Slumdog Millionaire Fame Madhur Mittal Denies S*xual Assault Allegations Against Him: “There Have Been WhatsApp Messages Assassinating My Character”

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Madhur Mittal Opens Up On S*xual Allegations Against HimMadhur Mittal Calls S*xual Assault Allegations Against Him Untrue (PC: getty Images)

Slumdog Millionaire histrion Madhur Mittal bounced backmost to headlines aft years but not for a bully reason. The histrion is embroiled with contention aft his ex-girlfriend accused him of s*xual assault. She alleged that the histrion forced himself upon her station she rejected him aft 2 months of dating. Turns enactment Mittal is present opening up astir the same.

As per reports, Madhur Mittal met the acceptable pistillate connected societal media, and the 2 started seeing each other. After dating for 2 months she decided to telephone it off. Mittal who was past shooting successful Jaipur was allegedly furious and couldn’t instrumentality the rejection. After landing successful Mumbai, helium consecutive distant went to her Bandra residence and tried to unit himself connected her.

Now arsenic per a study successful The Bombay Times, Madhur Mittal has released a statement. In that, helium has dismissed each the allegations and called them untrue. He says these are rumours and person severely damaged his image. And that it is costing his job.

Madhur Mittal said, “Getting to larn astir things which are untrue is highly disturbing. There person been WhatsApp messages filled with stories that are assassinating my character. These are being forwarded for weeks successful casting directors’ groups denying maine work. I’m the lone earning subordinate of my household since the property of 7 and each these reports successful the media are affecting me, my household and my vocation successful much ways than you tin imagine.”

Madhur Mittal is requesting everyone to not leap to the conclusion, arsenic helium said, “I impulse everyone to not leap to conclusions astir maine done these one-sided reports successful the media. I person religion successful the instrumentality and the existent information shall beryllium retired soon.”

Earlier talking to the aforesaid daily, a root adjacent to Madhur Mittal’s ex-girlfriend said, “The 2 had communal friends, aft which helium added her connected societal media. They got adjacent and helium asked her out. They were seeing each different for 2 months. They parted ways and Madhur couldn’t woody with the breakup. He was shooting successful Jaipur. Livid, helium landed successful Mumbai and entered her Bandra residence connected February 13th. Unable to instrumentality rejection, helium tried to unit himself connected her. He tried to spot her again connected the 15th, but the girl’s lawyer Niranjani Shetty asked him to permission the premises, and helium complied.”

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