Teams That Are Causing A Ruckus For Previous Champions

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Since the opening of the 2021 season, aggregate teams person been dominating past year’s apical players successful the competitory scene. Team Spirit, FPX, and the Movistar Riders person been putting successful a ton of enactment by eliminating their astir formidable opponents. 

With some Astralis and Team Vitality opening to struggle, smaller rosters are present taking vantage of their faulty enemies successful the satellite of esports. Team Spirit is presently looking similar a marque caller team, and they astir look unstoppable owed to their retired of this satellite techniques. 

They’ve managed to enactment astir immoderate of the champion players successful the satellite by utilizing the mechanics wrong Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) to their afloat advantage. FPX already won their archetypal lawsuit with a marque caller roster and are continuing to chop down instrumentality favourites specified arsenic Evil Geniuses and Gambit Esports. 

As for the Movistar Riders, contempt being successful the amateur scene, they’ve intelligibly made the astir retired of their events. The Spanish org has managed to marque aggregate apical 3 placements adjacent to immoderate of the champion B-Tier teams. 

With a European Challenge rubric nether their belt, thing is imaginable for the pursuing season. Hopefully, they tin enactment their champion ft guardant and effort a trek into the apical tier circuit playing against the apical teams successful the world.


After acquiring 2 players connected indebtedness earlier this year, Team Spirit has proceeded to nutrient a massacre successful the online world. Both Abdulkhalik "degster" Gasanov and Robert "Patsi" Isyanov were loaned from ESPADA aft putting up immoderate large numbers past twelvemonth against immoderate of Russia’s champion teams. 

Team Spirit placed archetypal astatine the DreamHack Open backmost successful January and are presently connected way to much occurrence astatine the IEM World Championship. So far, they’ve beaten some Astralis and Heroic on with G2, who precocious signed prima subordinate Nikola "NiKo" Kovac. 

Team Spirit won $35,000 astatine their past event, which is the largest sum of net they’ve seen since their placement astatine Nine to Five. Team skipper Leonid "chopper" Vishnyakov has done a large occupation by starring his squad to triumph and keeping their nerves astatine a debased rate. 

The mostly Russian squad has been astatine the apical of their crippled truthful acold and show large imaginable astatine hitting the apical five. They’re presently ranked seventh successful the world, which is their highest placement since making their debut backmost successful 2016. 

Team Spirit is presently connected a seven-game winning streak which proves that they tin vie with the best. At this point, immoderate whitethorn reason that Team Spirit are on their mode to hitting fig one. Despite going done truthful unsmooth years with a failed academy squad and debased net successful 2018, Team Spirit has officially pulled through. 

At this infinitesimal successful time, they person 1 of the strongest rosters that has touched the country wrong the past fewer years. It’s wide that Team Spirit tin go the champion successful the world, but it each depends connected however they usage their strengths. Will they autumn disconnected owed to the changeless accent oregon physique disconnected of their butterflies and ascent their mode to the top? 


Even though apical tier CS:GO is highly entertaining to watch, the amateur country is inactive afloat of action-packed teams. One org, for example, is the Movistar Riders, who person been looking large lately. 

They had a dilatory play past year, but that didn’t halt them from climbing retired of their hole. The Movistar Riders person moved from the losers bracket to winning the OMEN WGR European Challenge. 

With $9,000 successful their pocket, their adjacent task volition beryllium to clasp their heads up precocious and instrumentality location a triumph successful their upcoming tournaments. They person slots astatine some Snow Sweet Snow 2 and the LVP Unity Cup. Currently, they’re connected way to becoming a apical squad successful Spain if they tin support up the pace. 

With wealth connected the enactment and a ton of fans watching their back, the Movistar Riders tin intelligibly consciousness the pressure. Their gross has increased, and truthful has their goals to instrumentality implicit the country this year. Owen "smooya" Butterfield precocious joined the squad and is presently their pb AWPer which is an highly important role. 


FPX has besides had their just stock of victories, including their $40,000 prize from Snow Sweet Snow. Prior to that event, FPX was the runner up squad against Team Spirit astatine the DreamHack Open backmost successful January, which was a immense expansive final. 

With a marque caller revamp on with caller players, FPX has managed to state glory for their name. The org is connected way to bigger and amended opportunities this twelvemonth contempt the caller roster. Next up, they’ll look sixteen antithetic teams with a accidental to instrumentality location $80,000 astatine the Pinnacle Cup successful March. 


Images via Team Spirit | Movistar Riders 

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