Powered by YouTuber and Guru Hussein ‘Kazzy’ Khazaal, Dreamwell Marketing Aims to Solve the Influencer Marketing Headache

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In today’s scenery of integer marketing, companies are being forced to instrumentality their selling dollars onto the internet. Gone are the days wherever astir of a company’s selling budgets are spent connected newspapers oregon ample billboards, and alternatively brands are opting into integer advertising, specified arsenic connected Facebook ads oregon Google Adwords.

Yet 1 selling strategy inactive puzzles astir everyone: influencer marketing.

“Influencer advertizing is inactive the chaotic westbound erstwhile it comes to marketing”, says YouTuber and marketer Kazzy Official, who boasts 1 cardinal followers (YouTube and Instagram) himself.

This benignant of selling is truthful volatile that moving with 1 influencer with 5 cardinal followers tin output wholly antithetic results than moving with different 1 with the aforesaid follower basal of 5 million. There are truthful galore antithetic factors and variables that power the result of a palmy run that they indispensable each beryllium considered erstwhile selecting the close influencer for the job.

Many brands and companies simply propulsion budgets astatine influencers and commune for a palmy campaign. Unlike Facebook ads and Google adwords, determination isn’t a chiseled and due dashboard to presumption results of influencer campaigns. This has led to galore brands being turned disconnected by influencer selling initiatives since galore bash not output an ROI.

Influencer Marketing Must Do it All for Companies

“Unlike the aged selling world, influencer selling requires the influencer to: make the contented piece, beforehand the contented piece, and output results and income for the brand”, says Kazzy.

However, successful the past, these 3 outcomes were shared by 3 antithetic agencies: advertisement agencies to make the contented piece; media channels similar TV oregon vigor to beforehand the created contented piece; the marque itself needing to optimize their websites oregon telephone lines for inbound sales. Yet, influencers are expected to bash each of these things themselves these days.

It makes it adjacent much hard to make palmy influencer selling campaigns erstwhile it’s hard to way results of specified initiatives.

Influencer Marketing Must beryllium Tracked

Just similar immoderate different selling efforts, influencer selling indispensable beryllium tracked and analyzed successful bid to cognize whether oregon not the campaigns are successful. Easier said than done, however.

What does 1 track? Do you simply look astatine however galore impressions the sponsored station (the contented portion that the marque pays the influencer for) yields astatine the extremity of the day? Looking astatine views whitethorn mean that the station accrued marque awareness, yet companies don’t look to attraction for marque consciousness erstwhile moving with influencers; they simply privation measurable results, similar income conversions.

What if a marque measures the occurrence of an influencer run aft 2 weeks? This makes it unfair to the influencer if their YouTube video someway blows up successful the 5th week and drives tremendous income for the brand. Measuring ROI tin beryllium tricky successful the influencer satellite since views and impressions support expanding connected sponsored posts implicit time.

Dreamwell Marketing Aims to Solve this Problem

Kazzy parlayed his YouTube and contented vocation into starting Dreamwell Marketing, an bureau that aims to way measurable results successful the influencer space.

With tons of acquisition arsenic a YouTuber himself, Kazzy knows the intricacies of the contented satellite and however to make higher engagement and prime contented pieces. Having besides managed ample YouTubers specified arsenic Moe Sargi (3 million+ followers), Kazzy besides knows however to measurement results for brands erstwhile it comes to influencer marketing.

Dreamwell is fine-tuning its selling bundle which volition analyse sponsored influencer contented successful bid to way and measurement existent results. Influencer selling should beryllium breathtaking and dynamic for brands, not achy and stressful!

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