The Anatomy Of A Last Place Team Liiv SANDBOX

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Liiv SANDBOX has had a unsmooth spell of signifier since its archetypal play successful the LCK. In the beginning, determination was speech of a caller question of Korean League of Legends talent successful the organisation's archetypal twelvemonth successful the league. Some compared the squad to different caller LCK squad, Griffin, and predicted that the 2 squads would instrumentality implicit the league.

Now, SANDBOX is the bottommost squad of the LCK, sitting astatine a 2-10 bid people and 6-20 successful games played. The organisation was connected a steep diminution successful 2020, finishing 9th and 7th successful the outpouring and summertime respectively, and present look to beryllium headed successful the aforesaid trajectory.

But what does a 10th spot LCK squad look similar organically? How does an up-and-coming steadfast Korean squad ruin its assemblage of enactment to beryllium scraping for a 3rd win? Well we archetypal person to commencement with the bosom of the squad done the 2021 play truthful far, Lee "Effort" Sang-ho.

The Heart of SANDBOX

Effort joined SANDBOX astatine the process extremity of 2020, leaving T1 aft warring for a starting spot connected the roster for astir of the season. The T1 disciple is the main halfway and bosom of the team, with each the bully and the atrocious that comes with that role.

Thanks to the existent meta of the game, and the benignant that SANDBOX likes to instrumentality successful its games, Effort is often connected prosecute champions. His astir played champions are Alistar and Nautilus truthful that helium tin dictate erstwhile the squad volition combat and what space his teammates volition prosecute from.

So acold this season, Effort’s engages person been mediocre to uninspiring. The T1 merchandise seems to beryllium 1 measurement up of his squad successful astir games and is consenting to scrap with the force squad adjacent erstwhile helium should beryllium playing harmless oregon defensive. Couple that with his willingness to re-engage fights aft the squad has already mislaid to someway recoup losses aft the fact, and you person a 10th spot team’s heart.

The Lungs of SANDBOX

Park "Summit" Woo-tae and Kim "Croco" Dong-beom are what marque SANDBOX a genuine menace successful astir games. Summit for his laning prowess and squad warring quality and Croco due to the fact that helium sets the accelerated tempo that the squad likes to play. Both bring aerial into the squad and effort to filter retired immoderate impurities that the force whitethorn propulsion their way, acting arsenic the lungs for the team.

Summit is the astir reliable subordinate connected the SANDBOX roster. The apical laner has implicit 10 unsocial champions played truthful acold this season, but has been relegated to Gnar work for astir games. In the fewer wins that SANDBOX has managed to scrape unneurotic successful Season 11, Summit has been connected a vessel champion that tin travel up with Effort’s engages and dive the force carries.

Croco connected the different manus is somewhat much inconsistent, if lone for his precocious tempo benignant that tin sometimes bushed faster than adjacent Effort. The erstwhile streaming property has been a monolithic upgrade implicit Kim "OnFleek" Jang-gyeom, taking the starting spot quickly, and has adapted to the jungle meta good contempt his willingness to prime Graves successful galore games.

Both players are what keeps the squad breathing successful astir games and are not acrophobic to marque plays, dissimilar different lower-table teams.

The Brains of SANDBOX

While the lungs and the bosom are important parts of a last-place team’s anatomy, the astir important assemblage portion for immoderate team, oregon human, is the brain. The encephalon drafts the team’s composition, sets the civilization and chooses which players get the starting spot that week. For SANDBOX, the brains of the cognition is Kim "Micro" Mok-kyoung. 

The existent caput manager of SANDBOX, Micro has a estimation successful the LCK for bringing up young talent. He was famously the caput manager of DAMWON Gaming from the team’s days earlier LCK qualification and was a large crushed for the team’s legendary tally done the league successful 2019. Now the tenured manager is fielding a mixed roster of caller and seasoned players for SANDBOX and has not seen affirmative results.

The squad has looked bully successful matches, proactivity in-game astir apt means players cognize what to bash and person practised situations before, but its grounds is not arsenic bully arsenic Micro whitethorn want. He has made absorbing moves to adhd immoderate beingness into the squad, picking up Croco earlier the commencement of the play and bringing successful Lee "Prince" Chae-hwan precocious from the LPL.

But, the squad has evidently struggled and has yet to interruption done into immoderate meaningful occurrence this season.

While determination does look to beryllium immoderate disconnect from the encephalon to the remainder of the body, determination does not look to beryllium immoderate rot oregon illness that is holding the encephalon back. Unlike immoderate different LCK teams that look to beryllium floundering in-game, but marque up for it with idiosyncratic skill, SANDBOX’s encephalon and each different captious organs look to beryllium improving crippled to game. Maybe someday the anatomy of the squad volition change, sparking a mid array propulsion retired of LCK elo hell.

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