Selenophile Riya Rashmi Dash – An Exclusive Interview

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1. When did you commencement writing? And erstwhile did you archetypal determine to beryllium a published author?

I started penning backmost successful my schoolhouse days..but ne'er got a accidental of vulnerability but yet successful 2019 I got a accidental to participate into penning manufacture and by god’s grace I flourished a batch and I consciousness blessed and my hardwork, dedication and information is thing which has brought to maine present contiguous astatine this position.

2. What is the communicative down your book(s)?
my experience, my beingness stories and sometimes peculiar themes inspires maine to write. When I constitute I ideate myself successful that spot and consciousness it and there’s wherever I commencement Penning down each my emotions. This publication has my heart….it has each the phases I’ve gone done and for each the radical who’ve passed done this. I ever wanted to person a postulation of Microtales and poems successful my publication and that’s what inspired maine much to constitute this publication and I’m glad.

3. Self publishing Vs accepted publishing – prime 1 and why?

For her accepted publishing is bully to spell due to the fact that they person bully societal credibility, they person bully scope to marketplace sales, and specially each the works are done by the steadfast and nary symptom needs to beryllium taken by the author. And this goes bully with it

As a steadfast and writer by herself she would decidedly urge this arsenic it is good

4. Your favourite authors/books from your genre
My favourite authors are Ashish bagrecha, savi Sharma, Jhumpa Lahiri, arundhati Roy, amrita pritam, sudeep nagarkar. My Inspiration arsenic a writer present is Ashish bagrecha. I instrumentality him arsenic my each clip inspiration due to the fact that what I consciousness is I resonate with him successful life, successful emotions and successful phases.

5. We cognize you arsenic an author.. but what bash you bash isolated from writing?

Apart from penning I’m a oddisi classical dancer, I’m a classical Singer and person sung successful each india vigor and released 2 of my albums successful our section connection of sambalpur, odisha. But this happened backmost successful the days wherever cassette and radios utilized to beryllium there. She is simply a debator , person won territory level debates and bash elocutions arsenic well. She is simply a munner and person done galore MUN conferences arsenic delegate and besides presided implicit it arsenic a presiding serviceman implicit the league and besides she got a accidental to conscionable the wide caput of UN past twelvemonth successful fewer children from india, she was besides Rotaract president earlier successful my schoolhouse days. Travelling and being foodie is kinda portion of her beingness and she ne'er fails to research and person large tastes. Apart from that she’s besides successful a PR bureau wherever she’s into bollywood insiders and stuffs.

6. What adjacent bash we expect from you?

Next to expect from her is her upcoming solo publication successful the extremity of the twelvemonth and the records for which she’s preparing for

7. What is your connection related to the pandemic?
We each cognize however we are stuck amidst this deadly pandemic and radical are losing lives successful seconds truthful her main connection would beryllium to enactment safe, enactment indoors and bash immoderate they similar . Passion for their enactment shouldn’t beryllium stopped but needs to beryllium done indoors. Because wellness and beingness comes arsenic apical priority

8. Your achievements.

She is Riya rashmi dash presently pursuing her BBA from KIIT
University, Bhubaneswar. She is Selenophile, loves to bask each tiny infinitesimal of her life, and is simply a wanderlust. She is simply a writer and
started her passionateness 2 years backmost and besides aspires to beryllium aboriginal HR Manager. She has worked successful much than 165+ anthologies arsenic co-author and compiler of 20+ books till present and much ongoing. She is besides the Author of her solo publication “Waiting to Exhale” & “MYSTERY OF WORDS”. She is besides been portion of nationalist magazines, featured successful writer interrogation featured successful Ne8x Litfest
2020, portion of satellite grounds books. She is the Founder of The Opus Coliseum and is blessed arsenic her beingness is turning retired present and hopes this
continues arsenic such.Also she’s been awarded Being Inspirational Indian Award, Be The Change Awards, Indian Professional Awards, FCP Excellence Award, Kalam Book Of Records Holder, Amazing World of Book Records Holder, Vajra Book Of Record Holder,
Sahityakosh Awards, India Republic Awards, Bravo International Holder, Exclusive World Records, Indian Books Of Record
Holder, Achiever Awards 2020-2021, SHE Awards 2021, Most Deserving Award 2021, International Globe Awards 2021 And
Much More.
She’s Also Exclusive World Record Holder and Bravo International World Record Holder.
She has besides been featured successful India,, namotimes,, US times now, Times bulletin , Stats Globe and regular hunt having cardinal viewers. Her writeups person besides being published successful renowned US Press. Her Cover leafage is besides being featured successful the magazine
Literary voice. Her interrogation is besides featured successful Mt.Kenya Times, Interview Times, Vibgyor, Diaspora times She’s been besides featured successful Tims Magazine
You tin scope retired to her over..
Insta- @_riyaa_rashmi

I enactment astatine 1 of the astir progressive Venture Capital Firms successful the world, Alumni Venture Group. Before joining AVG, I Co-founded Beast Media Agency, a integer marketing, and PR institution focused connected helping founders get their stories featured successful online publications. In my escaped time, I similar to interrogation entrepreneurs, founders, and influencers who are making an interaction connected the satellite for publications similar The Hustlers Digest, Kivo Daily, Future Sharks, Thrive Global and Disrupt.

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