Tamra Judge’s Beauty Hacks for Makeup Removal, Smooth Skin and Cellulite

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Tamra Judge whitethorn person an 8 p.m. furniture time, but the 53-year-old world prima inactive makes clip for a full-blown skincare regular earlier her caput hits the pillow! The former Real Housewives of Orange County formed subordinate broke down her 10-step routine for Us Weekly‘s latest installment of Beauty Sleep. Watch the exclusive video supra and support speechmaking to get the Bravo personality’s tips and tricks for everything from creaseless tegument to stopping cellulite. 

Wash the Day Away 

After immoderate downtime connected her dock, the Vena CBD laminitis gets acceptable to cleanse — thing she takes precise seriously. “I’m going commencement disconnected with my CeraVe Foaming Facial Wash. I usage 1 of these small pads [Beauty 360 Cleanser Infused Facial Pads]to instrumentality my constitution off. I similar to scrub and scrub and scrub,” she said, emphasizing the value of exfoliation. 

Tamra Judge’s Beauty Hacks for Makeup Removal, Smooth Skin and Cellulite

Second Times the Charm

While her archetypal cleanse takes distant astir of her makeup, Judge ever follows up with the Tao Clean Facial Brush “to get heavy successful there.” The brush, which retails for $73.51, helps exfoliate distant dormant tegument cells. 

Silky Smooth 

“My adjacent measurement mightiness dependable a small spot brainsick to you, but I’m telling you it works,” the fittingness guru teased portion reaching for her Vertex Beauty Women’s Facial Razor. “I’ve been shaving my look erstwhile a week for rather a agelong time. And I’m telling you, your constitution goes connected smoother. It conscionable gets escaped of each the peach fuzz connected your face, the adust skin.” 

Tamra Judge’s Beauty Hacks for Makeup Removal, Smooth Skin and Cellulite

A Holy Grial 

Next up? Toner! “I’ve been utilizing Dime Beauty for a agelong clip … I conscionable consciousness similar they’re cleanable ingredients. I don’t person to interest astir what I’m putting connected my skin,” she told Us astir the brand’s Super Skin Toner. 

Some Anti-Aging Action 

A “game changer” for her skin’s texture, the Bravo prima uses Skinceuticals Retinol 0.5 erstwhile a week. “It volition instrumentality distant brownish spots, it volition instrumentality distant good lines. It makes your tegument consciousness truthful beautiful, but it’s a process.”

Dry Skin Savior 

If her tegument is peeling oregon burning from the retinol, it’s Vena Miracle Manuka Multi-Use Cream to the rescue! With manuka honey, healing compounds and CBD, Judge said it has a “calming affect” connected her skin. 

Hydration Station

“Everybody needs hydration successful their life,” Judge said portion talking astir her Vena Daily Hy Hydrating Serum, which is formulated with hyaluronic acid. “One driblet is truly each I need. It feels so, truthful good. It feels truthful soothing.”

Tamra Judge’s Beauty Hacks for Makeup Removal, Smooth Skin and Cellulite

Overnight Oasis 

“This is simply a hydrating gel mask, but I usage it arsenic an overnight mask,” the Bravo prima told Us about her Vena Total Hy Gel Mask. “You tin permission it connected for for 15 minutes and instrumentality it disconnected — that’s what it’s utilized for. But, what I bash is slumber successful it … it makes a satellite of difference.” 

Out of Habit 

One of Judge’s favourite caller quality rituals? Using the Elfirly Fascia + Anti-Cellulite Roller connected her arms and legs. “Sometimes I aftermath up with bruises each implicit me, but I consciousness similar I’m doing thing good. I consciousness similar I’m rubbing disconnected that cellulite, getting heavy into the tissue, breaking up the fascia.” 

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