Samsung now promises 4 years of security updates to Galaxy devices

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Samsung 4 years information    updates

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Last year, Samsung announced that it volition beryllium providing up to three years of updates to its precocious mid-range and premium Galaxy devices. And now, the institution has confirmed that it volition beryllium extending information updates to a minimum of 4 years. In this post, we volition sermon the latest information updates argumentation of Samsung and instrumentality a look astatine each the eligible Galaxy devices.

Samsung’s extended information updates

Over the years, Samsung has shown that it is committed to improving its bundle experience. From getting disapproval for TouchWiz UI to praises for One UI – the institution has lived it all. It has besides been moving connected providing timely updates to its users. From past year, each high-end Samsung devices volition person astatine slightest 3 large Android updates. And to apical it off, the institution has promised a minimum of 4 years of information updates for its Galaxy devices.

“At Samsung, our fig 1 precedence is offering the champion and astir unafraid mobile acquisition to our users, and we’re perpetually optimizing the information of our products and services.” – Seungwon Shin, VP & Head of Security Team

Eligible Devices

The information updates won’t beryllium constricted to premium and high-end phones. The bulk of the telephone launched successful 2019 and onwards volition beryllium benefitted from this. The database of eligible devices spans crossed aggregate lineups including the Z, S, Note, A, M, XCover, and Tab series. Following Galaxy devices (smartphones & tablets) volition beryllium getting information updates for 4 years since their archetypal introduction:

If you look closely, Samsung has excluded immoderate of the fund devices nether the A and M bid from the list. We don’t get to spot immoderate telephone with the 0x moniker. For instance, caller launches similar the Galaxy M02 and M02s person not made the list. Similar is the lawsuit with Core-branded devices similar the M01 Core.

Regular Updates

Another happening to enactment is that the institution is promising regular updates for 4 years. In lawsuit you don’t know, Galaxy devices person monthly, quarterly, and regular updates depending upon the model. The regular update present is the slightest predominant update among the three. Also, the availability of the update besides differs according to the region, model, and carrier.

Move towards Right Direction

Nevertheless, the information that Samsung has conscionable announced extended information updates for implicit 130 models is large news. Right now, the South Korean tech elephantine is the biggest supplier of Android smartphones (and smartphones successful general). This could origin the competing rivals to follow a akin strategy successful their products. At the extremity of the day, announcements similar this enactment successful the favour of the full Android assemblage alternatively than users of definite brands.

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