The All-New Honda City: Makings of a Winner | Test Drive, Review

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The Honda City isn’t a caller sanction successful the sedan space. The City is really older than we Nepalese and Indian customers presume. The City nameplate has been successful accumulation since 1981, during which the City was a 3-door hatchback primitively made for the Japanese, European and Australasian markets. The 3-door City was past retired successful 1994 aft the 2nd generation.

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The nameplate was revived successful 1996 for usage connected a bid of subcompact four-door sedans aimed chiefly astatine processing markets, archetypal chiefly sold successful Asia extracurricular Japan but aboriginal besides successful Latin America and Australia. Likewise, Honda City has been successful Nepal for a precise agelong time. Keen eyes of an automotive enthusiast volition inactive beryllium capable to spot the 3rd procreation City which thrive successful their rarity. The rarity past changed into abundance from the 4th gen and onwards erstwhile the City started flowing steadily into the cities.

And now, we person this, the all-new 5th procreation Honda City, archetypal unveiled successful Thailand successful November 2019. It definite has taken a bully portion for this caller City to marque its mode into Nepal. But we yet get to thrust it around… our metropolis to spot if this all-new Honda City was worthy the wait.

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Fun Fact: If you retrieve the City from 1981 past this latest City we person present is not the 5th generation, it’s the 7th Gen City. But we’ll instrumentality to the 5th nomenclature to debar immoderate disorder from present connected out.

Would you look astatine her…

We’ll accidental it close away, the 5th procreation metropolis is 1 of the best-looking Cities. The years of betterment successful plan person intelligibly borne fruit. It’s 1 of those cars that you thin to walk a batch of clip looking astatine adjacent erstwhile it’s parked successful your garage. The caller City gets a due 3-box silhouette with a agelong bonnet and a proportionately designed boot.

New Honda City hatchback Review Price Specs Image 23

Upfront, you get a bold fascia that consists of segment-first full-LED headlamps that person 6 LEDs for debased beam and 3 LEDs for precocious beam, and the Honda logo placed nether a heavy chrome banding that is an instant attraction grabber. Over connected the side, the City has the impeccable signifier of a sedan. That’s right, a sedan, not a hatchback with a process sticking retired but a sedan. The illustration is striking to look astatine acknowledgment to tires that look proportionate and 16-inch alloy wheels that look handsome.

New Honda City hatchback Review Price Specs Image 27

The astute plan connection is carried retired connected the rear with a decently sculpted bumper that goes precise good with the wide plan of the car. You besides get Z- shaped wrap-around LED Taillamps and a shark fin antenna. The all-LED caput and process lamps of the Honda City are immoderate of the best-looking lights we person seen successful a agelong time. The caller City is the longest and widest sedan successful the conception with a magnitude of 4,549 mm and a width of 1,748 mm. However, astatine 2,600 mm, the wheelbase is inactive the aforesaid arsenic that of the outgoing model.

New Honda City hatchback Review Price Specs Image 28

Overall, the caller Honda City is 1 of the champion exterior packages that manages to entreaty to astir each demographics.

Let’s instrumentality a look astatine the inside.

If the exterior is 1 of the best, the interior of this City is THE champion of the nameplate. It gets a wholly caller dashboard layout with a achromatic and beige dual-tone attraction that assures a spacious and comfy cabin.

New Honda City hatchback Review Price Specs Image 10

Honda calls this conception of interior plan ‘Ambitious Beauty’. It besides offers precocious instrumentality specified arsenic 20.3 cm Advanced Touchscreen Display Audio, Seamless Smartphone Connectivity with Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and Weblink among others. The compartment feels premium acknowledgment to the generous usage of leather. There is leather connected the dash, leather connected the seats, leather connected the steering wheel, cogwheel knob, and doorway pads.

New Honda City hatchback Review Price Specs Image 9New Honda City hatchback Review Price Specs Image 13

The driver’s spot comes with a load of adjustments and uncovering the cleanable driving presumption is easy. There are ample windows that unfastened each the mode and with the added electrical sunroof the compartment stays lit and airy astatine each times. Space for rear passengers is plentifulness arsenic well, the hump successful the mediate is non-existent truthful fitting 3 successful the backmost for a agelong travel is easy. The rear passengers besides get a manual sunblind for the rear windshield that should prevention you from getting tanned connected agelong sunny roadworthy trips.

New Honda City hatchback Review Price Specs Image 14

The footwear abstraction of 506 liters should besides beryllium plentifulness to haul a weekend’s worthy of luggage of each passengers. The substance vessel rated astatine 40 liters is, however, a small abbreviated of what we would person wanted.

Under the hood.

The 5th Generation exemplary is powered by an all-new naturally-aspirated 1.5L i-VTEC DOHC motor with VTC successful Petrol that comes paired to a 6-speed manual transmission oregon a CVT that makes 121 bhp of highest powerfulness and 145 Nm of torque. The BS6-compliant motor offers power-packed show and fantabulous substance efficiency.

New Honda City hatchback Review Price Specs Image 15

The archetypal happening you volition instantly announcement is the dependable of the motor oregon deficiency thereof. This motor is soundless to a constituent wherever it feels astir electrical wrong the compartment during stand-by. Only erstwhile you truly deed the throttle bash you consciousness that determination is an interior combustion motor successful determination somewhere. This is simply a precise well-behaved engine, determination are nary abrupt jerks oregon surge of velocity that s the driver. The car builds powerfulness successful a linear mode and hands you each the control. Triple digits travel rapidly and without a 2nd thought, you volition beryllium nipping postulation connected the highways.

The steering is spot-on, the precision of the airy steering makes the car amusive to maneuver wrong municipality streets. Ride prime is cushy too, the suspension soaks each the bumps with ease, and though 1 has to beryllium cautious portion driving a sedan done a atrocious spot of the roadworthy the City comes with conscionable capable crushed clearance to propulsion through.

New Honda City hatchback Review Price Specs Image 7

The steering besides weighs up nicely for assured driving connected highways. Another large assurance booster are the brakes; we would person loved to spot discs connected each 4 tires but the beforehand discs connected the City person plentifulness of stopping power. Knowing you tin halt connected a dime motivates you to thrust adjacent harder and the City did conscionable that providing adjacent much amusive and adrenaline arsenic a reward.

All this powerfulness needs to beryllium backed up by a information nett and the Honda City has you covered present arsenic well. The recently designed level with enhanced lightweight, precocious rigidity, and collision information operation offers precocious safety, equivalent to ASEAN N-CAP 5-star rating.

New Honda City hatchback Review Price Specs Image 8

To guarantee further information of the occupants, it comes equipped with 6 airbags, conveyance stableness assists, ABS with EBD, 17.7 cm HD full-color TFT metre with G-meter, LaneWatch camera, Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) with Agile Handling Assist (AHA), hill-start assist, and 3-point seatbelts for each 5 seats with pre-tensioner and load limiter, and galore more.


The all-new Honda City starts astatine Rs 54.25 Lakh and goes each the mode up to Rs 70.60 Lakh. This is simply a justifiable sum for a sedan that ticks each the close boxes. It’s a sedan that looks beautiful, feels plush wrong the cabin, comes with segment-first features, drives successful a mode that perpetually puts a grin connected your face, and brings information tech that ensures that you and your passengers are ever safe. Provided that this sedan receives the close selling and after-sales service, we’d accidental that the caller Honda City has each the makings of a winner.

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