innovations. It is moving to streamline the lawsuit journey, from purchasing their caller car to each facet of driving and owning a vehicle.

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