Tanner Tolbert Calls 'Bachelor' Franchise Hosting Choices a 'Train Wreck'

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Telling america however helium truly feels! Bachelorette alum Tanner Tolbert has a batch of thoughts astir the Bachelor franchise’s recent hosting choices — and he’s not satisfied.

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“I cognize my sentiment doesn’t truly substance … but this s—t’s turning into a circus,” the Bachelor successful Paradise winner, 34, wrote successful an Instagram Story connected Wednesday, June 9, on with a screenshot of his ain tweet astir the BiP hosting announcement, which includes David Spade and respective different celebrities taking implicit for Chris Harrison.

Tanner Tolbert Slams Bachelor's Hosting Choices arsenic  a 'Train Wreck'
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He expanded connected his thoughts successful a bid of videos shared to his Stories. “I deliberation the Bachelor franchise needs to fig their s—t retired and fig it retired quick,” helium said. “Because I deliberation the amusement is connected a slippery slope close now, and arsenic a instrumentality of the amusement archetypal and foremost, I privation to spot it support going. But I deliberation each this big play is conscionable starting to get ridiculous.”

ABC announced connected Tuesday, June 8, that longtime big Harrison, 49, will not beryllium returning to the franchise, but Tolbert’s comments were mostly focused connected the BiP impermanent hosts, which besides see Lil Jon, Tituss Burgess and Lance Bass.

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“The big doesn’t request to beryllium the prima of the show,” helium explained. “I don’t request to spot commentary connected each small happening and everything beryllium a joke. … I don’t tune successful to ticker David Spade manus retired day cards. He was large successful Tommy Boy, don’t get maine wrong, but I privation to ticker The Bachelor and The Bachelorette and Bachelor successful Paradise for the play and for the relationships and spot that unfold connected the screen. I don’t attraction astir each this preplanned, contrived B.S.”

Throughout his speech, the Missouri autochthonal besides assured followers that helium wasn’t trying to diminish Kaitlyn Bristowe and Tayshia Adams, who made their Bachelorette hosting debut connected Monday, June 7, during the play 17 premiere.

“I thought they brought large vigor and had large hosting abilities,” helium said of the erstwhile Bachelorettes. “This isn’t if we privation Wells [Adams] arsenic the host. This isn’t astir David Spade oregon Lil Jon. All those radical could beryllium large hosts. The big conscionable needs to beryllium that. I don’t tune successful to ticker the sideshow circus.”

After appearing connected play 11 of The Bachelorette with Bristowe, 35, Tolbert returned to Bachelor Nation for play 2 of BiP, wherever helium met his wife, Jade Roper. The brace got engaged during the play finale successful 2015 and wed successful January 2016. They stock girl Emerson, 3, and sons Brooks, 22 months, and Reed, 6 months.

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“Obviously, [the franchise] holds a precise peculiar spot successful my bosom — it’s however I met my woman and my household started from it, truthful I bash attraction astir it and I privation to spot the amusement past for a agelong time,” Tolbert continued. “But if you look backmost astatine immoderate of the champion episodes implicit the past of the show, Chris Harrison was hardly adjacent successful immoderate of those.”

The erstwhile world prima added that helium doesn’t deliberation franchise alums request to travel backmost to connection “advice” arsenic often arsenic they do. “I conscionable privation to spot the contestants, I privation to spot those relationships, and yeah, if the producers tin bash a bully occupation and marque play retired of bladed air, past yeah, I wanna spot that too,” helium said. “So, I anticipation the amusement succeeds. I anticipation it gets amended due to the fact that close present it’s a bid wreck.”

Bachelor successful Paradise premieres connected ABC August 16 astatine 8 p.m. ET.

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